Vtronix TF85L –10011 (T200) Manual Changeover TF85L

TF85L –10011 (T200) Manual Changeover
TF85L - 11011 (T201) Auto Changeover
Digital Room Thermostat
The TF85L Thermostat provides 24VAC single stage temperature control of 2 pipe and 4 pipe fan-coil
applications with automatic control of a 3 speed fan along with manual heat/cool changeover.
The TF85L Thermostat is mercury free and requires no batteries. All set points are retained permanently in
non-volatile memory in case of a power interruption.
* This button shows Heat/Cool status for Auto Changeover Model. Heat/Cool mode can not be changed.
Fig.1. Digital Room Thermostat.
Improper installation, adjustment, alteration, service, maintenance or use can cause explosion, fire,
electrical shock or other conditions which may cause personal injury, death or property damage.
Observe all warning and caution notices in this document and those posted on the equipment.
Wear safety glasses, gloves and protective clothing.
Do not operate equipment or apply electrical power without panels in place.
Normal system operation will cause some components and surfaces to become hot and can cause burns.
Before installing, modifying or servicing system, main electrical disconnect switch must be in the OFF
position. There may be more than one disconnect switch. Lock out and tag switches with a suitable
warning label. Electrical shock can cause personal injury or death.
All electrical power should be turned off when servicing or repairing electrical components. Extreme
caution should be observed when trouble shooting electrical components when power is applied.
Observe all warning notices posted on equipment.
24 VAC system
18 – 30 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Temperature accuracy
Storage temperature
± 1.8 °F
32 – 158 °F
Ambient temperature
Setting temperature range
50 – 122 °F
64 – 85 °F
Deadband (Auto changeover model)
± 1 °F of Setpoint
HEAT and COOL RELAY : ( P1, P2)
Rating (resistive load)
• Maximum switching capacity
3 A 277 VAC
• Delay Time
1 minute or 3 minute (default)
FAN RELAY: (P3, P4, P5)
Rating (resistive load)
• Maximum switching capacity
2 A 277 VAC
3 A 125 VAC
Read these instructions thoroughly before installing product. Failure to follow these instructions could
damage the product or cause a hazardous condition. Check the voltage and current ratings on the product to
ensure that it is suitable for your application. Installer must be a trained, experienced service technician.
Check product for proper operation after installation.
Damage to heating and cooling system may occur. Disconnect power from the equipment at the main
breaker/fuse block while installing the thermostat.
Mounting Location
Mount the thermostat approximately 5 ft. (1.5m) above the floor in a location that is free from direct
sunlight, heat from appliances, hot or cold air from ducts, concealed pipes and chimneys, and drafts or dead
spots behind doors or in corners. Do not mount on exterior wall, if possible. Failure to locate thermostat
mounting as indicated will result in poor temperature control.
Note : Level thermostat mounting is for appearance only and is not required for proper thermostat operation.
Mount and Wire the Thermostat
Using the mounting bracket base as a guide, mark two
mounting holes on the wall. Drill two mounting holes. Place
anchors (provided) into the holes until flush with the hole.
Position bracket on the wall and insert the wires from the
heating and cooling equipment through the wiring hole.
Holding the bracket in place on the wall, secure it to the wall
using mounting screws (provided). Mount thermostat to the
mounting bracket.
Fig. 2. Mounting bracket on wall.
For mounting thermostat directly on the wall (optional), drill
two mounting holes (4-5/16 inch apart). Place anchors into
the holes until flush with the hole. Tighten screws and place
the thermostat as Fig.3.
Fig. 3. Mounting thermostat
directly on the wall
Lift and open the cover, pull it up to remove. See Fig. 4.
Fig. 4. Remove the cover.
Color-coded 18-22 gauge wire is recommended for
wiring. All wiring must follow local electrical code.
Loosen the terminal screw on the thermostat, strip the
wire and connect the wire as shown in Fig. 5. Firmly
tighten terminal screw when finished. Follow wiring
diagram shown in Fig. 8.
Fig. 5. Connect system wires to
thermostat terminals (strip 5/6 inch).
Put the cover back. See Fig. 6.
Fig. 6. Put the cover back.
Tighten screw to secure the cover. See Fig. 7.
Fig. 7. Tighten the screw.
Fig.8. For 24 VAC system.
Failure to set up according to the application may damage the heating and cooling system.
Set up mode
Press and hold TEMP ∆ , TEMP ∇ and FAN buttons at the same time for 3 seconds, the display will show
the existing set up as per Table 1. Note that all 3 buttons have to be pressed simultaneously.
Auto Fan Timer – 1 hour (default)
Continuous Fan (default)
°F (default)
Cycled Fan Standard
Low Set temp Limit 64 º F (default)
Hi Set temp Limit 85 º F (default)
3 minute delay time (default)
Auto Fan Timer – 3 hour
Cycled Fan
Cycled Fan Override (default)
Low Set temp Limit 70 º F (1)
Hi Set temp Limit 78 º F (2)
1 minute delay time
Table 1. Set up table.
Note (1) For T200 manual changeover, applies in cool mode only.
(2) For T200 manual changeover, applies in heat mode only.
Example 1 : The Display shows P2 steady means the thermostat is set up for Continuous Fan operation.
Change the Set Up Parameters
While in set up mode, press TEMP ∆ or TEMP ∇ button to go to the required set up parameter.
To change the set up as listed in Table 1, press FAN button.
Repeat (a) & (b) for the next set up parameter.
Press Heat/Cool button to exit from the set up mode.
Note :
If POWER button is pressed before exiting from the set up mode (Section d above), the
thermostat will exit without changing the setup parameters.
P4 setting applies only when P2 is set to Cycled Fan.
Press POWER to turn on/off the equipment. The thermostat will operate to the set point stored in non
volatile memory.
Heat/Cool (For Manual changeover only)
Pressing the Heat/Cool button will show whether the thermostat is in Heat or Cool mode. To change the
current mode, press the Heat/Cool button again while the LED display
is flashing.
Cool Mode – LED display
Heat Mode – LED display
will flash “CL” for 5 seconds.
will flash “HT” for 5 seconds.
Note: This button shows status for Auto changeover model. Heat/Cool can not be changed.
Press FAN button to select the fan speed in the following sequence.
LED at
will show the status of the fan.
Auto mode
The speed will be adjusted according to the difference between the room and the setpoint temperature.
 If the difference is 4°F or more, the fan will run at high speed.
 If the difference is 3°F, the fan will run at medium speed.
 If the difference is 2°F, or lower, the fan will run at low speed.
Note : Fan speed defaults to Automatic after 1 hour if it is changed by the user to a particular speed.
Continuous Fan
FAN is always on in High, Medium or Low speeds as long as the thermostat is powered.
Cycled Fan Standard
Fan is on when the heat or cool outputs are on (on cycle). Automatic fan operation is active in the on cycle.
When the heat or cool outputs are off (off cycle), the Fan output is off. The Fan LEDs (Auto, High, Med and
Low) are all turned off. The Fan button is deactivated in the off cycle. During the on cycle the fan speed can
be manually changed. The fan will turn off in the off cycle and revert back to the selected fan speed during
the on cycle.
Cycled Fan Override
Fan is on when the heat or cool outputs are on (on cycle). Automatic fan operation is active in the on cycle.
When the heat or cool outputs are off (off cycle), the Fan output is off. The Fan LEDs (Auto, High, Med and
Low) are all turned off. The Fan button can be activated in the off cycle. The appropriate Fan LED (High,
Med and Low) is turned on and the appropriate output is energized. It stays on this speed during the on cycle
as well as the off cycle. This is subject to the automatic fan speed default timer.
Warning: This mode should not be selected for hydronic applications with no control valves.
Excessive heating can result if the Fan is turned on manually.
Auto Fan Speed Timer
Fan speed defaults back to Automatic after 1 hour (or 3 hours based on P1 flashing setting) if it is changed to
a particular speed.
Temperature setting
Press TEMP ∆ or TEMP ∇ button for setting the temperature in range of 64-85°F. But High and Low
setting will depend on P5 and P6.
LED at
will show the new setting for 5 seconds.
T200 Manual changeover
In Cool mode, setting range will be 64-85°F or 70-85°F (set in P5).
In Heat mode, setting range will be 64-85°F or 64-78°F (set in P6).
T201 Auto changeover
Low setting temperature will be 64°F or 70°F (set in P5).
High setting temperature will be 85°F or 78°F (set in P6).
System status
LED at
turns on when there is a demand for heating or cooling. LED will flash when delay time is
activated. Default system delay time is 3 minutes.
Sensor Error Alarm
If the thermostat temperature sensor is defective, the thermostat will turn off the equipment and start flashing
“SE” on the display.
Auto Restart
All the setup parameters are stored in non volatile memory. When there is a power failure and return to
normal, the thermostat will resume operation with the previous setup parameters.
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