Tech tool
130 W heat up rating
612 SD
612 UD
“The Most Wanted“ - High-tech that meets every budget
The electronically temperaturecontrolled and fully antistatic
ERSA DIGITAL 60 A soldering
station provides High-tech for every
612 BD
612 AD
612 CD
612 KD
612 ED
612 GD
612 HD
612 TW
612 MD
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The unique ERSA Tech tool soldering iron (70 W at 280°C/545°F)
heats up from room temperature
to 280°C in an unbelievable
12 seconds!
The exceptionally high-performance
PTC heating element provides an
impressive heat up rating of
130 watts, and a continuously controlled supply of heat.
And in spite of its high capacity,
the soldering iron always feels
cool in your hand.
The potential equalization jack on
the front of the soldering station
enables you to work safely on even
the most sensitive components.
The unique, long-lasting ERSADURsoldering tips made of silver can
be changed in an instant - even
when hot!
The easy to read digital display of
the target/actual value indicates
the current temperature with a
minimum tolerance of ± 2°C (3°F).
The ergonomically designed grip
prevents fatigue, due to its size,
weight, and tip to grip distance.
DIG 603 A electronic station
Supply voltage: 230 V~, 50-60 Hz
Secondary voltage: 24 V~
Rating: 60 W
Control technique: SENSOTRONIC
Temperature range:
stepless 50°C (120°F) - 450°C (840°F)
Function display: 3-digit LED-display,
with target / actual value
Cable: 2 m (6.6 ft) PVC with connector
Model: safety insulated, antistatic
according to MIL-SPEC/ESA standards
Cross section: Tech tool with tip, also see p. 6/7, 16
Tech tool soldering iron
Voltage: 24 V~
Rating: 70 W / 280°C - 60 W / 350°C
Heat up rating: 130 W
Heating time: appr. 12 s
(to 280°C/545°F)
Weight (without cable): appr. 50 g (2 oz)
Cable: 1.5 m (4.9 ft) highly flexible/
heat resistant, antistatic
Model: antistatic according to
MIL-SPEC/ESA standards
The fully antistatic multifunctional
holder with its swiveling sponge
container also functions as a hot
tip holder.
In addition, the holder is designed
so that you can use ERSA soldering irons with virtually any commercially available solder fume
extraction system provided you
have an adapter.
Order nos.:
DIG 60 A
DIGITAL 60 A soldering
station complete
consisting of:
DIG 603 A Electronic station
640 ADJ
Tech tool soldering iron
with 612 AD soldering tip
A 29
Tool holder
Spare parts:
Spare heating element
for Tech tool
ERSADUR-long-life soldering tip made of silver
ERSA’s internal heating system
and highly integrated control
technology guarantee extremely
accurate control of the soldering
tip temperature.
The working temperature is controlled by sensitive electronics
and measured directly at the
inside end of the soldering tip by
a Ni-Cr-Ni thermocouple.
Technical data: