Wide range of applications with UV cured Ink
Konica Minolta has 40 years of experience in developing inkjet technologoies and solutions. Designed exclusively for the
AccurioJet KM-1, Konica Minolta’s digital offset quality inkjet press, this unique UV ink will allow printing on a wide range of
substrates without the need of expensive pre-treatment. Our dedicated teams of application specialists work with you to
help transition from offset to digital.
As the print and communications market continues to change,
in order to ensure that your business will continue to thrive,
you need to understand how future developments will impact
your production processes, which innovative technologies to
go for, and how to identify newly emerging customer demands. Considering the adoption of Konica Minolta’s unique
UV ink will bring many advantages and attractive proposition
which will enable you to:
Match easily offset quality and transition to digital
Stand out from the competition
Diversify with attractive new print products
Gain additional business with existing and new customers
Improve customer loyalty
Grow your business
Seamlessly integrate this technology with your present
and future plans
Unparalleled image quality
– Produce higher print quality with reduced color bleed and
sharper images with Konica Minolta’s newly-developed UV
– UV printing produces prints with a nice finish. Rather
than being absorbed into the substrate, the UV ink tends
to sit on top of the printed surface, providing a sharper
and crisper printed result.
– With print quality consistent from substrate to substrate,
job to job, problems such as curling of the finished prints
are eliminated - as UV ink does not require any heating
or drying.
UV ink advantages
Image formation
Curing by UV light
High-quality prints
Drying with heat
Waviness & Curling
Image formation
Merits of using UV ink. Because processes such as permeation of the paper with solvents and drying are unnecessary, paper waviness is minimised and outstanding
registration accuracy and high quality prints are realised.
Durable performance
Print performance and reliability are maximised, which
increases the overall productivity and avoids the risk of the
ink drying prematurely.
Prints are available instantly after production. With UV printing,
the ink is dry the moment it comes off the press ... there’s no
waiting time for the ink to dry. UV inkjet eliminates ghosting
of images, aparent with other types technologies. Instead,
press checks are quick, and you can move on to binding and
finishing straight away. Proof and print on the same device
saves time and money.
Highest reliability
UV ink is highly durable. It offers excellent resistance against
sun exposure, scratching and rubbing, often associated with
other printing processes. Its colour consistency is outstanding. Your customers will love that their large promotional
pieces won’t become tired and sun-worn after a few weeks.
Professional media handling
UV ink gives you the flexibility to print on almost any
substrate – from heavy textured stock, folding cartons,
through to never tear expanding your application list and
market potential. UV Printing achieves excellent results for
a wide range of small retail items, including book covers,
clings, cards, banners, and many more. It is also ideally
suited to package printing.
Caring about the environment
As UV inks do not need extensive heat drying or harmful
pre-coating of media, they create less waste in materials,
labour and energy. There are no VOCs (volatile organic
compounds) or air pollutants involved. Ink wastage is
minimised as well as energy consumption reduced. All this
makes for an environmentally sound production process.
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