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MP C2004
MP C2504
Multifunction Color
MP C2004
and full-color
MP C2504
and full-color
Choose the smartest way to share your best ideas
You take pride in your work. You take it personally. Maybe it’s time for a multifunction device designed just for you.
With the LANIER MP C2004/MP C2504, you can customize the way you work with iconic automated shortcuts,
user-specific security controls and fingertip access to critical information via our solution-focused, Workstyle Innovation
Technology. Use the intuitive touchscreen control panel to print impressive full-color documents. Scan and distribute
originals to anyone, anywhere in moments. Access information easily from the Cloud. What’s more, you can do it all
from your smartphone or tablet. Place this affordable, compact device in smaller, shared office environments, so your
entire workgroup can manage every job — from start to finish — with speed, accuracy and accountability.
Deliver up to 25 color prints/copies per minute
Perform a wide range of tasks quickly via intuitive touchscreen controls
Create your own workflows and shortcuts to simplify everyday tasks
Use your personal mobile device to print and share information
Produce professional output in brilliant colors with impressive finishing
Reduce operating costs with a wide range of eco-friendly features
New motion sensor technology promotes fast system recovery
Make your work more personal and productive
Simplify how you capture and share information
Be ready for everything, every day
When you’re short on time, tight on space and worried about stretching
your budget, choose the MP C2004/MP C2504 to manage every project.
Produce stunning handouts, flyers, notes, invoices, banners and more at
speeds up to 25 pages per minute. When you want to share information
instantly, use the 100-Sheet Automatic Reversing Document Feeder
(ARDF) to expedite the scanning process and share digital files via a
multitude of Scan-to capabilities. You can fax contracts and other forms
just as quickly. In fact, you can send and receive faxes between email
inboxes to save on paper, transmission costs and trips to the device
checking for confirmations.
Use mobile convenience to stay productive
You don’t know what the day will bring or where it’ll take you, but you
can stay productive using your smartphone or tablet. Simply download
the Smart Device Connector App and get started by scanning the QR
code on the display panel, or utilize Bluetooth technology (including
BLE), or pass your device by the Near Field Communication (NFC) tag
on the MFP. Print information directly from your personal device or from
your favorite Cloud application and avoid utilities, software and drivers.
Scan originals at the MFP, send them to your smartphone or tablet and
carry the digital PDFs with you. Use any of the Scan-to options to share
them with recipients in your personal address book in only moments.
You can even take advantage of an optional dual network port and
connect to multiple networks simultaneously.
Put more stock into your media options
Use the MP C2004/MP C2504 to tailor how you share your messages
with almost any audience. Print everything from black-and-white
handwritten notes to full-color retail signage. Expand paper capacity
up to 2,300 sheets and focus on keeping information flowing instead
of keeping paper trays stocked. Take advantage of our new innovative
rollers designed to reduce paper curl for more uniform paper stacks
and fewer jams. Print up to 12" x 18" sized paper in weights up to
300 gsm/80 lb. Bond for specialty media without compromising the
1200 x 1200 dpi image quality. In fact, the device recalibrates itself
continuously so colors never fade.
Add a personal touch to everyday tasks
Streamline business with a whole new way
to work
More productive workflows are within your grasp. Actually, they’re
at your fingertips. Use Workstyle Innovation Technology to simplify
how you manage your information on the 10.1" wide Super VGA
touchscreen Smart Operational Panel. We’ve removed all hard keys,
so you can use the same swipe scrolling, drag-and-drop and pinch-flick
gestures you use on your smartphone or tablet to access settings and
details faster and more conveniently. Simply tap an icon to begin core
tasks like printing, scanning, copying and faxing. Choose which icons,
options and notifications appear on your unique user interface to
customize each user experience.
Access vital information when you need it most
When you’re more informed, you can be more productive. Follow the
intuitive grid design of the touchscreen to find information easily. Take
your pick from a wide range of embedded Apps and simplify even your
most complex workflows. Each App includes important details about
specific jobs and tasks. For example, you can check Scan-to destinations,
review finishing options, search fax confirmations and more. Use that
information to make adjustments instantly with a swipe or tap. For even
more ways to improve work efficiency, you can download free, intuitive
Apps from our Application Site and add them as new icons to the
Home Screen. Information is everywhere, including online. With the
MP C2004/MP C2504, you can access web pages and convert them
into PDFs for easy distribution.
Put personalization at your fingertips
You know what you’re doing. Leverage that knowledge to be more
efficient. With Workstyle Innovation Technology, you can integrate
multiple processes, simplify complex tasks and bypass many of the
mundane, repetitive manual tasks that slow you down. For example,
you can scan each week’s sales meeting notes and share them with
the same recipients in a single touch from the Home Screen. Take
advantage of one-touch controls for special tasks too. Press the ID
Card Copy icon to scan two-sided documents such as licenses or
insurance cards onto a single-sided document in a single pass.
For more advanced workflows, you can add optional plug-and-play
workflow software to automate the way you manage information
and help reduce operating costs.
Empower users to work quickly, collectively
Find exactly what you’re looking for
It’s your job to get information to clients, customers and co-workers
before someone else does. Stay ahead of the pack with the MP C2004/
MP C2504. Store up to 3,000 frequently used documents in the
Document Server. Take advantage of the embedded OCR option to
place metadata on each file so you can use keyword searches for fast,
easy retrieval. You can keep some information for yourself to simplify
administrative tasks. Use Device Manager NX or Web Image Monitor
for configurations and updates via a web browser. Update print drivers
automatically with Device Software Manager. Use @Remote to collect
meter readings in real time. We can help, too. Our technicians can
access your user interface remotely to provide real-time operational
support or to troubleshoot almost any issue you encounter.
Control what happens next
You crafted your message carefully. You need to be just as cautious
in getting it to your audience. Use the MP C2004/MP C2504 to track
activity, set print quotas and restrict access to specific functions.
Require every user to login to the device with a passcode or billing
code. Or, add the optional NFC card reader so users gain access
via their ID card for a choice of cost recovery solutions. Use Locked
Print to hold print jobs at the device until the author releases them
to protect confidential information from being seen by passersby.
Add watermarks to help prevent unauthorized copies of important
information. Plus, you can take advantage of powerful encryption
tools and automatic overwrite technology for latent information
residing on the hard drive.
Reduce energy costs in your office
We believe that saving money should be easy. That’s why we made
it automatic. The MP C2004/MP C2504 meets EPEAT Gold criteria*
and is ENERGY STAR certified. Plus, it offers Typical Electricity
Consumption (TEC) as low as 0.7 kWh/week. The device recovers
from Sleep Mode in just 7.1 seconds, and with its motion sensor
technology, powers up the operation panel in one second. Use default
duplex printing to cut paper costs in half and take advantage of
the Eco-Friendly widget to track paper savings or to share resourceconserving tips with users. Because we used noise-absorbing materials
and minimized vibrations, you’ll also notice less operating noise.
*EPEAT Gold rating is applicable only in the USA.
To view detailed features of our multifunction
products online go to
Expand what you can do in a smaller footprint
Smart Operation Panel: Perform every task with
speed and convenience via the 10.1" wide Super VGA
Smart Operation Panel with selectable user interfaces.
Access information instantly and customize automated
workflows with one-touch smart applications. Add
widgets to check information and use familiar swipe
scrolling and pinch-and-flick movements to transition
between tasks effortlessly.
100-Sheet Automatic Reversing Document Feeder
(ARDF): Easily handle multi-page, multi-sized originals
and one- and two-sided documents up to 11" x 17".
User Authentication: Use embedded NFC technology
and an optional NFC Card Reader to track activity for
every user who logs in by proximity card.
Paper Trays and 100-Sheet Bypass Tray: Minimize
paper replenishment with two standard front-loading
Paper Trays that hold 550 sheets each. The Bypass
Tray holds up to an additional 100 sheets in sizes up
to 12.6" x 49.6". Add an optional Banner Paper Guide
Tray for impressive banner printing. All three trays
accept multiple paper types and weights. Tray Two and
the Bypass Tray accommodate envelopes for in-house
printing and a wide variety of mailing applications.
Paper Banks: Choose the optional 1 x 550-Sheet
Paper Bank or larger 2 x 550-Sheet Paper Bank, which
boosts paper capacity to 2,300 sheets, to accommodate
paper sizes up to 12" x 18" and SRA3/12.6".
Document Server: Access up to 3,000 frequently
used files residing on the MFP’s hard drive in
moments. Create up to 200 shared or passcodeprotected personal folders to store the digital files.
125-Sheet One-Bin Tray: Separate print, copy and
fax output so users can retrieve documents quickly.
Internal and External Finishers: Create professionally
finished documents completely in-house and save floor
space with the optional 500-Sheet Internal Finisher with
optional 2 & 3-Hole Punching. Bind up to five sheets
of paper with no staples using the Internal Stapleless
Stapler Finisher option. This unique technology helps
reduce supply costs, free up document storage space
and expedite future paper shredding needs. Or choose
the 1,000-Sheet External Booklet Finisher to create
professional looking document sets in moments.
Dual Network Support: Use the additional network
interface port to connect to two different networks
10 USB/SD Card Slot: Print from or scan to portable
media using the standard USB/SD Card Slot located
conveniently on the control panel. Print TIFF, PDF or
JPEG files from the removable media.
11 Web Browser: Take advantage of the built-in web
browser to search for web pages directly from the
smart operation panel and print them as PDF files.
Impressive all the way to the finish line
Choose the finishing touches you want to put on your most important documents. Match one of our three powerful finishers
to your unique needs, whether creating real estate materials, promotional advertising, construction blueprints or a wide range
of other presentations. Each simplifies finishing tasks to provide a high-quality look without high labor costs.
SR3180 Internal Finisher
SR3130 Internal Finisher
SR3220 External Booklet Finisher
Paper Capacity (LT)
Saddle Stitch
SR3180 Internal
250 Sheets
Up to 5 Sheets
SR3130 Internal
500 Sheets
SR3220 External
1,000 Sheets
Up to 15 Sheets
General Specifications
Printing Process
4-Drum Method
Output Speed
MP C2004: 20-ppm B&W & Full-Color
(Copy/Print) (LTR)
MP C2504: 25-ppm B&W & Full-Color
Warm-Up Time
26 seconds (from main switch)
Recovery from
7.1 seconds
Sleep Mode
First Copy Time
MP C2004: 7.6/5.4 seconds
MP C2504: 7.5/5.3 seconds
Copy Resolution
600 dpi
Quantity Indicator
Up to 999 copies
Automatic Reversing
Original Capacity: 100 sheets
Document Feeder
Original Size: 5.5" x 8.5" – 11" x 17"
(ARDF) (A5 – A3)
Paper Weights: Simplex: 11 – 34 lb.
Bond (40 – 128 g/m ), Duplex: 14 – 34 lb.
Bond (52 – 128 g/m )
Paper Capacity Standard: 2 x 550 sheets + 100-Sheet
Bypass Tray, Maximum: 2,300 sheets
Supported Paper Sizes 1st Paper Tray: 8.5" x 11" (A4)
2nd, 3rd, 4th Paper Trays: 5.5" x 8.5" –
12" x 18" (A6 – A3), Envelopes
Bypass: Up to 12.6" x 18", Envelopes
Custom Sizes: Width: 3.5" – 12.6"
(90 – 320 mm), Length: 5.8" – 49.6"
(148 – 1260 mm)
Supported Paper
Standard Trays: 16 – 80 lb. Bond/
Weights 166 lb. Index (60 – 300 g/m )
Bypass Tray: 14 – 80 lb. Bond/
166 lb. Index (52 – 300 g/m )
Duplex Unit: 14 – 68 lb. Bond/
142 lb. Index (52 – 256 g/m )
Paper Types
Plain, Recycled, Special Paper 1-3,
Letterhead, Cardstock, Preprinted
Paper, Bond Paper, High-Gloss
Coated Paper, Color Paper, Envelopes*,
Coated, Labels** & OHP**
Auto Duplex Standard
Output Capacity
Standard: 500 sheets
Maximum: 625 sheets (with options)
25% – 400% in 1% increments
Dimensions (WxDxH)
23.1" x 27.0" x 35.9"
(Includes ARDF)
(587 x 685 x 913 mm)
197 lbs. (89.2 kg) (includes ARDF)
Power Requirements
Power Consumption
TEC Value***
Noise Level
(Full System/Standby)
*Tray 2 and Bypass Tray Only.
**Bypass Tray Only.
***Typical Electricity Consumption by ENERGY STAR Qualified Imaging
Equipment Test Procedure.
Printer Specifications (Standard)
Memory /HDD
Page Description
120V – 127V, 60Hz, 12A
1,584W or less; Sleep Mode: 0.8W
MP C2004: 0.7 kWh/week
MP C2504: 0.9 kWh/week
MP C2004: 66.2/30.7 dB
MP C2504: 67.1/30.7 dB
Font Support
Max. Print Resolution
Network Interfaces
Network Protocol
Network/OS 2
Utilities Intel Atom Processor Bay Trail 1.33 GHz
2 GB RAM/250GB HDD Standard &
4GB RAM/250 GB HDD Option
Standard: PCL5e, PCL6, PDF
Optional: Adobe PostScript 3 ,
PictBridge, XPS
Standard: PCL: 45 Scalable fonts +
International 13 fonts
Optional: PostScript 3: 136 Roman fonts
1200 x 1200 dpi
Standard: 1000Base-T/100Base-TX/
10Base-T Ethernet, USB 2.0 Type A
(3 Ports), SD Slot on Operation Panel
Optional: IEEE1284/ECP, IEEE802.11
a/b/g/n, USB 2.0 Type B
TCP/IP (IPv4, IPv6)
Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/Server 2008/
Server 2008R2/Server2012/Server2012R2
Unix; Sun Solaris, HP-UX, SCO OpenServer,
RedHat Linux, IBM AIX, Citrix Presentation
Server4.5/Citrix XenApp5.0
Mac OS X v.10.7 or later, SAP R/3,
IBM iSeries AS/400-using OS/400
Host Print Transform
Device Manager NX Series, Web Image
Monitor, @Remote
Document Server Specifications (Standard)
Max. Stored Documents3,000
Max. Pages/Document2,000
Max. Page Capacity9,000
Max. Number of Folders200
Scanner Specifications (Standard)
Scanner Resolution
Scanning Speed
(B&W & Full-Color LTR)
Scan Area
Compression Method
Supported File Formats
B&W and Full-Color scanning at
100 – 600 dpi, Up to 1200 dpi
for TWAIN scanning
54 ipm (200 dpi/300 dpi)
11.7" x 17" (297 – 432 mm)
Full-Color: JPEG
Single/Multi-Page TIFF, PDF, High
Compression PDF & PDF/A, Single
Scan Modes Scan-to-Email (with LDAP support)
Scan-to-Folder (SMB/FTP)
Scan-to-Media (USB/SD Card)
Network TWAIN Scanning
Facsimile Specifications (Optional)
200 x 100 dpi, 200 x 200 dpi,
400 x 400 dpi (with optional SAF memory)
Modem Speed
33.6K – 2,400 bps w/Auto Fallback
Compression Method MH, MR, MMR, JBIG
Transmission Speed
G3: Approximately 2 seconds/page (JBIG)
Scanning Speed
Up to 58 spm – Standard and Detail
Mode (A4)
Auto Dialing
2,000 Quick/Speed Dial numbers;
100 Group Dial numbers
Memory Capacity (SAF) Standard: 4 MB (approx. 320 pages),
Optional: 64 MB (approx. 4,800 pages)
with optional SAF memory
Lanier MP C2004/MP C2504
Security Features (Standard)
DataOverwriteSecurity System (DOSS), HDD Encryption, User Codes,
SNMP v3 Support, Locked Print, User Authentication, 802.1x Wired
Authentication, Quota Setting/Account Limit, Digitally Signed PDF,
and more
Hardware Accessories
500-Sheet Internal Finisher (SR3130)
Paper Size
5.5" x 8.5" to 12" x 18" (A6 – A3)
Paper Weight
14 – 80 lb. Bond (52 – 300 g/m )
Stack Capacity
500 sheets (8.5" x 11" or smaller) (A4)
250 sheets (8.5" x 14" or larger) (B4 – A3)
Staple Paper Size 7.25" x 10.5" to 11" x 17" (A4 – A3)
Staple Paper Weight 14 – 28 lb. Bond (52 – 105 g/m )
Staple Capacity 50 sheets (8.5" x 11") (A4)
30 sheets (8.5" x 14" or larger, and/
or Mixed Sizes) (B4 – A3)
Staple Positions
Top, Bottom, 2 Staples
Dimensions (WxDxH)
21.5" x 20.6" x 6.7"
(546 x 523 x 170 mm)
Paper Handling Options
Two-Tray Paper Bank (PB3220)
Tray Capacity
1,100 sheets (550 sheets x 2 trays)
Paper Size
7.25" x 10.5" to 12" x 18" (A5 – A3)
Paper Weight
14 – 80 lb. Bond (52 – 300 g/m )
Dimensions (WxDxH)
23.1" x 27" x 9.7" (587 x 685 x 247 mm)
Cannot be installed with PB3150, Caster Table Type M3 or Cabinet Type F.
Cannot be installed with the SR3220 Booklet Finisher, SR3180 Internal Finisher
or the Internal Shift Tray SH3070.
One-Tray Paper Bank (PB3150)
Tray Capacity
550 sheets x 1 tray
Paper Size
7.25" x 10.5" to 12" x 18" (A5 – A3)
Paper Weight
14 – 80 lb. Bond (52 – 300 g/m )
Dimensions (WxDxH)
23.1" x 27" x 4.7" (587 x 685 x 120 mm)
2-/3-Hole Punch Unit (PU3040NA)
(Optional; Installs inside SR3130 Internal Finisher)
Punch Paper Sizes
7.25" x 10.5" to 11" x 17" (A4 – A3)
Punch Paper Weight
14 – 45 lb. Bond (52 – 169 g/m )
Must include Caster Table Type M3. Cannot be installed with PB3220 or
Cabinet Type F.
1,000-Sheet Booklet Finisher (SR3220)
Paper Size
Proof Tray: 5.5" x 8.5" to 12" x 18"
(A6 – A3)
Shift Tray: 5.5" x 8.5" to 12" x 18"
(A6 – A3)
Booklet Tray: 8.5" x 11" to 12" x 18"
(A4 – A3)
Paper Weight Proof Tray: 14 – 45 lb. Bond
(52 – 169 g/m )
Shift Tray: 14 – 80 lb. Bond
(52 – 300 g/m )
Booklet Tray: 14 – 28 lb. Bond
(52 – 105 g/m )
Stack Capacity Proof Tray: 250 sheets (8.5" x 11" or
smaller) (A4); 50 sheets (8.5" x 14" or
larger) (B4 – A3)
Shift Tray: 1,000 sheets (8.5" x 11" or
smaller) (A4); 500 sheets (8.5" x 14" or
larger) (B4 – A3)
Booklet Tray: 20 Sets (2 – 5 sheets), 10 Sets
(6 – 10 sheets) & 7 Sets (11 – 15 sheets)
Staple Capacity Normal Staple: 50 sheets (8.5" x 11")
(A4); 30 sheets (8.5" x 14" or larger)
(B4 – A3)
Saddle Stitch 15 sheets
Output Trays & Finisher Options
Internal Shift-Sort Tray (SH3070)
Tray Capacity
250 sheets (8.5" x 11" or smaller)
(A4 – A5)
125 sheets (8.5" x 14" or larger)
(B4 – A3)
Paper Size 5.5" x 8.5" to 12" x 18" (A5 – A3)
Paper Weight 14 – 80 lb. Bond (52 – 300 g/m )
Cannot be installed with SR3220 Booklet Finisher, Internal Finisher or Punch Unit.
One-Bin Tray (BN3110)
Paper Size Paper Weight Tray Capacity 5.5" x 8.5" to 12.6" x 17.7" (A5 – A3)
14 – 80 lb. Bond (52 – 300 g/m )
125 Sheets
BN3110 can also be installed with the Internal Finishers SR3130, SR3180 or
250-Sheet Stapleless Stapler Internal Finisher (SR3180)
Paper Size
5.5" x 8.5" to 12" x 18" (A6 – A3)
Paper Weight
14 – 80 lb. Bond (52 – 300 g/m )
Stack Capacity
250 sheets (8.5" x 11" or smaller) (A4)
125 sheets (8.5" x 14" or larger) (B4 – A3)
Staple Paper Size 8.5" x 11" to 11" x 17" (A4 – A3)
Staple Paper Weight 17 – 21 lb. Bond (64 – 80 g/m )
Stapleless Capacity
2 – 5 sheets/set
Staple Positions Top, 1 Staple
Dimensions (WxDxH) 17.1" x 20.3" x 5.9" (435 x 515 x 150 mm)
The Internal Finisher SR3130 must be included to add this option.
SR3180 cannot be installed with the SR3220 Booklet Finisher, SR3130 Internal
Finisher or the Internal Shift Tray SH3070.
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Staple Paper Size Staple Paper Weight
Staple Positions Dimensions (WxDxH) Normal Staple: 8.5" x 11" to 12" x 18"
(A4 – A3)
Saddle Stitch: 8.5" x 11" to 12" x 18"
(A4 – A3)
14 – 28 lb. Bond (52 – 105 g/m )
Top, Bottom, 2 Staples, Booklet
22.2" x 24.4" x 37.8"
(563 x 620 x 960 mm)
Requires installation of Bridge Unit BU3070.
The PB3220 Two-Tray Paper Bank must be included to add this option.
Cannot be installed with the PB3150.
2-/3-Hole Punch Unit (PU3050NA)
(Optional; Installs inside SR3220 Finisher)
Punch Paper Sizes
5.5" x 8.5" to 11" x 17" (A5 – A3)
Punch Paper Weight
14 – 68 lb. Bond (52 – 256 g/m )
The SR3220 1,000-Sheet Booklet Finisher must be included to add this option.
Additional Accessories
Banner Paper Guide Tray Type M19, Caster Table Type M3, Bridge Unit
BU3070, Cabinet Type F, Camera Direct Print Card Type M19, Card
Reader Bracket Type 3352, Extended USB Board Type M19, External
Keyboard Bracket Type M19, Fax Connection Unit Type M19, Fax
Memory Unit Type M19 64MB, File Format Converter Type M19, G3
Interface Unit Type M19, IEEE 802.11a/g/n Interface Unit Type M19,
IEEE 1284 Interface Board Type M19, Imageable Area Extension Unit
Type M19, Key Counter Bracket Type M3, Memory Unit Type M19
4GB, NFC Card Reader Type M19, OCR Unit Type M13, Optional
Counter Interface Unit Type M12, Postscript3 Unit Type M19, Power
Filter ESP XG-PCS-15D, Smart Card Reader Built-in Unit Type M19,
USB Device Server Option Type M19, XPS Direct Print Option Type
M19, Fax Option Type M19
Some options may not be available at the time of market release.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
For maximum performance and yield, we recommend using genuine
Lanier parts and supplies.