A new Proel passive monitor speaker.
LKM50 A new Proel passive monitor speaker indicated for PA installation in commercial private and public ambients. It is characterized with
a high design and high sound performance. PALKM50 is two ways with 5,25' woofer and 1' tweeter with a silk dome. Such internal
loudspeakers ensure a perfect speech intelligibility and high sound performance. PALKM50 package contains the necessary brackets for
wall, vertical and horizontal mounting as well as the support for shelf positioning.
Technical Specifications
Type: Passive monitor
Speaker/s: W: 5.25'' T: 1''
RMS power: 16/8/4 W
Constant voltage binding: 100V
Constant impedence binding: 8 ohm - 50W
Frequency response: 70Hz - 18KHz (-10dB)
SPL (1W/m):87
SPL MAX (Pmax @ 1m):99
Coverage Angle 1KHz/4 KHz (-6dB): H: 110º / 110º V: 130º / 110º
Construction materials: ABS / Steel
Colour: Gray
Dimensions (W x H x D): 167 x 251 x 150mm
Weight:3.7 lb
Fixing system: U type steel bracket
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permissio n o f PROEL - Via a lla Ruenia 37/43 - CAP 64027 - Sa nt'Omero (TE) ITALY.
Fo r servic e, suppo rt, o r mo re info rma tio n c o nta c t:
Pro el S.p.A.
Via a lla Ruenia 37/43
CAP 64027 - Sa nt'Omero (TE) ITALY
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