SE400 Petrol Engine Log Splitter
Hydraulic log splitter, driven off a 5.5 horsepower Honda petrol Engine.
10 ton splitting force
The log splitter has been designed to be easily wheeled by hand to the location where it is to be used.
The log splitter can be used in any different number of locations from the back garden to the paddock
beside the wood shed.
Powerful enough to cope with the most demanding of splitting jobs. The unit can be supplied either
with the extended splitter table or the standard single width table.
The splitting wedge is specially forged, hardened and has a double chamfer to give the best splitting
action available on the market.
For added safety all the hydraulic pipes are covered in anti burst lagging and both hands are required
on the lever to operate the ram.
Lifting the lever will power the splitting wedge through the logs and lowering the lever will retract the
ram. it takes under 10 seconds to make a complete cycle of the ram. The platform is self cleaning of
large logs.
Capable of splitting logs up to 18” high and is not limited to the width of logs it can split.
Horsepower: 5.5bhp at 3600rpm
Weight: 95 kg
Engine: Honda GX200
Max operating pressure: 4780 psi/330 bar
Fuel consumption: 1.9 l/hr
Ram bore diameter: 60 mm
Ram stroke: 400 mm
Noise level: <104 db