4-Zone Music
& Paging System
Model DRZ35
The Bogen DRZ35 is a unique, self-contained 4-zone
music and paging system for small- to medium-sized
applications. It combines a digital AM/FM tuner with
MIC, LINE, and AUX inputs. It has a 35-watt amplifier
capable of driving 4-ohm speaker systems as well as
25- or 70-volt distributed systems.
The DRZ35 permits connection of up to four switchselectable paging zones. The DRZ35 also features
Bass and Treble controls and a Master Volume control
• Self-contained, 4-zone music and paging system
with Tuner and MIC, LINE, and AUX inputs
• 35-watt audio output
with a 5-segment LED output meter. The built-in
tuner uses a PLL synthesizer to provide accurate
frequency selection.
The MIC Input can be set for VOX-activated muting of
the other audio inputs. The unitʼs microphone input
accepts a balanced Lo-Z microphone with selectable
Phantom Power. The input uses a three-pin standard
mic connector and has its own volume control.
• 10 FM and 10 AM station presets
• Tuner has sleep mode/auto shut-off feature
• For use with 4-ohm, 25- or 70-volt speaker systems
• FM 75Ω coaxial (F-type), FM 300Ω, AM Loop
screw antennas
• Select 1-4 zones for music or paging
• Large Master Volume Control
• 3 external audio inputs: MIC, LINE, and AUX
• Bass and treble controls
• MIC input uses a standard XLR three-pin
connector for balanced Lo-Z microphone
• LED output level meter
• Phantom power
• Microphone paging priority with VOX-activated
music muting
• LINE and AUX Stereo combining RCA inputs
• Built-in digital AM/FM Tuner, with PLL synthesizer
to provide accurate frequency selection
• Auto station search and manual tuning
• Backlit tuner display, LCD
• Booster amplifier output with Pre or Post Volume
• Power on LED indicator
• Rack-mountable with included brackets
• FM dipole and AM loop antennas (included)
• UL and CUL listed
• FCC compliant
• Operates from nominal 120VAC, 60 Hz
Specifications subject to change without notice.
©2009 Bogen Communications, Inc.
Part No. 54-8023-47A 0911
Band Coverage:
Signal to Noise Ratio:
Tone Controls:
Audio Input Sensitivity/Impedance:
Channel Indicator:
Station Tuning:
Preset Memory:
Memory Scan:
Power Rating (RMS):
Phantom Power:
Audio Frequency Response:
Microphone Input:
LINE and AUX Inputs:
Booster Amp Output:
Line Output:
MIC Precedence:
Power Required:
Power Consumption:
Product Weight:
and Engineer
AM: 522 to 1620 kHz; FM: 87.5 to 108 MHz
MIC: -55 dB; LINE/AUX: -70 dB
<1% (@ 1 kHz output power)
Bass: +/-10 dB @ 100 Hz; Treble: +/-10 dB @ 10 kHz
MIC: 750 μV/1k-ohm balanced; LINE: 80 mV/10k-ohm unbalanced;
AUX: 80 mV/10k-ohm unbalanced
Backlit, LCD
Digital, pushbutton, with PLL Synthesizer
10 FM, 10 AM
Preset stations
75Ω coaxial, 300Ω screw, AM Loop screw
35 watts
21V (switch-selectable)
70 Hz - 15 kHz (25/70V); 20 Hz - 20 kHz (4Ω)
Lo-Z (3-pin XLR connector)
Hi-Z RCA jack
Hi-Z via RCA jack; Pre (1V), Post (4V)
Hi-Z via RCA jack (1V)
4-ohm, 25V, 70V
VOX-triggered (switch-selectable)
120V AC nominal @ 60 Hz
17" W x 5-1/4" H x 13-5/8" D
27 lbs.
The paging system shall be the Bogen DRZ35, a self-contained, 4-zone paging system for small- to medium-sized
applications. It shall combine a digital tuner, and up to 3
inputs (MIC, LINE, and AUX) with a 35-watt output. It shall
be capable of driving 4-ohm speaker systems as well as
25V or 70V distributed systems.
Pushbuttons on the front panel shall select between the
TUNER or AUX input as a music source. The LINE and AUX
inputs shall consist of mono-summimg RCA jacks to accept
signal from a CD player or other line-level source. Bass,
treble, and volume controls shall be provided to adjust the
level of program and include a 5-segment LED output meter.
Individual controls for each input shall also be provided.
The built-in tuner shall use a PLL synthesizer to provide
accurate band selection. An LCD display shall be provided
to display frequency readout. It shall be possible to program
up to 10 FM and 10 AM preset stations. Push buttons shall
be provided to select stations, program presets, and scan
preset stations. Auto station search as well as manual
tuning shall be available.
An integral microphone input shall accept a balanced Lo-Z
microphone. Input connection shall be via a three-pin
XLR connector. A microphone volume control shall be
provided. The input shall also include VOX-activated mute
of program from TUNER, LINE, or AUX source. The unit
shall supply 21V phantom power for use with condenser
The DRZ35 shall permit connection of up to four push button-selected paging zones. The unit shall also have LED
output signal level indicators on the front panel.
It shall be possible to supply telephone line input to the unit
when an accessory transformer (Model WMT1A) is used.
Outputs shall be provided for direct connection of 4-ohm
speakers and for connection of 25 or 70 volt distributed
systems. Four individual zone taps shall be provided for
ease of connection. A jumper shall be provided to set the
output signal on the zone taps.
The DRZ35 shall operate from a nominal 120V AC , 60Hz
AC source, and shall be UL and CUL listed. It shall meet
FCC Part 15 requirements. It shall be rack mountable using
included mounting brackets. A 300-ohm/FM, 75-ohm FM
(F-type) coax, and AM loop antenna connectors are
provided. FM Dipole and AM Loop antenna are included.
The unit shall include a circuit breaker. There shall be a master
power switch as well as a separate power switch for the
tuner. A red LED indicates power ON/OFF status for the unit.
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