Dual Security Kiosk Stand

Dual Security Kiosk Stand
with Locking Case and Cable
for iPad and iPad Air
Dual Security Kiosk Stand
Whether you need a security stand for display, point of sale or personal use, CTA
Digital’s Dual Security Kiosk Stand with Locking Case and Cable for iPad and iPad Air
provides the features you need. This stand is made of strong and stylish black aluminum
with the perfect design to serve as a workstation, kiosk display or retail POS iPad stand.
The cast aluminum enclosure is made to fit the iPad 2nd-4th generation with openings
for cameras and connections and is also compatible with iPad Air and iPad Air 2. The
case tilts to easily adjust the viewing angle and rotates for horizontal or vertical views.
The base can also rotate a full 360 degrees to easily switch from register to
customer-side transactions. The anti-theft case enclosure is securely locked and can be
accessed with the included keys, and an additional locking steel cable attaches to either
the stand base or holder, securing easily to any fixture. The large base and solid stand
offer stability and can also be installed onto a desk or countertop through predrilled holes
and the included mounting hardware for easy installation and extra security. Keep your
tablet charging while in use with clean cable routing through the stand. An included
all-in-one stylus and ballpoint pen stores conveniently in the built-in holder found on the
base. The case and bottom of the base are also padded to help protect your device and
Features Include:
• Strong and stylish aluminum kiosk stand design
• Easily adjust viewing angle or rotate for horizontal or vertical views
• 360 degree rotating base for easy register and customer-side transactions
• Key lock keeps iPad secured inside kiosk enclosure
• Locking steel cable keeps kiosk stand secured to any fixture
• Enclosure designed for iPad with access to all ports and buttons
• Predrilled holes in base and mounting hardware included for secure desk
or countertop installation
• Great for office, retail, restaurant, school or tradeshow use
• Includes all-in-one touchscreen stylus & ballpoint pen with convenient
built-in holder on base
• Large base and solid stand for stability
• Cable routing slots in the stand for clean setup while charging
• Padded casing and base to protect iPad and furniture
• Compatible with iPad Air, iPad Air 2 and iPad (2nd-4th generation)
• Base dimensions: 10.75” L x 8.5” W
• Approximate stand height: 10.5”
• Cable length: 87 inches
Package Includes:
(1) Dual Security Kiosk Stand
(1) Anti-theft cable
(1) Set of mounting hardware
(1) Set of iPad Air adaptors
(1) Stylus pen
(2) Keys for kiosk enclosure
(2) Keys for locking steel cable
Easily adjusts for
horizontal or
vertical views
Case Lock
with Key
CTA Digital, Inc. 36 Taaffe Place, Brooklyn, New York 11205
Tel. (718) 963-9845 | Toll Free (888) 733-4448 | F: 718 384-3509
Rotates 360 Degrees
Security Cable
with Key
Cable Routing
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