Ni-MH Battery Module 510.330.02a
The battery module supplies the memory of the CNC during power down.
A charged battery in good condition will retain data in memory for at least 30 days, providing
average ambient temperature is below 30°C.
The Ni-MH Battery Module 510.330.02a is fully compatible with the NiCd Battery Module 510.330.02!
To ensure reliable operation, we recommend that the battery should be replaced 3 years
after installation. The date of future replacement is marked on the module.
Replacement of Battery Module
The battery module is attached onto the front of the equipment with CMOS RAM memory
and secured with two screws.
The module should be replaced when the equipment is powered up, or stored data
could be lost. After the exchange of battery modules, the equipment must be left in a
powered up condition for at least 24 hours, so that the battery becomes sufficiently
charged, in order to retain stored data.
When a new battery is installed, the date of its future replacement should be marked in the
boxed section of the affixed label.
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Installed January 2006:
Jan. 2009
Replace until:
Replacement Modules
Battery modules can be obtained from your machine supplier or directly from:
OPTRONIC AG, Unteregger Str. 53, CH-9403 Goldach
Phone +41 71 8440200, Fax +41 71 8440210, e-mail:
All replacement battery modules delivered by OPTRONIC AG are fully charged. They are
intended for immediate use upon receipt.
Storage of Battery Modules
If battery modules 510.330.02 are prolonged stored prior to use, they should be charged
approx. every six months. Therefore, a module should be installed (please refer to Replacement of Battery Module) in a running system for at least 24 hours.
Stored batteries are more likely to remain in good condition, if the temperature is kept between 0° and 35°C, and at a humidity of about 50%.
The product specifications are based on theoretical and experimental data, and we also have a policy of continuous improvement in performance. Thus although we attempt to provide equipment which in all respects meets
specifications, this cannot be ensured in all cases without written confirmation from OPTRONIC AG.