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1. To open battery compartment, turn the Flameless Candle
upside down, push clip inward and pull up.
2. Install two “C” size 1.5V Alkaline batteries (not included) into
battery compartment. Be sure to insert batteries in the correct
polarity (ill 2).
3. Close battery compartment door.
4. Slide the switch to the “ON” position to turn the flickering light
on. Slide the switch to the “OFF” position to turn the flickering
light off (ill 1).
Patented technology
US Pat. 6,616,308 and 7,118,243; ROC M240516 and
CDN Pat. 2,605,301 and 2,456,160; PRC ZL03272615.5
Other patents pending
Made in China
1-888-867-6095 • [email protected]
When the “TIMER” position is selected at any given time of the
day, the flickering light will turn on and then automatically turn off
after 5 hours. The following day, if the switch settings have not
been modified, the flickering light will automatically turn on at the
same time and will automatically turn off after 5 hours. To change
starting time, cycle the switch from “OFF” to “TIMER” at the
desired time.
ill. 1
battery installation AND CANDLE OPERATION
TIMER ON Position:
5 hours ON, 19 hours OFF
Cycle automatically
repeats daily.
ill. 2
Cover of the
"C" Battery
• This is a Flameless Candle. Do not light wick with matches or lighter.
• This Flameless Candle is made of REAL WAX. Ensure that it is not placed near
any heat source that could cause wax to soften or melt.
• Failure to insert batteries in the correct polarity, as indicated in the battery
compartment, may shorten the life of the batteries or cause batteries to leak.
• Do not mix old and new batteries.
• Do not mix Alkaline, Standard (Carbon-Zinc) or Rechargeable (Nickel Cadmium)
or (Nickel Metal Hydride) batteries.
• Do not dispose of batteries in fire.
• Recycle or dispose of batteries as per manufacturer’s recommendations.
• Designed for indoor use.
• Remove batteries if exhausted or if the product is to be left unused for a long
• Replace all batteries of a set at the same time.
candle light maintenance
• Clean with a soft cloth.
Please note: The color intensity and shade may vary from candle to candle. Also,
due to various environmental factors the wax color may change or fade over time.
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