Inspur Server NX5440M4 Product Introduction

Inspur Server NX5440M4 Product Introduction
Inspur Server NX5440M4 Product Introduction
2014 V1.0
Inspur Group
This document provides a simple introduction on the specification of Inspur
server NX5440M4 for the pre-sale engineers and the sales personnel/clients
that are interested in technologies. It is available for reference by sales
personnel and pre-sale engineers, and for the server users to understand the
product technology.
High density compute
Ultra strong performance
Product positioning
NX5440M4 is a brand new compute blade launched by Inspur, its performance improved by 90%
compared with the last generation.
With the industrial leading compute density, the 8U enclosure could support 20 blades,
satisfying the ultra-deployment requirements of on-demand expansion. It also supports the
fastest 100Gb network with the feature of high efficiency, low consumption and high
performance-price ratio.
Product feature
The industrial highest compute density ,support 20 blades of NX5440M4 in 8U
enclosure I8000 , 5 processors in 1U space on the average, saving more space compared
with rack server.
The industrial fastest network speed,support EDR network with the rate up to 100Gb/s,
the speed is much more faster than existing network,which is high bandwidth and low delay.
Ultra strong compute performance, NX5440M4 is based on the latest Intel Grantley
platform, support Intel AVX2 instruction,compared with the 1st generation of AVX,
and the flops is improved 2 times and performance improved 1.9 times.
Optional P C IE expansion box, 20 PCI-E expansion slots, flexible expansion according
to business demands.
Outstanding modular design to realize flexible deployment. Full modular design , server
nodes, 1GE network ,10GE network, Infiniband, standard PCIE expansion slots etc. flexible
expansion according to business demands.
Comprehensive advanced management feature, management view based on Web, the
users could real-time monitoring system information . Support KVM, Inspur Ruineng and
full dynamic power supply and fan management technology
Product specification
2 Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v3 series
8 DIMMs,up to 256GB (when 32GB per DIMM)
Support memory ECC, memory mirroring and memory hot standby etc.
Hard drive
Onboard hard drive controller
RAID 0/1
Up to 2* 2.5” hot swap SATA interface HDD or SSD
I/O expansion
1 Mezzanine daughter card slot( QDR, 10Gb network daughter card available)
Integrated I/O
1 front USB
Graphics card
Integrated 2*1GE controller,support virtualization acceleration, web acceleration, load
balancing, redundancy;
Integrated display screen with video memory
1Gb switch
4-port 1Gb, 4-port 10Gb, redundancy available
10Gb pass-thru
1*10Gb pass-thru module
20* PCI-e 3.0 slots
IB switch
1 Infiniband switch module,1+1 redundancy
Power supply
Support advanced management features based on IPMI2.0, KVM over IP and storage redirection
1 standard VGA port,2 USB ports,working in the way of switching
100 Mb RJ45 for remote connection
Support redundancy when configured 2 management modules
Up to 4+4 hot swap redundant power supply,single module 1350W(include fans)
Inspur will try its best to provide accurate and comprehensive information for you, yet assume no responsibility for the possible error or
omission in compilation, proofreading and printing;
The product picture is for reference only. Please prevail in kind;
For the detailed technical specification and delivery conditions, please inquire the local Inspur distributor, and any change will be done
without prior notice.
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