Compact All-in-one Wide Format Document Centre

Compact All-in-one Wide Format Document Centre
Compact All-in-one
Wide Format
Document Centre
Unique in Size,
Brilliant in Performance
To help you speed up the entire work process, you need efficient equipment that delivers consistent,
high quality output, day in day out. Expert in the wide format segment and continuous innovator,
Ricoh presents the Aficio™480W, the latest addition to a complete line-up of productive wide format
document centres. This remarkably compact all-in-one device offers fast and impeccable output
while allowing you to manage all drawing documents. With 600 dpi printing, scanning and copying,
and the ultimate in user friendliness, the Aficio™480W sets new standards all around. With a print
speed of 4.5 A0’s per minute and the system’s large and flexible paper capacity, this wide format
workhorse handles all paper formats, copes with the largest jobs in no time and still remains easy
to use. With the Aficio™480W, you have one thing less to worry about!
The New Wide Format Standard
Whatever the nature or scale of your business,
the Aficio™480W offers you the tools to
handle your everyday workload and more.
True 600 dpi image quality, unrivalled versatility
in paper handling, outstanding performance
and exceptional productivity in one compact
package: the Aficio™480W is set to improve
your business’s productivity and efficiency.
The Smallest Footprint Around
User Friendliness at its Best
Most wide format units take up valuable space.
The Aficio™480W offers you top benefits in one
compact multifunctional device. This all-in-one
solution combines a high quality printer with a
powerful copier and scanner. By eliminating the
need and space for separate plotters and scanners
and reducing noise to a minimum, your working
environment will definitely improve.
The Aficio™480W is a wide format system with
touch panel operation and is incredibly easy to use.
For real walk-up simplicity, originals are fed from
the front. Output can also be handled from the
front or conveniently stacked at the back if you
are dealing with longer originals. And with the
Aficio™480W’s unique roll holders, paper setting
is simple. Changing a paper roll now becomes
an easy and hassle-free task.
Save Time, Be More Productive
Business is becoming more and more demanding:
customers only accept the best, at the shortest
turn around time. The Aficio™480W allows any
professional wide format environment to meet
those needs. With a short warm up time and
amazing output speeds, all jobs can be finished
in no time. Even the largest jobs can be printed
uninterruptedly thanks to the system’s 4-roll
capacity. This system also boasts concurrent
printing/scanning. When you want to scan a
document, you do not have to wait until the print job
in process is ready. A speedy workflow guaranteed.
Thanks to its wide touch panel, operating
the Aficio™480W is ever so easy.
Distribute Efficiently
The Aficio™480W sets new standards for the
way you work with documents, especially in digital
format. This system gives you all the tools for
production volume image capture, storage and
distribution. Scan your drawing and store it in
the system’s Hard Disk Drive. Then re-print it
with the available settings or send it by e-mail,
using LDAP to automatically access all company
e-mail addresses. No dedicated server or utility
software needed. For fast conversion of hard
copy documents into secure digital files, you
can use scan to folder. The scanned files are
immediately at your disposal, no matter where
they are located, in the same building or
anywhere around the globe.
Thanks to its space saving design and
incredibly small footprint, the
Aficio™480W can be placed close to
users, who can now check plots and
scans directly from their desks.
Multi Purpose in Every Way
Client demands are increasing: jobs have to be ready instantly and output quality
has to be outstanding. The Aficio™480W offers you an entire range of capabilities
to keep up with the pace of today’s business. High speeds, easy operation and
maintenance, superb output quality and excellent connectivity: a reliable and
productive partner for extra venue.
Scan Once, Print Many
Some of your drawings might be old and irreplaceable.
Thanks to digital technology, the Aficio™480W scans
them only once and stores them digitally in the machine’s
memory for reproduction. As a result, there is less chance
of damage to your originals. Moreover, all prints are made
with identical (600 dpi) output quality.
Simplicity of Use
With every functionality available at the touch of a button, the Aficio™480W is extremely easy
to operate. The intuitive operation panel with LCD screen and large buttons provide detailed
media information and device status. To make your life even easier, originals are scanned
face up, paper setting is simple and replacing a roll takes merely seconds.
Easy replacement
Automatic roll centring
1 roll
feeder (1 x 2 rolls)
Tray 1: A3 paper
Tray 2: A2 paper
Upgrade & Customise
To cope with your precise document needs, the Aficio™480W comes
standard in a 2-roll configuration with bypass and can be upgraded
with a second 2-roll feeder unit or a twin A2 paper cassette tray.
Ideal to increase your capacity and flexibility or take care of specific
poster printing needs.
Outstanding Productivity
With increasing customer demands, you need equipment that holds your pace. The Aficio™480W takes less than 2 minutes to power up and your first A1 output is ready in only 18 seconds. Its high speed print engine produces 6.0 linear
metres per minute (8 A1’s or 4.5 A0’s per minute). With the Aficio™480W you can meet even the toughest deadline.
Up to 15 metres printing
at 6 metres/minute
Scale your Documents
Reduce large documents and they
become much easier to handle. With
the Aficio™480W, you can reduce
even the biggest documents to a much
smaller size such as A3 or even A4.
Or vice versa: create a poster from A4.
A single touch of the button to select
the zoom function is all it takes.
Benchmark Image Quality
You deal with quality in your projects and demand the same
of your equipment. With 600 dpi and up to 256 greyscales
for printing, copying and scanning, your documents are
reproduced at the highest possible quality standard. Black
solid fills, fine and crisp lines and optimised halftones and
shading: impeccable output with edge to edge accuracy.
The image on these pages is not a real photograph
and slight differences in detail might appear.
With an Eye for the Environment
Like all Ricoh products, the Aficio™480W reflects Ricoh’s commitment
to the environment. Thanks to its compact size, minimal ozone, noise
and heat emission levels, this all-in-one solution can easily be placed
in your drawing office and virtually any other working area.
Total Drawing Management
Not only does the Aficio™480W stand out as
compact, productive and versatile wide format
solution, it fits perfectly in your existing
workflow and can be upgraded to suit future
needs. To completely put your mind at ease,
this all-round solution is extremely reliable
and easy to maintain. No need to worry
about security either, the Aficio™480W
provides for it all.
Excellent Connectivity
Reliable & Easy to Maintain
Designed to integrate into your business’s
workflow, the Aficio™480W allows printing
from virtually any type of computer or network
environment. Whether you install the machine
in a Windows®, UNIX or Macintosh network,
it will run reliably without interfering in your
business flow. To ensure that every functionality
of the Aficio™480W is supported, the system is
prepared to work fully integrated with industry
standards such as AutoCAD®, Bentley® and
Windows® or other commonly used applications
in the drawing office. Web printing is possible
via PlotClient WEB®. All main functions can be
accessed from your desktop.
Your everyday workload demands dependable
hardware. Built on proven Ricoh technology,
the Aficio™480W is robust and highly reliable.
Performing day in day out, it produces consistent,
high quality output. Changing rolls is extremely
easy thanks to the unique roll holders. The roll is
also automatically centred: no more weightlifting
with heavy paper rolls.
Convenient Upgrading
To protect information sent to and from
the Aficio™480W, all data can be encrypted.
The ideal wide format system is one that caters
for your current needs and has the ability to
change as your business does. When new standards
require the installation of additional software,
the Aficio™480W’s server type controller can
easily be upgraded with new software, more
memory or a faster processor. To help streamline
productivity and workflow, the Aficio™480W can
be upgraded to a powerful wide format printer
and scanner: the ideal way to effectively manage
all your large format documents.
Advanced Security
You want to keep your plans or engineering
renderings confidential. How do you best
safeguard this information? The Aficio™480W
comes with the following security features:
Windows® authentication: Using the
existing Windows® network login infrastructure,
you can limit access to certain or all applications
and eliminate unauthorised machine use.
SSL encryption: This embedded feature
helps you protect data sent to or from the
Aficio™480W from interception, analysis
and tampering.
Data Overwrite Security Unit: This option
eliminates the risk of unauthorised access to
information remaining on the machine’s HDD.
Different levels of security are available to meet
your organisation’s need.
Thanks to the Aficio™480W’s AutoCAD® HDI
driver you can control all AutoCAD® Plot
settings from your workstation.
The Aficio™480W’s PlotClient WEB® allows
you to print through your organisation’s
intranet or print remotely via the Internet.
With the Aficio™480W’s PlotClient you can create, print and store
sets from different applications.
Efficient Workflow Solutions
Your demanding work environment requires
a wide format solution that takes care of
your entire workflow in the best possible
way. The Aficio™480W is designed to do
just that with its range of scanning and
editing possibilities. Combine this with
highly advanced workflow solutions and
you obtain the ideal drawing office partner.
Advanced Scanning
Flexible Archiving & Viewing
With the Aficio™480W you can opt for one of two
different scanning workflows or even combine
both. Choose the optional scanner RW-480 and
you can scan directly to the server PC, without
using the network. This is especially important
when you scan in large sets of drawings.
To speed up and facilitate the process, a batch
scanning feature is available. The RW-480 also
comes standard with a very powerful Image
Editor. The second scanning workflow offers you
unique features such as TWAIN scanning and
‘scan to e-mail’ allowing you to scan drawings
and send them to any e-mail address in the
world as TIFF or PDF.
Being able to efficiently manage your documents
is essential. DeskTopBinder™ Professional is an
easy to use document solution boasting many
archiving and viewing possibilities for all frequently
used file formats. Next to commonly used office
documents also specific formats such as TIFF,
PDF and even DWG are supported. DWG documents
can be viewed, archived or even be converted to
TIFF without having to use or even have
AutoCAD® applications. To retrieve documents,
an advanced search function is available allowing
you to search text within any type of document.
Professional Editing
Original document
The optional scanner RW-480 has a powerful
editing function built in. After scanning a drawing,
the editor lets you deskew, despeckle, erase,
crop, etc. Old drawings can be scanned, edited
and imported as a layer to create new drawings
in your CAD® application. A powerful function
to help improve your drawing office workflow.
Central Document Storage
With ScanRouter™ DocumentServer, Ricoh delivers
a strong document management repository that
will make life in the drawing office a lot easier
and more productive. ScanRouter™
DocumentServer allows you to archive, search
and view all your drawing documents. To index
documents for archiving, you can create your
own structure or alternatively count on
ScanRouter™ DocumentServer to automatically
take care of the indexing (option). By designating
a certain document area, e.g. the title block,
a name can automatically be generated while
your drawing document is being scanned.
Scanned by the Aficio™480W
with Diazo mode
By designating a fixed area such as a title block in your drawings,
ScanRouter™ DocumentServer can automatically generate a name for each
scanned drawing.
Electro photographic printing
6 metres per minute
4.5 copies per minute (A0)
8 copies per minute (A1)
600 dpi
Multiple copy:
Up to 99 (ten key input)
Warm up time:
Less than 130 seconds
First output speed:
18 seconds (A1)
25 seconds (A0)
Reduction/enlargement: 4R/4E
25 - 400% (in 0.1% steps)
1 GB
Hard Disk Drive:
80 GB (2 x 40 GB)
Paper input capacity:
1 roll feeder (2 rolls)
Bypass tray
Paper output capacity: Front:
99 sheets A1 (plain paper)
10 sheets A0/A1 (plain paper)
Paper size:
210 x 210 mm
914 x 15,000 mm
Paper weight:
20.9 - 157 g/m2
52.3 - 110 g/m2 for roll paper
64.0 - 110 g/m2 for cassette tray
(W x D x H):
1,250 x 748 x 1,200 mm
229 kg
Power source:
220 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption:
Less than 1.5 kW
Supported file formats: Standard:
Copying process:
Copy speed:
SCANNER Type 480 (option)
Scan speed:
Original size:
Scan to e-mail:
Destination addresses:
Stored destination
Address book:
Output formats:
Scan to folder:
Network TWAIN:
Maximum 8 originals per minute (A1)
Maximum 914 x 15,000 mm
150/200/300/400/600 dpi
Maximum 500 per job
Maximum 2,000
Via LDAP or locally on Hard Disk Drive
SMB or FTP protocol (with login security)
Maximum 50 folders per job
PRINTER RW-480 (option)
Controller type:
Print speed:
Print resolution:
Print size:
Network protocol:
External (server type)
6 metres per minute
4.5 prints per minute (A0)
8 prints per minute (A1)
600 dpi
210 x 210 mm
914 x 15,000 mm
Supported client
Recommended PC:
HPGL, HPGL2, Calcomp 906/907
PDF (Adobe® PostScript® 3™)
Windows® 95/98/Me/NT4.0/2000/XP
UNIX Sun® Solaris 2.6/7/8
HP-UX 10.x/11.x
SCO OpenServer 5.x (up to 5.0.6)
RedHat® Linux 6.x/7.1
Macintosh 8.6 - 9.2.x (OS X Classic)
Macintosh X v10.1 - 10.3 (native mode)
Please contact your supplier for the latest
recommended server PC specification list.
SCANNER RW-480 (option for Printer RW-480)
Scan speed:
Original size:
Output formats:
Maximum 8 originals per minute (A1)
150 - 1,200 dpi user selectable
Maximum 914 x 15,000 mm
1 & 2/DWF
• RW-480 PS3
• RW-480 CGM
• Also available: Bentley® driver for MicroStation
• 2nd roll feeder unit (2 rolls)
• A2 paper tray unit (2 trays)
• Roll holder
• Original tray
• FireWire (IEEE 1394)
• Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11b)
• Data Overwrite Security Unit
For further details and availability of models, optional apparatus and
software, please consult your local Ricoh supplier.
ISO9001: 2000 certified
ISO14001 certified
Ricoh has determined that this product
meets the ENERGY STAR guidelines for
energy efficiency.
Ricoh believes in conserving the earth’s
precious natural resources.
All brand and/or product names are
trademarks of their respective owners.
Specifications and external appearance
are subject to change without notice. The
colour of the actual product may vary from
the colour shown in the brochure.
Copyright © 2005 Ricoh Europe B.V.
All rights reserved. This brochure,
its contents and/or layout may not
be modified and/or adapted, copied
in part or in whole and/or incorporated
into other works without the prior
written permission of Ricoh Europe B.V.
For more information, please contact:
P.O. Box 114, 1180 AC Amstelveen,
The Netherlands.
Phone: +31 (0)20-5474111
Fax: +31 (0)20-6418601
ENG/EUR - B0805N - 250843
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