Backstage View - Information Technology

Backstage View - Information Technology
Backstage view is the area where files and data about them is managed—creating, saving, printing,
sending to others, inspecting for hidden metadata or personal information, and setting options.
The Ribbon contains the set of commands for working in a document, while the Microsoft Office
Backstage view is the set of commands you use to do things to a document.
To access Backstage View:
 Open a presentation.
 Click the File tab (see illustration below).
 The Backstage View will display.
 The options and categories under this view are explained in the table below.
Save As
This tab displays different commands, properties, and metadata depending on the
state of the presentation and where it is stored. Commands on this tab can include
Permissions, Prepare for Sharing, and Versions.
This category will provide a list of different templates, including Blank Document,
which can be used to create a new document.
Click this option to open a previously saved document.
Use this option to save a document when it is first created. If this option is clicked
after a document has been created, the older version of the document will be
replaced with the newer version.
This option is used to save a previously saved document under a new name or to a
new location.
Use this category to access the options for printing a document. A preview of the
document will appear in this view.
Select this option to send a presentation as an email attachment. The presentation
can be send as a PDF, XPS, or as a regular presentation.
This option is used to save the presentation as a PDF or XPS document. This is also
the area where presentations are packaged for a CD, handouts can be created, or to
change the file type.
To close a document, click this option
Use this area to change the Office Theme and Office Background.
This area is used to change the PowerPoint options. Changes in this area will not
change when the program is exited and/or when a new presentation is created.
TIP: To quickly return to your document from Backstage View, click the Arrow at the top of the
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