Installa on Informa on Version 1.3—February 2014 The Ul mate 757 Collec on Version 1.3 2 INSTALLATION The Ul mate 757 Collec on Version 1.3 3 INSTALLATION The Ul mate 757 Collec on is available for installa on into the following simulators: Microso Flight Simulator 2004 (FS9 ‐ Filename: qw757_fs9_setup.exe Microso Flight Simulator X (FS10) Prepar3D Version 1 Prepar3D Version 2 ‐ Filename: qw757_fsx_setup.exe The so ware requires internet ac va on which is facilitated through an Addon manager program de‐
veloped by a trusted 3rd party developer: Virtuali. Ac va on can be via any internet connected PC, although we strongly recommend this internet connected PC to be the same as the one that you are installing the product. This is simply because it is easier. Before beginning installa on, we recommend temporarily disabling your An ‐Virus program, as they can some mes prevent the installer from downloading necessary files for installa on, such as the Ad‐
don manager. Step 1 To begin installa on, first open the installer. We strongly recommend Right Clicking the installer and selec ng “Run as Administrator”. A er open the installer, you will be provided the choice of selec ng a language to use during the instal‐
la on. Available languages are:  English (Default)  Deutsch  Italiano The Ul mate 757 Collec on Version 1.3 4 A er selec ng a language, the next screen that you will see will depend on which installer you are run‐
ning and also which flight simulator pla orms you have on your PC. If you are using the FS9 installer, skip to Step 3 If you are using the FSX/P3D installer and have any version of P3D installed proceed to Step 2 If you are using the FSX/P3D installer and DO NOT have any version of P3D installed, skip to Step 3 Step 2 If the installer detects the Prepar3D product on your PC, a dialogue box will appear. P3D Version 2 is the highest priority and will show first if both P3D V1 and 2 are installed on your PC. If you have Version 2 installed, and would like to install there, click YES. The next screen you will see can be found in Step 3. If you choose to install into V2 and would like to install into V1 and/or FSX, you will need to run the installer again for each version. If you have Version 2 installed and DO NOT want to install there, click NO. If Version 1 is installed on your PC, then the dialogue box will give you the op on of installing into Version 1. Step 3 Regardless of the Simulator that you are installing into, the welcome screen with (757 on the le side‐
bar) is always the same as well as all subsequent steps. Click NEXT Step 4 In this Step, it will be necessary to enter the Serial Number that was provided to you a er you pur‐
cashed the product. The Serial Number MUST be entered in order for the installer to con nue file ex‐
trac on. Serial numbers for the Ul mate 757 begin with QW757. We strongly recommend copying and pas ng the serial number to make things easier. We understand this is not possible for our Boxed Customers, so please ensure that any digits that looks like the le er "O" are the NUMBER "0". This is the most common reason for receiving the following error message: eSellerate ERROR‐25001 Serial Number Not Found If you are reinstalling the product, the Serial number may be prefilled for you. The Ul mate 757 Collec on Version 1.3 5 When you are finished entering the Serial number, click NEXT. Step 5 The next step involves the License Agreement. You must Accept the agreement in order for the install to con nue. We hope you click NEXT. Step 6 The next step tells you that the installer is ready to begin copying the files to your PC. Click NEXT. A er files have been copied, you may see an Installa on of Microso Visual C++ redistributable files. This is normal as these files are necessary for the QualityWings Livery Manager applica on to Run. Step 7 In this Step, you are given the choice of installing the an AIRAC Cycle provided by Navigraph ( for the period of January‐February 2014. This data changes every month. and In order to receive the latest cycle, you must have a subscrip on with a Database provider such as Navi‐
graph. If you already have the latest Nav Data AIRAC cycle, you can choose CANCEL to exit this par cu‐
lar part of the Setup. (Don’t worry, you are not cancelling the 757 installa on if you choose to click CANCEL). If you choose to Cancel the Navigraph install, proceed to Step If you do choose to update your database, select which sim you want to update. The installer has no idea which pla orm you are installing the 757 on. Make sure you select the appropriate Simulator. We recommend Backing Up your current Cycle. The Ul mate 757 Collec on Version 1.3 6 If you choose to install, click NEXT. Step 8 The Navigraph installer will ask you to confirm the loca on of the simulator root folder you are in‐
stalling the cycle into. This should be prefilled for you. In some instances, you will need to point the installer to the loca on of your Sim Root folder. Click NEXT. Step 9 You are then given the choice of select to do a full installa on of Navigraph components or select com‐
ponents. Make your selec on and choose next. If you are unsure of this, then we recommend a Full Installa on (Default). Step 10 When youa re ready to install, click INSTALL. When the Setup Wizard says it has finished, click FINISH. The Navigraph installer will close, and the QW757 installer will resume. The Ul mate 757 Collec on Version 1.3 7 Step 11 The installer will now download addi onal files necessary for the installa on. These items include the Addon Manager program which is necessary for the Ac va on of the product (The Addon Manager is NOT the same as the Livery Manager). Addi onal components downloaded are the latest version of the QW757 gauge file. Step 12 You’re almost done. A er the files have been downloaded, an informa on screen shows displaying the latest release notes. These notes include informa on on how to obtain support and other per nent data for this par cular release. Step 13 Once the 757 appears on the le sidebar again, setup is now COMPLETE. Click FINISH to exit the sim and now you can startup the simulator. You are not done yet if this is your ini al me installing the product on your PC. You must Ac vate the product. Step 14 A er installing the 757 into your simulator, you will receive a series of prompts. During Ini al load a er installa on (Splash Screen), you will be informed that the installa on went OK, but the product needs to be ac vated. Ensure you have an ac ve internet connec on. Click YES The Ul mate 757 Collec on Version 1.3 8 A er you Click YES, you will be asked are you sure. Of course you’re sure. Click YES again. If all OK, then you will no fied of the successful Ac va on. The Ul mate 757 Collec on Version 1.3 9 You will the be no fied that a backup registra on will be saved If you are installing into FSX/P3D, you will then see a couple of other prompts as part of FSX trus ng system. You MUST select RUN for All prompts!! Failure to do so will result in the aircra NOT loading and crashing to desktop when the QW aircra is selected. You may also be asked whether you want to trust these gauges in the future. Click YES. Clicking No will result in a prompt on subsequent Simulator sessions.