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D i g i t a l
D u p l i c a t o r
The Standard SD650 is the leader
for high-quality, high-production
digital duplicating. Its sophisticated dual cylinder printing system,
exceptional print resolution and
advanced features combine with
proven reliability to provide unparalleled printing performance.
D i g i t a l
D u p l i c a t o r
The Standard SD650 with 600dpi print resolution delivers a new level
of excellence in print quality and performance. Its technological leadership is demonstrated with an array of advanced features. These
include user-friendly computer connectivity with enhanced digital performance, advanced book copying, 11" x 17" imaging, advanced feed
reliability, versatility, and double sheet detection. The SD650's features, quality, and productivity, make it the perfect choice for users
needing economical high-volume, high-quality printing.
Superior Print Quality
From first copy to last, copies are sharp and clear. The SD650's inking system precisely controls ink application and utilizes specially formulated inks and masters to produce exceptional printing results.
The innovative imaging system and inks of the SD650 virtually eliminate set-off while expanding the range of printable stocks.
S p e c i f i c a t i o n s
First Copy Time:
Printing Speed:
Scanning Resolution:
Paper Size:
Paper Weight:
Image Area:
Paper Tray Capacity:
Master Roll Capacity:
Master Eject Tray Capacity:
ADF Capacity:
Print Colors:
Standard Features:
Paper Feed Precision and Control
Precise single-sheet feeding is assured with the SD650's superior
feed mechanism and integrated, highly advanced double-sheet
detection system. Additionally, each sheet is controlled by the Paper
Gripper Clamp as it feeds straight and true through the entire imaging process. The Paper Gripper Clamp secures each sheet as the full
diameter press (impression) cylinder provides increased contact
area during printing. The high quality of the result is clear in the
increased sharpness and density of each print.
Preset Reductions:
Preset Enlargements:
Zoom Magnification:
Advanced Features
The SD650 integrates advanced features to enhance operation and
A built-in Job Separator separates jobs by offsetting the top sheet
of each job, eliminating the need for an additional tape marker.
Built-in image rotation and automatic page sizing correctly match
the image to the size paper set in the feed tray.
Equipped with an “original” memory storage function - which allows
storage of up to 8 “originals” for reprinting upon demand.
Digitally controlled paper feed settings, all conveniently made at
the operation panel.
Digital horizontal and vertical registration control, accurate
to 0.02".
Multi-copy print function allows for printing 2-up, 4-up, 8-up and
Security Mode prevents additional copies without master waste.
Using the optional ADF can automatically save up to 50% of
normal copy costs when printing 8½" x 11" paper. Masters are
automatically cut to match print paper size.
Power Source:
Power Consumption:
Dimensions (WxDxH):
With cabinet:
Automatic Digital Imaging
25 seconds
60 - 120 sheets per minute
2.8" x 5.8" to 12.6" x 17.6"
13 lb. bond to 110 lb. index
11.4" x 16.5"
1000 sheets (20 lb. Bond)
245 masters/roll
50 originals (14 - 35 lbs.)
Unlimited with the exception of metallics and
flourescents through custom match
Glass platen, 8.5" x 11" Master Auto
Cut(w/ADF), Job Separator, Original/Job
Storage, Image Rotation, Security Mode, Tint
Mode, Auto Margin Erase, Program Mode,
Initial Setting, Combine 2-, 4-, 8-, and 16-up
mode, Auto Background Correction, Quality
Start, Stamp Mode, Economy Mode,
Directional Magnification, Skip Feed Mode,
Class Mode, Auto Image Rotate, Document
Storage, Stamp Mode, Overlay
65, 74, 77, 93%
121, 129, 155%
50 to 200% (1% increments)
Platen Cover*, ADF (50 sheets), Digital
Editing, Color Print Cylinders, GDI Type
Computer Interface, Network PSII
Compatible Interface, Local/Network
Embedded PS-3 Interface,SD622
(Two-color In One-pass Printer), Cabinet
120V, 60Hz, 4.5A
213 lbs./240 lbs.
56.5" x 27.5" x 26.5"
56.5" x 27.5" x 42.5"
Specifications subject to change without notice. All product names are Trademarks or registered
trademarks of their respective companies.
*Final machine configuration must include Platen Cover or ADF.
Connects to PC and Mac
Two-Color Printing Accessory
A choice of three advanced computer
interface options help create the
absolute best print quality. The network controller enables one or more
computers to be connected, making
the SD650 the center of office printing operations.
Add the SD622, the two-color in onepass accessory that expands your
color printing productivity and
Print in Color
Optional color drums allow printing in all Standard colors or in any
custom match color. Color applications that need higher productivity
and enhanced color registration will benefit from the optional SD622
two-color in one-pass digital duplicator that works in tandem with the
Established in 1910, Standard is a leading supplier
of duplicating and document finishing equipment.
Standard Duplicating Machines Corp. 10 Connector Road, Andover, MA 01810
Fax 978-470-2771