Riverbed® and Websense
High-performance WAN Optimization and Web Security
Distributed organizations with remote branch offices face challenges when it comes to optimizing
and securing their network environment. Hardware costs, management complexities, bandwidth
limitations between offices, and the remediation of Web threats all make it difficult to support an
efficient, effective, and secure network.
With Websense and Riverbed Technology, organizations gain best-of-breed Web security and
WAN optimization in an array of deployment options, including on-premise and a future SaaS
option. The flexibility and scalability of these solutions provide unparalleled business performance
and security across the enterprise. Unlike other products that rely on distinct OEM packages with
limited Web security and sub-optimal WAN optimization, Websense and Riverbed® offer true bestof-breed, full-featured solutions without compromise. Websense Web Security integrates with
Riverbed Steelhead® appliances to reduce bandwidth and storage requirements and consolidate
WAN and Web security deployments, making IT infrastructures faster, less expensive, and more
secure. Websense Web Security can be deployed on the Riverbed Services Platform (RSP), a
virtualized, extensible data services platform integrated with the Steelhead appliance that allows
customers to deploy multiple best-of-breed edge services that formerly required dedicated servers.
This helps customers further simplify IT infrastructures at branch and remote offices to reduce
costs and operational overhead.
A Joint Solution by Riverbed and
 Integrated WAN optimization
and Web security
 Flexible architecture, onpremise, and future hosted
deployment options
 Consolidated infrastructure
provides savings and security
Two Industry Leaders Combine to Deliver Best-in-class Solutions
With the combined Websense and Riverbed solution, customers today get:
Industry-leading architecture: on-premise deployment option provides flexible and efficient
configurations (with future Saas alternative)
Best-in-class solutions: integrated WAN optimization and Web security combine to deliver unparalleled control, security, and performance
Savings: Consolidated infrastructure throughout the enterprise reduces hardware, management, maintenance, network, and support costs
Typical Websense and Riverbed deployment:
Web Server
Web Traffic
Business Partner
SOLUTION BRIEF: Riverbed and Websense
The Riverbed and Websense Integrated Solution Provides:
Real-time Web 2.0 content control and security scanning using analytics, including antivirus, web antivirus and reputation, and behavioral
analysis to detect and block dynamic threats and prevent infection and data loss. This solution further provides the accuracy and granularity
required to manage and secure organizations for Web 2.0 and extend web usage policies to unknown and dynamic sites in real time.
Comprehensive application controls with hybrid proxy and network protocol engines control the type and amount of network traffic to reduce
the risk of data loss and lower network infrastructure costs.
Secure application acceleration reduces application protocol chattiness and increases performance for all TCP applications, including
Websense Web Security, by up to 100 times. It optimizes SSL traffic without disrupting the trust model to gain performance without losing
security, and optimizes Websense Hosted Web Security when deployed with Riverbed Steelhead appliances.
Branch office consolidation and virtualization leveraging Riverbed Steelhead appliances for ROI that goes beyond increased employee
productivity and bandwidth savings. Customers can run up to five “edge” services virtually on the Steelhead appliance, eliminating other local
office servers to further reduce hardware, software, and maintenance costs and IT complexity.
Fast, flexible web security and WAN optimization
Websense and Riverbed together provide fast, flexible Web security and WAN optimization in a variety of configurations. Distributed organizations
with remote and branch offices can choose the type of integrated deployment that best suits their infrastructure, including integrated on-premise
and, at a later date, integrated SaaS.
Integrated on-premise: Websense Web Security can be deployed on Riverbed’s Steelhead datacenter and branch office appliances for
branch office split tunneling. This enables local Web security at the branch office with persistent policy management and reporting from the
corporate datacenter using Riverbed Steelhead appliances or the Websense V10000™ appliance.
Future integrated Saas: Riverbed Steelhead datacenter and branch office appliances can route outbound Web traffic to Websense Hosted
Web Security, thereby enforcing appropriate use policies and enabling secure Web browsing. The Riverbed integration accelerates and
optimizes Websense Hosted Web Security to reduce bandwidth, hardware, and management costs while delivering uncompromised,
industry-leading Web security.
Websense and Riverbed optimize service delivery at the branch office and enable on-premise Web Security, all in an optimized WAN
environment. The integrated solution reduces security, network, application infrastructure, bandwidth, and overhead costs, requires a smaller
footprint than competitive solutions, and increases network performance and security.
About Websense
Websense, Inc. is the global leader in integrated web, data, and email security, providing Essential Information Protection™ for more than 44
million employees at more than 50,000 organizations worldwide. Headquartered in San Diego, California, Websense distributes its solutions
through a global network of channel partners. Websense software and hosted security solutions help organizations block malicious code, prevent
the loss of confidential information, and enforce Internet use and security policies. Learn more at www.websense.com.
About Riverbed
Riverbed is the IT performance company. WAN optimization solutions from Riverbed liberate businesses from common IT constraints by
increasing application performance, enabling consolidation, and providing enterprise-wide network and application visibility – all while
eliminating the need to increase bandwidth, storage, or servers.
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