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Department of Geography
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Tender Ref. No.: CBPBU/Geog/01
Dated: 26.12
Online E-Tender
Tender is invited by the Department of Geography, Cooch Behar Panchanan
Barma University for supplying different instruments by the eligible vendors.
vendors Interested
vendors may follow the instructions as given below for submission of their tenders under
online mode:
List of Items to be Purchased:
Description of Items
Total Station A
Total Station A
Accuracy Hz and V
• Absolute, continuous, quadruple: 0.5” (0.15 mgon)
• Prism (GPR1, GPH1P): 1.5m to 3500m
• Non-Prism
Prism / Any surface: 1.5m to >1000m
Accuracy / Measurement time
• Single (prism): 0.6mm + 1ppm / typically
• Single (any surface): 2mm
2m + 2ppm / typically
Laser dot size
• At 50m: 8mm x 20mm
Measurement technology
• System analyser: Coaxial, visible red laser
Overview and telescope camera
• Sensor: 5-megapixel
megapixel CMOS sensor
• Field of view (overview / telescope): 19.4° / 1.5°
• Frame rate: Up to 20 frames per second
Direct drives based on Piezo technology
• Rotation speed: Maximum 200 gon (180°) / s
Time to change face: Typically 2.9s
Target aiming range/ Target locking range
• Circular prism (GPR1, GPH1P): 1500m / 1000m
• 360° prism (GRZ4, GRZ122): 1000m / 1000m
Accuracy/ Measurement time
• ATR angle accuracy Hz, V: 0.5” (0.15 mgon) / typically 3–
Range / Search time
• 360° prism (GRZ4, GRZ122): 300m / typically 5s
Working range / Accuracy
• 5–150m / typically 5cm @ 100m
• TI OMAP4430 1GHz Dual-core ARM® Cortex™- A9
• Operating system - Windows EC7
Autofocus telescope
• Magnification / Focus range: 30 x / 1.7m to infinity
Display and keyboard
• 5-inch, WVGA, colour, touch, both faces - 37 keys,
• 3x Endless drives, 1x Servofocus drive, 2x Autofocus keys,
User-definable SmartKey
Power management
• Exchangeable Lithium-Ion battery with internal charging
capability: Operating time 7–9 h
Data storage
• Internal memory: 2 GB
• Memory card: SD card 1 GB or 8 GB
• RS232, USB, Bluetooth®, WLAN
• Total station including battery: 5kg to 8kg
Environmental specifications
• Working temperature range: –20°C to +50°C
• Dust & Water (IEC 60529) / Blowing rain: IP65 / MILSTD-810G, Method 506.5-I
• Humidity: 95%, non-condensing
• Tripod, Tribrach,Miniprism Set/Reflector, Batteries (x2) &
Charger, Data Storage Media (8 GB), Data Transfer Cable,
Carrier, Pole, Eyepieces, Bags & Containers (Carry Case).
User Manual
Calibration Certificate - 1 Year
1-Year Warranty and Basic Customer Care Package
Total Station Controller
System Specifications
• Operating system: Windows 10 Pro
• Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-6300U vPro™
(2,4 GHz, 3 MB Intel® Smart Cache)
• Memory (RAM): 8 GB DDR3L SDRAM
• Internal storage (Max): 128 GB SSD
• Screen size (Diagonal) & orientation (Primary): 10.1-inch
(257mm), Landscape, sunlight-viewable
• Screen resolution & type: 1920 x 1200 WUXGA, Colour
• Size (length x width x depth): 270mm x 188mm x 19mm
• Batteries: 11.1V, 4200mAh Li-Ion
• Battery life: 14 hours
Environmental Specifications
• Dust / Water resistance: IP65
• Shock resistance: 1.8m MIL-STD-810G
• Operation temperature: -10°C to + 50°C
• Storage temperature: -20°C to + 60°C
• Military standard (MIL.-STD): 810G
• USB host: 1 x USB 3.0 & 1 x USB 2.0
• Power jack: Yes
• Audio jack: Yes
• Integrated Bluetooth®: Yes
• Integrated WLAN: Yes
• Integrated modem (GSM/UMTS, CDMA): Yes
• Robotic total station compatible: Yes
User Interface
• Touch screen: Yes
• On screen keyboard: Yes
• Keypad type: Pop up keypad
• Number of keys: 7
Integrated Peripherals
• Camera: Rear: 8 megapixel with auto focus Front: HDVideo with 720 pixel
• (Images 1.3 megapixel)
• Flash: Yes
• Accelerometer: Yes
• Expansion pack: Yes
User Manual, Carry Case
1-Year warranty and Basic Customer Care Package
Total Station B
Total Station B
: 30X or better
Angular Measurement:
Angular Accuracy
Least count
Distance Measurement:
Distance range without prism
Laser output in reflectorless mode
Distance Range with single Prism
(Under normal conditions)
Laser output in prism mode
human eye)
Distance Accuracy in prism mode
Distance Accuracy in reflectorless mode
2ppmXD or better
: Erect
: 5” or better
: 1” or better
: 350mts or better
: Class1/2/3/3R
: 4 Kms or better
: Class1 (Safe for
: 2mm ± 2ppmXD or
: 3mm ±
: Single face Alphanumeric keyboard.
: For quick
Trigger Key
: Type: Dual Axis /
Range: ±6’ or more.
: Rechargeable battery
(Operational time approx. 20 hrs.): 1no.
Quick charger.
: 1no.
Dust & Water Proof Protection
: IP66 or better.
Optical Plummet
: 3x or better
Weight with handle & battery
: 5 kgs or more.
Memory Management System with multiple Data Interfaces as:
Internal Memory
: Approx 10,000 points
or more.
Plug in memory device
: USB flash memory,
Support upto 8GB or more.
Aluminium Telescopic Tripod.
Single Prism assembly consisting of
: 1no.
Range Pole, Prism, Target plate,
Spirit Bubble, Tripod all in carrying cases.
Data communication software.
Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS)
Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS)
• Channels: 200 or more
• Antenna: Multi Frequency Integrated Geodetic Antenna
• Satellite Tracking: Capable of tracking GPS & GLONASS
L1 C/A Code, L1/L2 P- Code, atleast 4 SBAS
• Accuracy:
• Static: Horizontal: ±(3 mm + 0.5 ppm) Vertical: ±(6 mm +
1.0 ppm) or better
Kinematic: Horizontal: ± (10 mm + 1 ppm) Vertical: ± (15
mm + 1 ppm) or better
Real Time Kinematic: Horizontal: ± (10 mm + 1 ppm)
Vertical: ± (15 mm + 1 ppm) or better
• DGPS Accuracy: <0.5m
• RTK Communication: Over 300m with up to 3
simultaneous rovers
• Position Update Rate: upto 10Hz
• Memory: Internal: 2GB or more
• Communication Port: RS232, USB, Wireless connectivity
• Power: Battery / Batteries for continuous data logging 12hrs or more.
• Dust & Water Protection: IP66 or better
• Pole Drop: 2 m or better
• Operating Temperature: -20 to +60°C
• Storage Temperature: -30 to +65°C
• Humidity: 100%, Condensing
• Weight: < 1.5kg
• RTK Data Formats: RTCM versions 3.x, NMEA output
Controller Specifications
• Operating System: Windows Mobile 6.0 or higher
• Display: VGA touch screen day light readable Display
• Keyboard: Virtual Keyboard
• Processor: 500 MHZ or better
• Internal Memory: 256 MB or more
• Communication: Bluetooth, Serial Port, USB Port, Wi Fi,
SD Card
• Dust & Water Protection: IP 66 or better
Control on Board Software
• Survey Style Configuration: Allow configuration of Static,
PPK, RTK etc.
• Co-Ordinate System: Should have Datum and Projection
• Color Graphical Support: The software should have color
graphical support to visualize work.
• Feature Coding: Should Support featuring coding
• COGO: Should Support Cogo Functionality.
• Stake Out: Should Support Graphical stakeout, not only for
points but for Lines & DTM as well.
• Display: Date, Time, Memory Status, Coordinates, Satellites
view, Signal to noise ratio, DOP, HDOP, VDOP
• Input: Field input of file name, antenna height and type,
point ID, code, Layers and Notes.
• Background Image: Should be able to accept background
Post Processing Software
• Operating System: Designed to run on Microsoft Windows
XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and Window 10 operating system.
• Base Line Processing: Should be capable of Baseline
processing of GPS & GLONASS raw data for all Static,
Fast Static, Kinematic Stop & Go, Kinematic Continuous
measuring modes. Should able to handle RTK data as well.
• Feature Coding: Should Support feature Coding
• COGO: Should have COGO Functionality
• Network Adjustment: Should be able to perform Network
Adjustment using Least Square adjustment principle
• Import Data: Should be able to import the RINEX data.
Should also be able to import data & precise ephemeris data
via internet (IGS data)
• Datum Conversion: Facility to compute parameters for
datum conversion
• Export: Should be capable to export data in RINEX format,
GIS as well as in CAD format.
• Job/Field Planning: Must have full mission planning
software to provide full information on, and plots of:
Satellite visibility PDOP & GDOP Satellite azimuth &
Digital Theodolite
Digital Theodolite
• Image: Erect
• Magnification: 30x
• Diameter of Objective Lens (Aperture): 1.7 in (45 mm)
• Focus Distance: 4.43 ft (1.35 m) to infinity
• Field of View: 1 degree 30 minutes
• Ratio of Stadia Lines: 1/100
• Resolving Power: 3 seconds
• Reticule Illumination: Yes, on/off button
Angle Measurement
• Minimum Reading: 1 second, 5 second, or 10 second
• Unit of Reading/Measure: Degree / mil / gon / V%
• Display: Dual back-lit LCD
• Accuracy: 5 second
• Measuring Method/Reading System: Incremental
• Detection Method: Horizontal both sides, vertical single
• Plate/Tubular Bubble Vial:30 seconds/2 mm
• Circular Bubble Vial: 8 minutes/2 mm
• Weight:10.14 lbs (4.6 kg)
• Warranty:1-year Manufacturer's Warranty
• Dimensions:6.4 x 6.1 x 13.4 in. (164 x 154 x 340 mm)
• Protection Class:IP54
• Tripod Thread:5/8 x 11
• Auto Shut Off:
After 30 minutes
Power Source: NiMH rechargeable, option for 4 AA alkaline
Approximate Battery Life:Alkaline - up to 36 hours
Battery Life Alert:Visible alert
• 90-Degree Layout
• Checking Angles
• Alignment and Plumb
• Short-Range Leveling
• General Construction
• Anchor Bolt Positioning
• Steel Column Placement
• Setting Elevations
• Setting Lines
• Basic Grade Work
Display and Keypad
• Type:LCD
• Sides:Dual
• Keys:Six-button keypad
• Touchscreen:No
• Backlight:Yes
• Operating:-4°F to +122°F (-20°C to +50°C )
Tilt Sensor/Compensator
• Range:+/-3 minutes
• Type: Verticle axis
• Method:Automatic
Laser Plummet
• Accuracy:.06 in. at 4.9 ft (1.5mm at 1.5 m)
• Wavelength:1mW
ArcGIS Desktop Advanced (Latest Version)
ArcGIS Desktop Advanced (Latest Version)
With following extensions
3D Analyst
ArcGIS Data Interoperability
ArcGIS Data Reviewer
ArcGIS Geostatistical Analyst
ArcGIS Network Analyst
ArcGIS Publisher
ArcGIS Schematics
ArcGIS Spatial Analyst
ArcGIS Tracking Analyst
ArcGIS Workflow Manager
ArcGIS Business Analyst
ArcGIS for Maritime: Bathymetry
ArcGIS for Aviation: Airports
Create/manage/use spatial bookmarks
Use map templates to standardize maps
Interactively set transparency for all data
Interactive histogram for data classification
Create layers or shortcuts to geographic data that store
Symbology for Displaying features.
Thematic classifications like: Single symbol, Unique value,
Match to predefined style, Graduated colors or symbols,
Proportional symbols, Dot density mapping, Chart mapping
including pie and bar chart, Bivariate and multivariate data
Should support rule based Symbology and cartographic
representations of map entities.
The software should have Elevation data Display facility
like TIN Contour with Index Contours, DEM -Hillshade
with Sun Position Control, DEM-Shaded Relief Using
Hillshade and Elevation, Terrain Contour with Index
Contours, Terrain Face, Aspect, Elevation, Slope
Should support 2 D animations with time series data support
and historical play back of event data.
Image classification like thematic classes, Individual band
settings, Color maps, Contrast, Brightness.
Should have Image rectification tools for easily
georeferencing existing scanned images.
Advanced drawing options for control over draw order
Export graphics to: Enhanced Metafile (EMF), Windows bit
map (BMP), Encapsulated PostScript (EPS), Tagged image
file format (TIFF), Layered
Portable document format (PDF), Joint Photographic
Experts Group (JPEG), Computer graphics metafile (CGM),
Adobe Illustrator (AI), etc.
Features should support file attachments, which should
provide a flexible way to store additional information in any
format related to your features. For example, if you have a
feature representing a building, you could use attachments
to add multiple photographs of the building taken from
several angles, along with PDF files containing the
building's deed and tax information.
Software should have inbuilt tools to Display Real-Time
Location Points from a GPS Receiver, Dynamically Center
the Map on the Current GPS
Point and Store GPS points in a Log File
All toolbars should be docakable according to user
Create layers from supported data sources including
coverage feature classes; shapefiles; CAD, TIN, raster, and
geodatabase feature classes; or tables containing x, y
Create group layers from multiple data sources including
vector overlays on top of raster data.
Software should have the capability to do Spatial references
including the ability to customize and save the custom
Custom file type support to view specific files should be
Software should support documentation/Metadata
Software should have the capabilities to manage GIS Data
and all associated files from a Single Tree View application
On-the-fly re-projections and transformations of the Layers
should be supported
Set display projection of map using predefined or custom
parameters (includes specifying geographic coordinate
system or datum).
There should be a facility to Interactively Measure
Distances, Areas and Feature Using Any Units, Including
Custom Units in Planar and geographic co-ordinate system.
Facility to display Aerial, Projection and Surface distances.
Edit multiple layers simultaneously with Unlimited
undo/redo operations.
Feature construction tools including: Point-and-click feature
location with mouse, Streaming locations with mouse, x, y
coordinate input with keyboard coordinate input with
Feature edits tools including: Move, rotate, delete, copy, and
paste, Reshape, Split and trim, Divide into N-parts or into
specified intervals, Vertex editing (add, delete, and move),
Create statistics & various statistical operations, viz. create
charts and reports, Sort tables by multiple attributes,
populate values based on expression, Summarize data.
Should be able to plot data on the map directly from the
Customizable look and feel (drag and drop to rearrange
UNICODE support for Multilanguage attributes
Import/Export metadata should be supported
Direct Read of Vector Data like Shapefiles, Coverages,
Geodatabase, VPF, etc.
The software provider should host World level free Online
2D, 3D, Street and topographic Base map Services.
Should have Comparison options to compare Feature, File,
Raster, Table and TIN data
Should have the facility to interactively change brightness,
contrast, and transparency, set resampling method 9
Nearestneighbor, bilinear interpretation, and Cubic
convolution of the raster database.
Should be able to operate on Windows Vista, and Windows
7, 8, 10.
Should have the capability to web enable the GUI based
workflows and models without any customization.
Should support publishing and encryption of GIS maps for
the purpose of Viewing and Querying GIS data by multiple
royalty free GIS data readers
Perform interactive perspective viewing, including pan and
zoom, rotate, tilt, and fly-through simulations with speed
controls, for presentation, analysis, or export for display on
the Web.
Software should have the facility of time slider user
interface controls to visualize temporal data.
Software should be capable of authoring the layers with
time information.
Should have the capability to web enable the 3D models
without any customization.
Model real-world surface features such as buildings
Generate three-dimensional surfaces on-the-fly from
Software should provide Raster handling tools like contrast,
brightness, transparency, gamma stretch, dynamic range
adjustment, ignore background value, nadir top-up, contrast
stretch, display resampling method, zoom to raster
resolution, swipe layer, and flicker layer
Should have inbuilt Geo-spatial data management software
along with inherent RDBMS so that multiple users can
access the same object oriented Geo-spatial data.
Interactive symbol composer.
Software should have conflation toolset to help reconcile
data from multiple sources and obtain the best possible data
quality for analysis and mapping. It should be supported by
tools to generate rubber sheet links and edge match links.
Software should have advance cartographic tools like
Simplify Building, Simplify Polygon, Create Cartographic
Partitions and Collapse Dual Lines to Centerline.
Software should Calculates distance and additional
proximity information between the input features and the
closest feature in another layer and tool should be there to
write results to a new stand-alone table and supports finding
more than one near feature.
Should have tools to creates Thiessen polygons from point
Should have advance core analysis tools like Erase,
Frequency, Identity, Point Distance, Polygon Neighbors,
Symmetrical Difference
Should Build a stereo model of a mosaic dataset, based on a
user-provided stereo pair
Should have capability to Computes 3D points from stereo
pairs and outputs a point cloud as a set of LAS files
• Software should be capable to Identify inconsistent portions
of the input features against target features within a search
distance and should align them with the target features.
• Software should have tool to compute the intersection
between two layers and cross-tabulates the area, length, or
count of the intersecting features.
• WindowsXP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 Professional/Home 64-bit
• Three years free maintenance and upgradation
• Free onsite training (at least for 3 days)
ENVI (Latest Version)
ENVI (Latest Version)
With following modules
Feature Extraction Module
DEM Extraction Module
Atmospheric Correction Module
Photogrammetry Module
NITF Module
Raster and vector data support:DPPDB, ECRG, GRIB-1,
GRIB-2, HDF5, IAS, JPEG, JPIP, LAS,HDF4, Multi-page
CADRG,CIB, DTED, ENVI raster, ER Mapper, IMG,
Esri® Enterprise Geodatabase (.sde), GeoTIFF, JPEG2000,
PCI, TIFF, Sensor Support: Cartosat, IRS (fast& super
structure), ResourceSat-1 (Fast & Super Structured),
ResourceSat-2 (HDF5), Deimos-1 & 2, Gaofen-1, UK-DMC
ALI (HDF4), DubaiSat-1 (RAW) & 2, Landsat 8 (OLI &
TIRS), Landsat NLAPS, Landsat MRLC, RASAT, NPP
VIIRS,Proba-V, TIMS, Sentinel-2, SkySat-1 & 2, Google
Skybox, Ziyuan-1-02C & 3A, SeaWiFS, QuickBird,
Worldview 1 – 2 & 3, VNREDSat-1, , Beijing-1,NigeriaSat1 & 2, GeoEye, IKONOS. Video formats: Adobe Flash (f4v,
flv), SWF, GIF, MOV, AVI, Google ebMMatroska
(WEBM), Matroska Video(mkv), Motion JPEG (mjpeg,
mjpg), Motion JPEG2000 (mj2), MPEG (mpeg, mpg, mp1,
m2v, ts, mp2, mpg2, mpeg2, mpv, m2v, 3gp, 3g2, h264,
mp4,mpeg4, mpg4)
Visualisation options: Support for files over 2 GB in size,
Geographic linking & Sync Views, Dynamic North Arrow
& Scale Bar, Geo-Point tool, image histogram modification
tools, Filtering for thematic images, Visual change detection
between any data types, Swipe / Blend / Flicker/ Portal,
Inquire cursor and inquire box, including MGRS support,
Interpolation techniques: linear or non-linear rubber
sheeting, Create an unlimited number of JPEG2000
compressed images from input images with either export or
• Registration & RPC Ortho-rectification:
Image-to-Map & Image-to-Image Registration
Interactive/Automatic Ground Control Point Generation
Subpixel Ground Control Point Location
Automatic Geo-referencing: ASTER, AVHRR,AATSR,
Ortho-rectification (RPCs): Aerial Photographs (Digital
and Frame), ASTER, CARTOSAT-1, Generic
Pushbroom Sensors, IKONOS, OrbView-3, GeoEye-1,
Worldview, FORMOSAT-2, Kompsat-2, Quickbird,
SPOT 1-5, RapidEye
Replacement Sensor Model (RSM)
Guided Workflow for Ortho-rectification (RPCs)
Rotated Projections
Warping Methods: Delaunay Triangulation, Polynomial,
Rotation, Scaling, Translation (RST)
Support more than 55 projections
Support more than 45 spheroids and 200 datum’s
Capabilities to add more spheroids and datum’s
• Pre-processing & Calibration: Apply Gain & Offset, Bad
Band Identification, Bad Line Replacement, Bad Pixel
Replacement, Cross-Track Illumination Correction, Dark
Subtraction,Destripe Data, Empirical Line Calibration, ERS
and Radarsat Data Calibration, Emissivity calculation, Flat
Field Calibration, Ignore Pixel Value, InternalAverage
Relative Reflectance correction, Calibration, Log Residuals,
MODIS Bowtie Correction, Thermal Atmospheric
• WindowsXP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 Professional/Home 64-bit
• Three years free maintenance and upgradation
• Free onsite training (at least for 3 days)
ERDAS IMAGINE (Latest Version)
ERDAS IMAGINE (Latest Version)
IMAGINE Professional (Includes functionality of Optical
and Radar Image Processing, Hyperspectral Processing,
Advance Classification and Spatial Modelling) with
IMAGINE Expansion pack (for advance change detection,
automatic georefencing, Radar Orthorectification)
IMAGINE Photogrammetry (LPS) and IMAGINE Terrain
Editor (Stereo Editing of DTM)
Spatial Modeler should be provided many levels of
flexibility for users to implement new geoprocessing
algorithms, to annotate or encrypt spatial model content, to
More sensors supported for orthorectification, such as
Sentinel-1 SAR data, KazEOSat-1 and -2, and GokTurk-1
Efficient analysis of the publicly downloadable Copernicus
program through a direct-read capability for Sentinel-2 13band data
• New resampling technique – LaGrange
• WCS/WMS re-write for thread safety
• Access web services without using GeoServices Explorer
• Display quality - Float data up to 32767 bins
• 3D Point Cloud measurement
• Photogrammetric Spatial Modeler Operators
• WindowsXP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 Professional/Home 64-bit
• Three years free maintenance and upgradation
• Free onsite training (at least for 3 days)
eCognitionDeveloper (Latest Version)
eCognitionDeveloper (Latest Version)
• Object-based image analysis tools and algorithms
• Analyzes raster, vector and point cloud data
• Intuitive development environment
• Scalable from a single desktop to enterprise production
• Software Development Kit (SDK)
• Online access to ruleset resources
• Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 Professional/Home 64-bit
• Three years free maintenance and upgradation
• Free onsite training (at least for 3 days)
SPSS (Latest Version)
SPSS (Latest Version)
Including SPSS Modeler and SPSS Amos
Comprehensive set of statistical tools
Easy statistical analysis
Integration with Open Source
Base edition
Custom Tables and Advanced Statistics add-on
Complex Sampling and Testing add-on
Forecasting and Decision Trees add-on
New statistics and charting capabilities
Support for many data sources
Visual analysis streams
Automatic data preparation
Automated modeling
A range of algorithmic methods
Text analytics
Geospatial analytics
Multiple deployment methods
On-screen model to results
Non-graphical modeling
Find unexpected relationships
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 Professional/Home 64-bit
• Three years free maintenance and upgradation
• Free onsite training (at least for 3 days)
Desktop Computer Standard
10.01 Desktop Computer Standard
• Touch All-in-One Desktop
• Operating system: Windows 10 Professional/Home 64-bit
• Processor:7thGen Core i5-7400T (2.4 GHz, Turbo Boost up
to 3 GHz,6 MB Cache, 64-bit, 4 Cores)
• Memory, standard: 8 GB DDR4-2133 SDRAM (1 x 8 GB)
• Storage (Hard drive): 1 TB 7200 rpm SATA
• Graphics: 930MX (2 GB GDDR5 dedicated)
• Optical disk drive: DVD-Writer
• Display: 23.8" diagonal FHD UWVA anti-glare WLEDbacklit touch screen (1920 x 1080)
• Connectivity: Expansion slots - 2 M.2
Network interface - Integrated 10/100/1000 GbE LAN
Wireless - 802.11a/b/g/n/ac (1x1) and
Bluetooth® 4.2 M.2 combo
• Ports: 2 USB 2.0; 1 USB 3.0 Type-C™; 2 USB 3.0
• Input: Webcam - TrueVision HD camera
Pointing device - Wireless Mouse (with nano dongle)
Keyboard - Wireless Keyboard with volume control
• Power supply type: 150 W external AC power adapter
• Warranty: 3-year
• Pre-installed software: Microsoft Office Home and Student
2016, Computer security software (30-day subscription)
Computer Advanced
11.01 Desktop Computer Advanced
• Touch All-in-One Desktop
• Operating system: Windows 10 Professional/Home 64-bit
• Processor:7th Gen Core i7-7700T (Quad core), (2.9 GHz;
Turbo Boost 2.0 upto 3.8 GHz; 8 MB Smart Cache; 64-bit;
AVX2, HT, VT-x)
• Memory:16 GB PC4-17000 DDR4-2133 (17 GB/s), 2
• SSD &Hard Drive:128 GB M.2 SATA SSD, 2 TB SERIAL
ATA III Hard drive; 600 MB/sec @ 5400 RPM
• Graphics: 930MX (4 GB GDDR5 dedicated)
• Optical disk drive: DVD-Writer
• Display:23.8" Anti-Glare Touchscreen, IPS Full HD LED
Display, 10-point Projected Capacitive Touchscreen, Full
High Definition Display – Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (1080p);
Brightness - 300 nits and Aspect Ratio – 16:9; Colour
Gamut – 72%
• Connectivity: Wired LAN - Integrated 10/100/1000 Gigabit
Ethernet, Wireless LAN – Intel Dual Band Wireless – AC
3168 (802.11 ac) and PAN – Bluetooth 4.2
• Ports: 2 USB 2.0; 1 USB 3.0 Type-C™; 2 USB 3.0
• Input: Webcam - TrueVision HD camera
Pointing device - Wireless Mouse (with nano dongle)
Keyboard - Wireless Keyboard with volume control
• Power supply type: 150 W external AC power adapter
• Warranty: 3-year
• Pre-installed software: Microsoft Office Home and Student
2016, Computer security software (30-day subscription)
12.01 Plotter
• A0 (36 inch) Plotter
• Functions: Print, copy, scan
Speed specifications
• Print time line drawing (economode, A1 plain paper): 21
• Print speed line drawing (economode, A1 plain paper): 120
A1 prints per hour
• Linear scan speed: Up to 6.35 cm/sec (color, 200 dpi) up to
19.05 cm/sec (grayscale, 200 dpi)
Memory specifications
• Memory: 128 GB (file processing)
• Internal Storage - Standard, 500 GB
Technical specifications
• Print quality (best): Color: Up to 2400 x 1200 optimized dpi
• Number of print cartridges:6 (cyan, gray, magenta, matte
black, photo black, yellow)
• Ink types: Dye-based (C, G, M, pK, Y)/ pigment-based
• Non-printable area (cut-sheet):3 x 22 x 3 x 3 mm
• Guaranteed minimum line width: 0.07 mm (ISO/IEC
• Line accuracy: ±0.1%
• Maximum optical density (black): 6 L* min/2.15 D
• Scan resolution, optical: Up to 600/1200 dpi
• Scanner type: Sheetfed, CIS (Contact Image Sensor)
• Scan size, maximum: 914 x 8000 mm (JPEG), 914 x 12,000
mm (TIFF) (Files no bigger than 2 GB), 610 x 18,000 mm
(TIFF) (Files no bigger than 2 GB)
• Copy reduce / enlarge settings: 25 to 400%
• Copies, maximum: Up to 99 copies
Paper handling
• Finished output handling:
Input: two automatic front-loading roll feedssmart roll
switching sheet feed
Output: integrated output stacking tray (from A4/A to
AO/E, with up to 50 A1/D-size capacity)
media bin
automatic cutter
Scanner: straight-through scan paper path for sheet and
cardboard originals
Media types: Bond and coated paper (bond, coated,
heavyweight coated, super heavyweight plus matte,
colored), technical paper (natural tracing, translucent bond,
vellum), film (clear, matte, polyester), photographic paper
(satin, gloss, semi-gloss, matte, high-gloss), backlit, selfadhesive (two-view cling, indoor paper, polypropylene,
Media weights, recommended: 60 to 328 g/m²
Media sizes standard (metric rolls):
210 to 914-mm wide sheets
279 to 914-mm rolls
Media sizes, custom: 210 x 279 to 914 x 1219 mm
Roll external diameter: 140 mm
Media thickness: Up to 19.7 mil
• ePrint capability: Yes
• Printing path: Direct printing from USB flash drive, email
• Connectivity, standard: Gigabit Ethernet
Power and operating requirements
• Power consumption:
120 watts (printing/scanning)
1.3 watts (5 watts with embedded Digital Front End) (sleep)
• Operating temperature range: 5 to 40ºC
• 1-Year Warranty
Printer Monochrome
13.01 Laser Printer Monochrome
• Print speed black: Up to 14 ppm
• Print technology: Laser, Processor speed: 234 MHz
• Connectivity: Hi-Speed USB 2.0 port
• Memory: 2 MB
• Supports duplex printing
• Warranty: 1-Year
Laser Printer Colour
14.01 Laser Printer Colour
• Print speed black: Normal: Up to 20 ppm
• Print speed color: Normal: Up to 20ppm
• Print quality black (best): Up to 600 x 600 dpi
• Print quality color (best): Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi
• Print Resolution Technologies: ImageRET 3600
• Duty cycle (monthly, A4): Up to 40,000 pages
• Direct print : From USB – Supported file type
• Print technology: Laser with network
• Processor speed: 800 MHz
Display: 5'' color grahpic screen
Connectivity: Mobile printing capability, wireless
capability, high speed USB port
Compatible operating systems: Windows® 10, 8.1, 8, 7: 32bit or 64-bit
Memory: 2 GB
Paper handling input, standard: 550-sheet input tray
1-sheet priority tray
Paper handling output, standard: 250-sheet output bin
Maximum output capacity (sheets): Up to 600 sheets (10
mm stack height)
Duplex printing: Yes
Media sizes supported: Letter, Legal, Executive, A3,A4, A5,
A6, B5 (JIS), B6(JIS), Postcard(JIS), Double Postcard(JIS),
Envelope #10, Envelope Monarch, Envelope B5, Envelope
C5, Envelope DL, A5-R
Power consumption: 1.5kva
Energy efficiency: ENERGY STAR® certified
Flatbed Scanner
15.01 Flatbed Scanner
Operating System: MacOS 9.1, MacOS X, Windows
Processor Type: Pentium II, PowerPC
Processor Speed: 233 Hz
Min RAM Size: 64 MB
Min Hard Drive Space: 225 MB, 240 MB
Power Consumption: 17 Watt
External power adapter
Optical Resolution: 1200 dpi x 1200 dpi
Type:Flatbed scanner
Interface: USB
Connector Type: Type B
Scanner Speed Details:
12 sec/scan - preview
45 sec/scan - OCR - A4
45 sec/scan - color - 10x15cm
Interface Type: USB
Form Factor:Desktop
Input Type:Color
Scan Element Type: CCD
Document Size Class: A4/Letter
Max Supported Document Size: 8.5 in x 11.7 in
Max H-Document Size: 8.5 m
Max V-Document Size: 11.7 m
Grayscale Depth: 8-bit (256 gray levels)
Color Depth: 48-bit color
Max H-Optical Resolution: 1200 dpi
Max V-Optical Resolution: 1200 dpi
• Supported Document Type:Plain paper
• Document Feeder Type:Manual
• Control Panel Buttons Functions:Copy, scan
16.01 Handheld GPS
• Display resolution: 240 x 320 pixels
• Display type:2.2-inch transflective, 65K colour,sunlightreadable display
• Battery:2 AA batteries
• Battery life:25 hours
• Waterproof: IPX7
• PC interface:USB
• Built-in memory:3.7 GB
• Expandable internal memory
• Accepts data cards:microSD data card
• Antenna type:Internal
• Electronic compass: 3-axis
• Barometric altimeter
Interactive Whiteboard Display
17.01 Interactive Whiteboard Display
• Screen Size (diagonal): 75"
• Active Display Area (mm): 1650.24(H) x 928.26(V)
• Resolution: 3840 x 2160 (QWUXGA)
• Aspect Ratio: 16:9
• Display Colors: 1.07B
• Brightness (cd/m²; typ.): 450
• Contrast Ratio: 5000:1
• Response Time (ms; GTG): 6
• Viewing Angle: 178°/178°
• Lifetime (hours): 35,000
• Backlight type: LED
• Touch Screen
• Touch Accuracy (typ.): ±5mm
• Resolution: 32767 x 32767
• Response Rate: 125 rps
• Touch Method: Pointer including fingers
• Multi-Touch: 4 point
• Interface: USB 2.0 compatible (full speed), HID compatible,
Plug & Play compatible
• Detection Method: Optical Image Sensors
• Operating Systems: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8, Linux 2.6X
and above,Mac OSX 10.4 and above
• Monitor Resolution: 3840 x 2160 (QWUXGA)
• Input:
1 x DP (1.2)
1 x HDMI (2.0)
3 x HDMI (1.4)
2 x USB
• Output:
Speaker (10W x 2CH)
Audio (Line out)
• Input Voltage: 100 – 240V AC
• Power consumption: 310 W
• Tempered Glass (Anti glare): Yes
• Auto Power Control: Yes
• Auto Brightness Sensor: Yes
• Temperature (ºC): 0 - 40
• Humidity (%): 20 - 80
• Wall Mounting (WxH), mm: 800 x 400 / 800 x 600 (M8)
18.01 Projector
• Projection System: 3LCD Technology, RGB liquid crystal
shutter; with remote controlled screen
• LCD Panel: 0.55 inch with MLA (D10)
• Colour Light Output: 3,600 Lumen- 2,235 Lumen
• White Light Output: 3,600 Lumen - 2,235 Lumen
• Resolution: XGA, 1024 x 768, 4:3
• Aspect Ratio: 4:3
• Contrast Ratio: 15,000 : 1
• Light source: Lamp
• Lamp: UHE, 210 W, 6,000 h durability, 10,000 h durability
(economy mode)
• Keystone Correction: Auto vertical: ± 30 °, Manual
horizontal ± 30 °
• Colour Processing: 10 Bits
• 2D Vertical Refresh Rate: 100 Hz - 120 Hz
• Colour Reproduction: Upto 1.07 billion colours
• Projection Ratio: 1.48 - 1.77:1
• Zoom: Manual, Factor: 1.2
• Lens: Optical
• Image Size: 30 inches - 300 inches
• Projection Distance Wide/Tele: 1.8 m - 2.17 m (60-inch
• Projection Lens F Number: 1.49 - 1.72
• Focal Distance: 16.9 mm - 20.28 mm
• Focus: Manual
• Offset: 8:1
• USB Display Function: 2 in 1: Image / Mouse
• Interfaces: Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11b/g/n (optional),
Cinch audio in, Composite in, HDMI in, VGA in, USB 2.0
Type B, USB 2.0 Type A
• The iProjection application to enables a wireless connection
for projecting images and files from smart devices
• With the control of a host PC, up to 50 terminals
• Multi-PC projection to a single projector connectivity
• Security: Kensington lock, Security cable hole, Wireless
LAN unit lock, Password protection
• 2D Colour Modes: Dynamic, Cinema, Presentation, sRGB,
• Features: AV mute slide, Automatic keystone correction,
Built-in speaker, Horizontal and vertical keystone
correction, Long lamp life, Quick Corner
• Video Colour Modes: Blackboard, Cinema, Dynamic,
Presentation, sRGB
• Energy Use: 282-Watt, 203 Watt (economy), 0.2 Watt
• Supply Voltage: AC 100 V - 240 V, 50 Hz - 60 Hz
• Product dimensions: 302Width x Depth x )mm 82x 237x
• Noise Level: Normal: 37 dB (A) - Economy: 28 dB (A)
• Temperature: Operation 5° C - 35° C, Storage -10° C - 60°
• Humidity: Operation 20% - 80%, Storage 10% - 90%
• Options: Air filter
• Loudspeaker: 2 Watt
• Includes: - Power Cable: 1.8m, Computer Cable (VGA
Cable): 1.8m, USB Cable (Type A/B): 1.8m, Remote
Control with Alkaline AA Battery x 2, Soft Carrying Case.
• Warranty: 1-Year on Projector and 3-Months on projector
Air Conditioner
19.01 Air Conditioner
• Refrigerant:R-22
• Remote Control: Yes
• Cooling Capacity: 1774 W
• Star Rating: 5
• Type: Split
• Capacity in Tons: 2 Ton
• Colour: White
• Cooling and Heating: No
• Operating Modes: LCD Remote, Lock, Reset, Backlight,
• Compressor: High EER Scroll
• Connecting Pipe Length: 4 M
• Connecting Pipe Type: Cu – Cu
• Indoor Noise Level: 50
• Connecting Cable: 4 M
• Copper Tubes: Inner Grooved
• Air Vent: Cross Flow
• Indoor Air Flow Volume: CMH 980 / 890
• Sleep Mode: Yes
• Timer: Yes
• Auto Restart: Yes
• Self-Diagnosis: Yes
• Body and Design Features: Hydrophilic Aluminium Fin
Air Flow Features: Air Flow Volume: 1080 CMH
Dust Filter: Yes
Other Filter Features: Silver Ion, Ionizer
Active Carbon Filter: Yes
Power Requirement: AC 230 V, 50 Hz
Power Consumption: 1774 W
Operating Current: 7.9 A
Other Power Features: Rated Cooling Capacity: 6300 W
Turbo Mode: Yes
EER: 4 W/W
Panel Display: LED
Night Glow Buttons on Remote: Yes
Services: Two Free Services of AC within Warranty Period
on Demand
Warranty: 1-year comprehensive; 5-years on compressor
20.01 UPS
15 KVA, Battery 120AH Required For 3 Hr. Backup – 30 nos.
battery @ 11750.00 each ( Exide/Base/Quanta)
Key Features
• True Online Double Conversion Technology
• High End IGBT based
• High End Micro Controller
• Automatic Battery Charging in UPS Off Mode
• Wide Input Voltage Range
• Advanced Battery Management
• Short Circuit and Overload Protection
• Hot Standby (Optional)
• Galvanic Isolation(Available at Output)
• 3 Phase In ~ 3 Phase Out
• Specially Designed to Suit Indian Power and Environment
• Generator Compatible
• Over Temperature Protection
Axis Pocket Transit Compass
21.01 Axis Pocket Transit Compass
• For measuring strike, dip, lineation, foliation etc.
• Dual-axis for every angle, every direction
• Hollow hinge for efficient, accurate measurements
• Bubble Level
Pocket Transit Geo Compass
22.01 Pocket Transit Geo Compass
• For measuring strike, dip, lineation, foliation etc.
• Housing Material: Aluminum
• Adjustable Declination
• Sighting Hole
• Sighting Mirror
• Bubble Level
Pocket Stereoscope
23.01 Pocket Stereoscope
Adjustable very high-quality Pocket Stereoscope for reading
aerial photograph
• Manufactured with latest technology
• Materials: Tough, Metallic
• Legs: High Grade Stainless steel
• Lenses: Crown glass lenses
• Magnification:4x
• Carry Case: Wooden container
• Weight: Light
Mirror Stereoscope
24.01 Mirror Stereoscope
• Materials: Tough, Metallic
• Mirrors: Surface coated long lasting chrome mirrors for
crystal clear images
• Magnification:4X Binocular, Eyepiece: 2.75 dioptre X
8mm.Field of view 12.5 degrees.
1.2X Eyepiece: Plano convex lenses. Crown Glass lenses.
The interoculardistance in the binocular viewer have to be
adjustable from 54 mm to 74 mm.
The eye pieces of the binocular viewer should be individual
focusing typewith dioptric setting upto + dioptres.
• Size In use: 210mm high, 170mm wide and 590mm long
• Coverage: Covers the entire 60% overlap of aerial photos
• Parallax wedge: 5 scales around edges and allows
measurement of irregular shapes and height
• Carry Case: Plastic/wooden container
• Weight: Light
Level Meter
25.01 Sound Level Meter
• Measurement ranges: 30 to 100 and 60 to 130 dB Noise
floor < 33dB(A)
• Time weightings:
Fast, Slow, Impulse Freq. Weightings
A and C
• Battery power: 3 x AA Alkaline for >35 hours operation
• External power: 5V via USB Mini B socket
• Dimensions: 72 x 212 x 31mm, 245g
• Tripod mount 1/4" socket
• AC output 0.85V RMS @ FSD "A" weighted
• DC output 0 to 3.3V DC for FSD on selected range (FOC
• Operating conditions RH: 5 to 90% (non-condensing)
• Temperature: 0 to 40°C
• Atmos. pressure 65 to 108kPa
Abney’s Level
26.01 Abney’s Level
Graduated 0 to ±100’ (topo), 0 to ±25 (chain corr.), 0 to
±60°, 0 to 150% on two interchangeable scale rings. No
vernier. Scale pointer has fine adjustment with turn of small
thumbscrew; locks with turn of large thumbscrew. Eyepiece
slides out to focus bubble. 6-1/2”L. Flat base, brass tube
with aluminum arc. Carrying case has belt loop, snap
27.01 Digital Planimeter
• Max. measuring range: 325mm vertical; 30m horizontal
Accuracy: within ±0.2% (within ±2/1000 pulses)
Flow Meter
28.01 Flow Meter
For measuring water current
8011 series High Impact Styrene Impeller; 125mm diameter
by 270mm pitch ; 0.03 to 10m/s ; ±1.5% of reading above
0.15m/s; 5m/s ±0.004m/s below 0.15m/s
Showcase Furniture
29.01 Showcase Furniture
High Quality cold rolled steel plate; Thickness 0.4-1.2 mm.
Lock facility with five layers
Steel Almirah
30.01 Steel Almirah
Roayl Ivory coloured , 70 Kg, 48.8 x 91.4 x 198.1 cm Steel
Standard Almirah
31.01 Steel Racks
• Height 12-inch X 36 inch X 78 inch, 5 levels, 20 Gauge, 14
Gauge angle
32.01 Office Furniture
Best wooden/iron, chairs/workstation
Webbing / PU Foam & Upholstery Fabric, Durable
structure, leatherite and ergonomical design, comfortable
armrest, Leatherette finish with Neo-classical style
Conference Table
33.01 Conference Table
Melamine Faced Particle Board, knockdown design, Six seater
SOI Topographical Map
34.01 SOI Topographical Map (Scale 1: 25,000)
• Mountainous, hilly, plateau and plain area
• Year of publication: 1970s and/or 1930s
Topographical Map (Scale 1: 50,000), OSM
• Mountainous, hilly, plateau and plain area
• Year of publication: 2010 (UTM WGS 84)
34.03 SOI Topographical Map (Scale 1: 50,000)
• Mountainous, hilly, plateau and plain area
• Year of publication: 1970s and/or 1930s
SOI Topographical Map (Scale 1: 250,000)
• Mountainous, hilly, plateau and plain area
• Year of publication: 1970s and/or 1930s
Aerial Photograph (Stereopair)
Aerial Photograph (Stereopair)
• Stereoscopic view
• Color and B/W both
• Mountainous, hilly, plateau and plain area
• Diversified landscape
Digital Vernier Caliper
• Material: Stainless steel.
• Overall Size (L x W): Approx.235mm x 16mm / 9.25 x 0.63
• Head Width: Approx.75mm/ 2.95inch
• Maximum Measurement: Approx. 150mm / 5.9 inch
• mm/inch conversion switch, zero calibration switch for
convenient operation.
• Internal, external and height dimensions can be easily and
accurately measured.
• Adjustable thumbscrew to locks the jaws of the caliper in
• Easy to read LCD display.
• Powered by 1 Button Cell.
• One year warranty.
3D Laser Scan Station
3D Laser Scan Station
Distance measurement system
• Maximum range: 120 m
• Maximum scan rate 1 Mio Pts/sec
• Resolution setting: 0.8 mm to 50 mm at 10 m
• Laser class: 1
• Dual axis compensator: Yes
Imaging system
• Internal camera: Yes
• HDR: Yes
• External camera: Optional
• Operating temperature: -20° C to +50° C
• Solid particle/liquid ingress protection: IP54
• Survey/ Setup functionality
• Quick orientation: Yes
• Set azimuth: Yes
• Know backsight: Yes
• Resection: Yes
• Auto resection: Yes
• Traverse: Yes
General Functionality
• Onboard target acquisition: Yes
• Check & Adjust: Yes
• One button scan control: Yes
• Scan area definition from video or scan: Yes
• Batch job scanning: Yes
Laser Scanner Includes
• Carrying case, Tribrach, 4x Battery, Charger, Cable, Quick
ScanStation, USB stick ScanStation, Cyclone 1x CD, 1-year
contract CCP Basic
Warranty: 2-Year manufacturing warranty
1. General Instructions:
In the event of e-tendering, intending bidder may download the tender documents
from the website: directly with the help of Digital
Signature Certificate(DSC) or from the Cooch Behar PanchananBarmaUniversity
2. Submission of bids:
Both Technical Bid and Financial Bid are to be submitted concurrently duly
digitally signed by the Company personnel who is in the pay roll of the Company
(having Authorization from the Company management) in the website https:// All papers must be submitted in English language.
3. Time Schedules for the e-tender:
The Time Schedule for obtaining the Bid Documents, Pre-Bid meetings, the
submission of bids and other documents etc. will be as per the list provided in
Clause No. 10 given below.
4. Eligibility for Quoting:
Manufacturers or Dealers/Distributors/Agents duly authorised by the
manufacturers who are able to supply the assured quantities as per requirement &
have requisite Annual Average Turnover, as per clause no. 5, are only eligible for
quoting. Manufacturers not having the capability to supply the required quantity
solely need not apply. Failure of submission of declaration of full supply may lead
to cancellation of tender.
Further, vendors who were declared black listed and/or insolvent by any Govt.
Concern/any Institutions in the Country for particular item or items are not eligible
to participate in the current tender for that item or items.
Vendors must have trade license within West Bengalin case of all the items to be
purchased with supply experience in educational institutions.
Vendors must have trade license with ISO 9001:2015 and EPN registered partner
(in case of ArcGIS and ENVI) with supply experience in educational institutions.
Annual Turnover Requirements:
Vendors having average annual Turn Over for last three financial years are more
than Rs.50 lakh in India or equivalent foreign currency in the respective foreign
country for the year 2014-15, 2015-16& 2016-17 are eligible to participate in the
5. Submission of Tenders
5.1 General process of submission
Tenders are to be submitted online through the website stated in Clause 1. All the
documents uploaded by the Tender Inviting Authority form an integral part of the
contract. Tenderers are required to upload all the tender documents along with the
other documents, as asked for in the tender, through the above website within the
stipulated date and time as given in the Tender. Tenders are to be submitted in two
folders at a time, one is Technical Bid and the other is Financial Bid.The tenderer
shall carefully go through the documents and prepare the required documents and
upload the scanned documents of originals in Portable Document Format (PDF) to
the portal in the designated locations/folders of Technical Bid. He needs to fill up
the BOQ in the designated cell and upload the same in designated location of
Financial Bid. The documents uploaded are virus scanned and digitally signed
using the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC). Tenderers should specially take note
of all the addendum/corrigendum related to the tender till the bid submission ends.
Tenderers should in general upload the latest documents as part of the tender,
however, in case of failure in uploading such documents, it will be deemed that
they (tenderers) have taken note of such latest documents including
addendum/corrigendum, if published till the bid submission ends.
5.2 Technical Bid
The Technical Bid should contain scanned copies and/or declarations in the
following standardised formats in two covers (folders):
Technical File (Statutory Cover) containing:
1. Notice Inviting Tender (NIT) – The NIT as published is to be downloaded
and then uploaded the same digitally signed (to be submitted in “NIT”
2. Annexure –
a) BasicInformation (Vide Annexure I) (to be submitted in “Annexure”
b) Application for Tender - (Vide Annexure II) (to be submitted in
“Annexure” folder)
c) Authorization letter - (Vide Annexure III) (to be submitted in “Annexure”
d) Affidavit Proforma - (Vide Annexure IV) (to be submitted in “Annexure” folder)
3. Technical details of the Items Quoted (Bidders must submit Technical
specification along with Catalogue of the item quoted in “Technical Details”
4. Bidder must submit Audited Balance Sheet and Profit and loss Account for
last 3 (three) financial year namely 2013-14, 2014-15& 2015-16 in
“Accounts” folder.
Note: Tenders will be summarily rejected if any item in the statutory cover is missing.
My Document (Non-Statutory Cover) containing as follows:
Sub-Category Description
PAN Card of the Bidder
VAT/ CST /GST Registration Certificate
Exemption Certificate for paying EMD for the
current financial year (if any)
Trade Licence/Enlistment Certificate
Company Details
Company Details 1
Registration with Registrar of Companies
a) Copy of the purchase order for supplying
Similar nature of items at least for last 2
years in an Institute of Higher Learning
b) Brief User List preferably for users in West
Bengal in an Institute of Higher Learning
Credential 1
Income Tax Returns submitted for the
Assessment year 2013-14
Payment Certificate
Income Tax Returns submitted for the
Assessment year 2014-15
Income Tax Returns submitted for the
Assessment year 2015-16
VAT/CST/GST Returns (of the last quarter) for
the year 2013-14
Payment Certificate
VAT/CST/GST Returns (of the last quarter) for
the year 2014-15
VAT/CST/GST Returns (of the last quarter) for
the year 2015-16
5.3 Financial Bid
The FinancialBid should containthe following document in one cover (folder):
Bill of Quantities (BOQ): The tenderer is to fill-up the designated cell as marked
by the University in the BOQ under online mode through computer for preparing
their quotationand thereafter tenderer will have to upload the same after digitally
signed as submission of their quotation (Only downloaded copies of the BOQ as
available in the web portal are to be uploaded without changing the name of the
BOQ file after virus scanned and digitally signed by the tenderer)
6. The tenderers are not required to submit hard copies of Technical File (Statutory) or
Mydocuments (Non-Statutory). Submission of hard copy of Financial Bid is strictly
prohibited and only be submitted through on line through NIC portal.
7. Evaluation of the tenders
During the tender evaluation process, the “Technical Bid” will be opened first.
Those Bidders who have qualified in respect of the essential & other requirements
in “Technical Bid” will be identified and their financial bid will be opened. The
financial bid of those Tenderer failing to meet the technical & other requirements
laid down in the tender will not beopened and be rejected. The Tenderer offering
the item found suitable and as per the tender specifications will only be selected.
Final selection of the lowest bidder in respect of Financial Bid is subject to further
verification. The Financial Bids of only those tenderers who have been considered
as Technically Qualified will be opened. If found suitable in the context of above
pre-qualificationetc, the Tenderer quoting the lowest rate will be considered as
Bid Information:
Partial Quotation within the same item serial number as mentioned in BOQ
and also in this NITwill not be accepted and tender will be liable for
All duties, taxes and other levies payable by the contractor under the
contract shall be included in the total price but should be indicated
separately in the price bid.
The rate quoted by the bidder shall be fixed for the duration of the contract
and shall not be subject to adjustment on any account.
Currency will be made either in INR or from any of the foreign currencies
like USD,GBP,EURO and JPY.
Evaluation of Quotation: The Purchaser will evaluate and compare the quotations
determined to be substantially responsive stage wise. Firstly, Technical Bid will be
evaluated based on and thereafter Price Bid for technically qualified bidders will be
evaluated for selection of vender.
9.3 Award of Contract: The contract shall be made item wise as per Item Serial
number of the List of Items as shown in Clause 15.The purchaser will award the
contract to the bidder whose quotation has been determined to be substantially
responsive both technically and commercially. Purchaser reserves the right to reject
any or all the tender, wholly or partly, without assigning any reason thereof and shall
not be bound to accept the lowest bid.
9.4 Warranty: The vendor shall be fully responsible for the comprehensive onsite
warranty (3/3/3-part/labour/onsite) in all respect of the equipment’s, accessories etc.
including spares and services for a period of three years from the date of installation.
Warranty will be effective from the date of joint installation Report.
9.5 Adequate support service facility: The bidder/manufacturer should have adequate
service support centre in Kolkata for any emergency breakdown/fault offering facility
within 48 hours and should be agreeable to provide CMC facility after the warranty
9.6 Training Facility: User training regarding the operation of the equipment’s shall be
arranged by the supplier/vendor at no extra cost.
9.7 Manufacturer’s Authorisation: Document in support of Manufacturer/Dealer and
Service Provider has to be submitted along with the tender paper. If the bidder is not
the manufacturer, proper manufacturer’s authorization and warranty from manufacturer
is required.
9.8 Credentials:Documents of previous experience of the job, at least 2 years, must be
submitted along with the tender.
9.9 DSIR Certification:The Cooch Behar PanchananBarma University will provide the
certificate at the time of purchase, if necessary.
9.10 Make & Model: Bidder must mention Make and Model in the Information Sheet as
given vide Annexure-I and must send the product details/catalogue/brochure in the
“Technical Details” folder.
9.11 Time Schedule: The supply and installation work must be completed within 30 days
from the date of receipt of the purchase order.
9.12 Validity of offer: A bidder should spell out in the tender that it shall remain valid for
a minimum period of three years from the date of opening of the tender and during this
period, the bidder shall not be entitled to revoke or cancel its offer.
9.13 Place of delivery: Department of Geography, Cooch Behar PanchananBarma
University, Cooch Behar -736101.
9.14 Payment Schedule:Payment be made after delivery and installation of the items.
9.15 Performance Security:
Successful bidder should deposit Performance Security money equivalent to the 10% of
the order value in the form of DD/Bank Guarantee immediately before issuing purchase
order from the University. Such security will be refunded after completion of the warranty
period in normal case without any accrued interest. University may forfeit the Security
Money in the event of the following circumstances:
i) Selected bidder withdraws the bid before expiry of its validity but after receipt of the
Purchase Order.
ii) Selected bidder does not accept the order after issuing the same or fails to enter into a
contract within validity period of offer.
iii) Selected bidder fails to supply the items within the scheduled time as specified in the
Purchase Order
iv) If before expiry of the warranty period, the supplied items break down or do not
function satisfactorily due to the cause related with the item itself or for its installation
and not for any reason caused by the University Authority and the supplier denies to take
the responsibility to make the supplied items in order.
v) In case of any false submission /statement by the bidder.
vi) In case of any refusal to abide by terms and conditions or refusal to enter into a written
agreement as per prefixed terms and conditions.
9.16 Quantity Changeability: Quantity as stated in the tender document may subject to
change at the time of issuing purchase order due to the fund crunch or for other
valid reasons.
9.17Requisite Documents to be submitted: Bidder must have adequate documents
relating to Trade License and updated returns for Income Tax, VAT, Audited
Statement of Accounts and other documents as sought for under Clause 6.2.II of this
9.18Turnover Criterion: Bidder must have average annual turnover of more thanRs.50
lakh in three financial year ending 2016-17.
9.19Disposal of Disputes: In case of any dispute, the University’s decision will be treated
as the final and conclusive. All legal actions are subject to the jurisdiction of Kolkata
High Court.
9.20Conversion of FC Rate: Generally, the West Bengal Government Portal is equipped
enough for conversion of Foreign Currency (FC) rate into INR. In case of any problem
arising out of the West Bengal Government Portal for e-tender regarding the
conversion rate against foreign currencies quoted by the bidders in the BOQ, the
conversion rate as existing in the official website of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI)
as on the date of opening the Financial Bid will be considered for Financial Bid
9.21Discretion of the University: University may take decision about non-purchase of the
said equipment even after selection of vendor due to its fund constraints.
9.22 University may seek documents from the bidder in addition to the scanned
documents sent by them at the time of uploading technical bid for verification and
evaluation of tender.
9.23 University reserves the right to relax any clause as stated hereinabove for selection of
responsive vender.
10. Dates & Information:
Date & Time
Date of uploading of N.I.T. Documents in the e-tender
portal of NIC :
Documents download (Online)
26.12.2017 (from 6.30 p.m.)
Bid Submission Start Date (Online)
26.12.2017 (from 6.30 p.m.)
Bid Submission Closing Date (Online)
16.01.2018 (up to 6.30 p.m.)
Bid Opening Date (Online) – Technical Bid
18.01.2018 (after 6.30 p.m.)
Date of uploading list for technically qualified bidder
Date of opening of Financial Bid
Date of uploading of list of bidders along with the
approved Rate
To be notified later
To be notified later
To be notified later
11. Opening the financial bid as per schedule mentioned.
Financial bid can be seen & accessed by the bidder through the NIC Portal on line
after opening of financial bid on line. No objections raised by any Bidder in this
respect will be entertained by the University. No informal tender will be entertained in
the Bid further.
12. During the scrutiny, if it comes to the notice to tender inviting authority that the
credential or any other paper found incorrect/ manufactured/ fabricated, that bidder
would not allowed to participate in the tender and that application will be rejected
outright without any prejudice.
13. The Tender Selection Committee reserves to right to cancel the N.I.T. due to
Circumstances and no claim in this respect will be entertained.
After Login on with DSC Click on Search Active Tenders
In Keyword writes Tender Reference No. / Tender memo. No. or put Tender ID and
click on submit on NIC website.
After searching the particular tender, you will find NIT & BOQ and other document,
click on those to download and save the documents.
Then fill the login Id and password which is written on top or your own login id and
password; the same page will appear again click on NIT & BOQ to download.
While downloading the BOQ please do not change the name of the BOQ and quote as
per the exact Accounting Unit, as mentioned.
First upload all the “My Documents” before starting the Bid Submission process.
While starting the Bid submission process after the EMD payment you will find an
option “Do you want to submit Other Important Documents”.
Here click on YES to submit the MY DOCUMENTS and then tick mark the check
boxes to tag those documents in that particular tender.
First upload Tender Document (Other than BOQ) with digital signature in NIT Folder.
Thereafter, upload Scanned Copy of all Annexure in the Annexure Folder.
5. BOQ
While first opening the BOQ there is an option at top of the rows. “Security warning
Macros have been disabled” Click on Options.
Select “Enable the content” then OK. This will enable you to visualize the BOQ.
Upload BOQ in the “BOQ Folder” under “Financial Cover” after filling up financial
data in the appropriate columns
Select that item as Yes/No from drop down list which item bidder wants to quote the
Annexure I
(To be furnished in the Company’s official letter pad)
Name of the Bidder
Address for Communication
Contact Number(s)
E-mail ID
Trade Licence No.
(Please enclose copy of Trade
PAN(Please enclose copy of PAN
VAT No.(Please enclose copy of
Do you have previous experience
for supplying similar nature of
(Please put tick mark)
Items at Educational Institute of
Higher Learning?
(Please enclose copy of Purchase
order& user list, if yes)
Annual Turnover as per Audited
2014-15 :Rs………………………
2015-16 :Rs………………………..
2016-17 :Rs………………………….
Average Annual Turnover: Rs…………………..
10 Status of the bidder(Please
enclose copy authenticating your
(Please put tick mark)
I hereby declare that the above information is true and correct to the best of my
knowledge and belief. In case of any false/wrong/misleading information, I shall be
bound to take the decision taken by the University.
Signature of the Bidder
(With Seal)
Annexure II
(To be furnished in the Company’s official letter pad with full address and contact no, Email address etc)
The Head
Department of Geography
Cooch Behar Panchanan Barma University
Cooch Behar-736101
West Bengal
NIT for the Supply of different Instruments for the purpose of Departmental
Ref: - _______N.I.T. No ……..…..……………………………dated ……………………..
Having examined the pre-qualification & other documents published in the N.I.T,
I/we hereby submit all the necessary information and relevant documents for
1. That the application is made by me/us on behalf of ……...............…………
……………………...............……in the capacity ………………...…………… duly
authorized to submit the offer. The authorization letter from the Company is attached
in Annexure II.
2. We accept the terms and conditions as laid down in the tender document vide Clause
9 and declare that we shall abide by it throughout the tender period including its
extensions, if any.
3. We have gone through the Tender Document thoroughly and quoted the tendered
items keeping in mind all sorts of information as furnished in the tender document
including Corrigendum/Addendum as published from time to time.
4. We are offering rate for the following item /items with manufacturing capacity and
assured supply to the Cooch Behar Panchanan Barma University.
Sl. No.
Description of Items
Model No.
Quantity Offer Validity
4. In the event of being selected, I will make the supply within the stipulated period excepting
the condition which is beyond our control.
Date :-
Signature of applicant including title and capacity
in which application is made.
Contact no:
E-mail address
Postal Address:
Annexure III
(Authorization letter in favour of the applicant (other than Managing Director/
Proprietor/Partner) from the competent authority.)
(To be furnished in the Company’s official letter pad with full address and contact no, Email
Address etc)
This is to certify that Mr......................................................................................................(Name),
employee of this Organisation as ............................................................... (Official Designation)
hereby authorised to submit tender online, Vide NIT No..............................................................,
Dated ......................... on behalf of the Organisation.
Signature of the competent authority with Seal
(Signature of the Authorised Person)
Signature of Mr................................................... hereby attested.
Signature of the competent authority with Seal
(Affidavit Proforma)
(To be furnished in Non – Judicial Stamp paper
of appropriate value duly notarized)
I, Sri/Smt. .................................................................
The Managing Director/Proprietor (etc.) of the Firm.,
........................................................(Name of the firm)
At (address)..................................................................................
do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as follows:
1. That I have not ever been convicted of any offence making myself liable to be disqualified to
supply of Chemicals / Equipments/other items to any Govt. or Govt. undertaking Organization
/Institution in the State of West Bengal or other State or States.
2. That no case is pending against me or against my firm in any criminal court of law to supply
of Chemicals, Lab. Chemicals & Laboratory Equipments and other items to the Govt. or Govt.
undertaking Organization / Institution in the State of West Bengal or other State or States (If any
case is pending, state the details).
3.That, I also declare that if any information subsequently found incorrect or false will it
automatically render the tender submitted by me cancelled and make me liable for penal/legal
action as per law of the country.
4. That my concern has not yet been declared bankrupt by any banking or money lending agency
duly licensed by RBI nor has it been considered doubtful by any Government concern so far as
the solvency of the organisation is concerned.
5. That I do further affirm that the statements made by me in this tender are true to the best of my
knowledge and belief and all the documents attached are genuine & correct.