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LIP-9002 Button Layout
Button Guide
LCD Screen 1. Transfer: transfer the current active call or
access the Program menu while the phone
is idle.
2. Speed/directory: assign or use assigned
station speed dial numbers.
Fb В 3. Message: accesses message boxes
180 4. Headset: if a headset is plugged in this
button allows you to toggle between the
headset and handset.
| | LI I 5. Hold: place a call on hold — the caller will
Flex Keys receive on-hold music or comfort tones.
6. Mute: mute the call so that the caller cannot
hear your voice.
PX d'or nsf 7. DND (Do-Not-Disturb): blocks incoming
rr Auli — calls. You can also activate Do-Not-Disturb
While the phone is ringing - this terminates
SE er НЕЕ the call and the caller will get a busy tone.
а 8. Volume control: adjust the Ring, Headset,
©) — Handset, and Speaker volume.
9. Speakerphone: toggle the speakerphone
On and Off during a call. The button will
automatically illuminate when the phone is in
menu mode.
10. Flex keys: a line or feature can be assigned
to these buttons.
11. LCD screen: phone interface for status,
dialing directories, and text message
Volume Speaker
Dealing with calls
| . Lift the handset. To answer a call on another extension, press the flashing flex key and then lift the
Answering an Incoming Call handset
| Lift the handset and press a free flex key allocated to a line, or the 9 key to pick up an outside line.
Making an External Call a
Once you have the outside line, dial your number.
Making an Internal Call Lift the handset. Dial the extension number or press the flex key assigned to the contact.
Rejecting a Call Press the DND button when a call comes in.
Call Pick U Lift the handset and dial 566 to pick up any handset in your group, or dial *77 and the station
Р number to pick up a handset that’s not in your group.
Placing a call on hold Press the HOLD button. To reconnect the call, press the Green flashing flex key.
Quick access call tools
Lift the handset
Press the Speed button
Speed Dial/Directory Dial the desired station speed dial number
Last Number Redial (LNR) Press your assigned flex key for redial
Accessing your Voicemail
Press the Message button followed by one of the following options:.
1 — accesses messages to give an internal user a call back
2 — to access your voicemail
3 — to access SMS messages
If you do not know your password, contact your system administrator
Listening to Voicemail (Options)
Parking a call
If you do not know your password, contact your system administrator
Once you have accessed your voicemail inbox here are the options available to you:
Dial 1 —- New messages
Dial 2 — Set a greeting
Dial 3 = Change password
Dial 0 = Return to main menu
Parking a call
To park an active external call, press Transfer, dial the park code (i.e. 512 for Park 1)
Or press your assigned park key, and hang up to return to idle.
To retrieve a parked call, lift the handset and dial the park code or press your assigned park key.
Camp On
Transferring a call
When dialing an extension that is engaged, the Camp On feature allows the station to be notified
that there is a call waiting. Press your assigned flex key to initiate camp on.
Transferring a Call
Press the Transfer button, dial the extension number, external number or press the programmed
flex key, then either speak to the recipient to announce the call or simply hang up.
Returning to Caller from a Transfer
If you are unable to transfer the call, press the Green flashing key or the transfer key again to
return to the caller.
Makes your extension
unavailable for calls
Press DND button to activate.
Press DND button again to deactivate.
Please note that this is not available on the attendant handset.
Ad Hoc Conference Calls
3 way calling
To call the first party, follow “Making an External/internal Call” above for instructions.
Once connected press the assigned flex key
Call the second party (as above).
Once connected, press the assigned flex key twice to connect the calls.
Programming Call Forward
Routes your calls to another extension/
group/speed dial - this will override your
voice mail functions.
Dial 501 (or assigned feature code) then select one of the following options:
1. Unconditional Forward (forwards all calls instantly)
2. Busy Call Forward (only forward calls when you are on the phone)
3 - No Answer Call Forward (only forwards calls if you don’t answer)
4 - Busy / No Answer Call Forward (Mix of 2 & 3)
Dial the extension number
To disable all call forwarding, dial 502 (or assigned feature code)
If you require assistance please call our Support Desk on 0800 092 8161
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