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The Gimle-16-PCIe card allows PCs and other
systems with a PCIe bus to monitor up to 8 T1/E1
links. Gimle-16-PCIe has 16 T1/E1/J1 receive
interfaces which can be used for non-intrusive
monitoring of ISDN, Frame Relay, SS7 links
and other protocols. The Gimle-16-PCIe
provides the highest integration solution
where monitoring of multiple links is required.
Where adding DSP resources and keeping
PCI slots free is critical, Gimle-16-PCIe
allows for connectivity to Odin's ASM
daughter boards. Gimle-16 provides
software-selectable features that result
in highly configurable systems, ones
recognized for their convenience and
HDLC or voice packets on the T1/E1
interface are transferred to the host
PC over the PCIe bus using 32-bit
DMA burst transfers. The packet
size is variable making it suitable
for both voice and data applications.
Gimle-16-PCIe offers the
highest T1/E1 PCIe integration in
the industry which allows
monitoring of 8 T1/E1 links
simultaneously. Various versions
are available to suit your needs
The Gimle-16-PCIe can transfer
up to 512 time slot to and from
the host.
Gimle-16-PCIe Adapter for T1/E1 monitoring
Feature Highlights
Gimle-16-PCIe is supported
by the award winning OTX
software platform. The OTX
platform supports Microsoft
Windows XP/Server2003/Vista
(32-bit and 64-bit) and Linux
operating systems.
Gimle-16-PCIe is a great choice
for non-intrusive link monitoring.
Software configurable 16 T1 or E1
receive accesses.
Ideal for non-intrusive monitoring
of ISDN, SS7, Frame Relay links.
Full or fractional T1 or E1.
Integrated CSU/DSU.
RJ-48C, BNC, or Type-43 rackmountable connector option.
32-bit DMA Burst over the PCIe
Can be used in a 1-lane, 4-lane, 8lane, or 16-lane PCIe slot.
DSP daughter board option (Vidar55x4-ASM (4 x TMS320VC5510
with 400 MIPS each) or AlvisASM (TMS320DM6443 dual core
processors with 4752 DSP MIPS
and 297 MHZ ARM9 processing
power each) .
Multiple clocking options.
T1/E1 span voltage meters and frequency counters.
Gimle-16-PCIe Product Brief
Software Support
Includes the OTX software driver, the OTX and DSP software
development kits (SDKs), as well as a variety of host and DSP
demo applications
The OTX driver is available for , Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server (32-bit and 64-bit),
Windows Vista and Linux operating systems. Customized DSP applications can be developed
using ANSI C and C++ language and standard third-party development tools.
Technical Specifications
Board Specification
• Gimle-16-PCIe:
Host Bus Interface
• Supports PCI Express r1.0a (single channel)
• 32-bit burst DMA
Network Interfaces
• Gimle-16-PCIe: 16 T1/J1 or E1 receive interfaces (software switchable)
• Both: 75 Ohm, 100/120 Ohm, 300 ohm, and High-z termination, monitor amplifier
H.100 Interface
• 32 x 2, 4, or 8 Mbit/s board-to-board highways
• 256 duplex channels switchable between adapters, 1024 channels switchable locally
DSP Resources (with optional ASM daughterboard)
• Alvis-4-ASM: 4 x TI TMS320DM6443; 19008 DSP MIPS + 4 x 297 MHz ARM9
• Vidar-55x4-ASM: 4 x TI TMS320VC5510 (400 MIPS) with 16MB SDRAM each
HDLC Resources
• 1 HDLC channel per access port.
• ASM modules offer additional HDLC channels with support for super- and sub-channels
T1/E1/J1 Frame Formats
• Doubleframe, CRC Multiframe (E1 mode)
• F4, SF (or D4), ESF (or F24), SLC96 (T1/J1 mode)
T1/E1/J1 Line Codes
• HDB3, B8ZS, AMI, AMI with ZCS
T1/E1/J1 Signaling Types
• Channel associated (robbed bit) and Common Channel
Clocking Sources
• 50-pin Centronix, 3-foot cable to harmonica with eight RJ45/RJ48C connectors for E1/T1/J1
Testing Features
• Full access to F, Y, Si, and Sa bits in E1 mode
• Full access to FS/DL-bits in T1 mode (including support for the DL-channel protocol according to T1.403-1989 ANSI or to AT&T TR54016 specification), and programmable line
build-out in T1/J1 mode
• Alarm detection
• Frequency and Voltage measurement
Power Requirements/Environmental Data
Full-size PCIe board (12.25” x 3.88”)
On-board oscillator (50ppm), and high-stability (0.5ppm) oscillator available as an option
Incoming T1/E1/J1
H.100 Clock
External clock
• Power consumption: 4.4W
• Temperature: operating, 0o C to +50o C; non-operating, -40o C to +60o C
• Humidity: operating, 5% to 80% RH (%relative humidity) at up to +30o C, and 5% to 30%
RH above +30o C up to +50o C non-condensing; non-operating, 5% to 80% RH at up to +30o
C, and 5% to 30% RH above +30o C up to +50o C non-condensing
• Altitude: operating, up to 4,600 meters (15,333 feet); non-operating, up to 12,192 meters
50,000 feet)
Ordering Information
Product Name/Product Category
Gimle-16-PCIe - HAA-1088-1-1.0
Contact Information
For more information on Gimle-16-PCI e product, please contact:
Odin TeleSystems Inc.
800 E. Campbell Road, Suite 334
Richardson, TX 75081-1873
Tel: +1-972-664-0100
Tel: 1-888-ODINTSM
Fax: +1-972-664-0855
Odin, the Odin logo, OTX, Gimle-16-PCIe are trademarks of Odin TeleSystems Inc. Windows XP, 2003 Server, Vista are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Other trademarks are the
property of their respective companies. Information and specifications are subject to change without notice.
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