IBM Infoprint Color 1634 Express

Powerful color printing for small to medium workgroups
IBM Infoprint Color 1634 Express
Powerful, affordable color and
monochrome printing from a single device
A powerful 625 MHz processor and
256MB of memory produce firstpage-out-times as fast as
10.5 seconds1 for monochrome
and 11 seconds1 for color, giving small
and medium workgroups the ability to
produce high quality output whenever it
is needed.
The IBM Infoprint® Color 1634 Express
includes tools to help you control color
A powerful 625 MHz processor
print access, produce consistent print
quality and help keep confidential jobs
Make an impact with 4800 color
and 256MB of memory (on the
quality2 resolution and toner
duplex model) produce first-
specifically designed for
page-out-times as fast as
consistent high quality output
secure. Add wireless networking
support or an additional paper tray
when you’re ready to boost the
performance of your investment.
10.5 seconds1 for monochrome
and 11 seconds1 for color
Security features to help
maintain highly secure network
Color Care Technology is
transmissions and print job
designed to help you manage
confidentiality at the printer
the costs of color printing
The easy-to-use operator panel
displays “show me” graphics
and includes a USB direct
printing port for walk-up
printer access
A duplex model, high yield use
and return cartridges and an
intuitive operator panel are all designed
to improve user productivity while
reducing the number of user
Improve efficiency with
high-yield toner cartridges
Manage color to help control use and
Built for business
color quality to match your needs by
reduce cost
The Infoprint Color 1634 Express
using color brightness, contrast and
Color is an important business tool that
includes MarkVision Professional
saturation adjustments in the easy to
can help you communicate effectively,
network management software to help
install and use drivers.
and the Infoprint Color 1634 Express
simplify set up and use for popular
provides superb color quality controls.
operating systems. The USB direct
Achieve enterprise-level security
With Color Care technology, you can
interface, which is located on the
Integrated security features help provide
limit end users’ ability to print in color
operator panel, allows users to print
peace of mind through most steps of
by assigning color print permissions,
supported files (PDF, GIF, JPEG and
your jobs—from access control to
installing monochrome-only drivers or
many more) directly to the printer
transmission to storage. Confidential
setting times during the day when the
using a USB flash memory device.
print jobs may only be retrieved with the
printer operates in a black-only mode.
For workers on the go, this feature can
use of a 4 digit PIN. Configurations
You can also save money on an individ-
help save time and enhance mobile
even allow the ability to lock out and
ual job basis by using toner saver set-
productivity. Order the duplex model to
delete incorrect PINs and set the
tings, the color saver feature or the
boost the productivity of your
expiration time for confidentially held
proof-then-print capability to reduce
On Demand Business even further.
jobs. Multiple types of security, such as
HTTPS and IPSec, help protect
Impressive print quality
information during transmission across
Low device cost, high end-user
Automatic printer calibration helps
the network.
provide superior print quality and con-
Many businesses discover that the
sistent color output from the Infoprint
Engage the printing experts
purchase of personal inkjet printers and
Color 1634 Express. IBM toner formula-
With IBM, you can receive support
supplies for those printers may not be
tions are specifically designed to work
when you need it from experts with
visible in the budgeting process. As a
in conjunction with the print engine to
comprehensive knowledge of printers,
result, you may have several of these
provide dependable, brilliant color time
software and supplies. Same-day and
high-cost devices that may not provide
after time. In addition, you can optimize
next-day service offerings are available
the speed or function that is required by
today’s small and medium workgroups.
for IBM printers in the U.S.
Infoprint Color 1634 Express at a glance
Printer specifications
Maximum speed1
First page out time1
Processor speed
Maximum monthly print volume3
Print resolution
Duplex printing
Memory (std/max)
Hard drive
Memory slots
Standard connectivity
Optional connectivity
USB direct interface port
Application solutions
Print data streams
General specifications
Console type
Paper input sources (std/max)
Paper output destinations (std/max)
Standard input capacity
Standard output capacity
Maximum input capacity
Optional input devices
Envelope capacity
Media types
Media sizes, standard
Media sizes, universal
Media weights
Dimensions (w x d x h)
Weight (including supplies)
Supported environments4
Up to 22 ppm color (letter), 24 ppm mono (letter)
Up to 20 ppm color (A4), 22 ppm mono (A4)
n and dn (not all models are available in all geographies)
As fast as 10.5 seconds for monochrome and 11 seconds for color
500 MHz on the n model
625 MHz on the dn model
Up to 75,000 on the n model
Up to 100,000 on the dn model
4800CQ (Color Quality)2
1200 x 1200 dpi (at reduced printer speeds)
Yes (standard on the dn model, not available on the n model)
128MB/640MB on the n model
256MB/640MB on the dn model
Optional 40+GB
1 open DIMM slot; 1 open flash memory/firmware card slot; 1 open internal solution (ISP)
USB 2.0 full speed, 10/100BaseTx Ethernet
10/100BaseTX Ethernet, 10/100/1000BaseT Ethernet, RS-232C serial, 1284-B parallel,
802.11g wireless
Print directly to the printer using a USB flash memory device
Bar code card
PostScript® 3™ emulation, PCL 5c and 6, PDF 1.5, PPDS migration tool
Four-line, all-points-addressable (APA), backlit, gray scale operator panel
350 sheets (250-sheet standard drawer + 100-sheet multipurpose feeder)
250-sheet standard bin
900 sheets using 1 additional 550-sheet drawer
A maximum of one additional 550-Sheet Drawer
Multipurpose feeder (10 envelopes 20 lb., 75 g/m2)
Plain paper; Cardstock; Transparencies; Some envelopes; Paper labels designed for laser
printers (occasional use only)
A4; A5; JIS B5; Statement; Letter; Folio; Legal; Executive; Some envelopes
Primary and 550-sheet optional tray:
— 5.83 x 8.27 in. (148 x 210 mm) to 8.5 x 14 in. (216 x 356 mm)
Multipurpose feeder:
— 3 x 4.88 in. (76 x 124 mm) to 8.5 x 14 in. (216 x 356 mm)
Plain paper: 16 to 58 lb. (60 to 218 g/m2) bond
Card stock: Up to 90 lb. (163 g/m2) index; 100 lb. (120 g/m2) tag
Envelopes: 16 to 28 lb. (60 to 105 g/m2) bond
17.3 x 20.2 x 19 in. (440 x 512 x 484 mm) with output bin installed
57 lb. (25.9 kg) for the n model
58.75 lb. (26.6 kg) for the dn model
Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003, Server 2003 x64, Vista, XP, XP x64, 2000, Me, 98, 95,
NT® 4, Terminal Services; Citrix MetaFrame; UNIX®; Linux®; Mac OS; Novell
Infoprint Color 1634 Express at a glance
Supply and maintenance items
Toner yield5
Photoconductor kit5
Transfer belt5
Toner waste bottle5
Ship with: approximately 6,000 pages, color and black
Aftermarket: approximately 3,000, 5,000 and 7,000 pages color
Aftermarket: approximately 4,000, 8,000 pages black
120,000 pages
20,000 pages
120,000 pages
25,000 pages mono
Cost-saving and environmental features
Energy Star® qualified
Paper saver (N-up output)
Standard duplex printing (on dn model)
IBM return program toner cartridges
North America
One year, Depot Exchange (upgrades are available). For more information, visit:
Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia
One year (unless country law dictates otherwise), Technical Exchange. Not available in all
locations. For local availability or for more information contact your local IBM Representative.
What’s in the box
Duplex (dn model only)
6,0005 page ship with color and black cartridges
20,0005 page photoconductor units
Hard copy setup sheet
Software and documentation CD
Power cord
Supplies program flyer
Statement of limited warranty
Part number
Infoprint Color 1634 Express printer supplies at a glance
Product description
Toner Cartridge, Cyan
Toner Cartridge, Magenta
Toner Cartridge, Yellow
Toner Cartridge, Black
Return Toner Cartridge, Cyan
Return Toner Cartridge, Magenta
Return Toner Cartridge, Yellow
Return Toner Cartridge, Black
High Yield Toner Cartridge, Cyan
High Yield Toner Cartridge, Magenta
High Yield Toner Cartridge, Yellow
High Yield Toner Cartridge, Black
Return High Yield Return Toner Cartridge, Cyan
Return High Yield Toner Cartridge, Magenta
Return High Yield Toner Cartridge, Yellow
Return High Yield Toner Cartridge, Black
Extra High Yield Toner Cartridge , Cyan
Extra High Yield Toner Cartridge, Magenta
Extra High Yield Toner Cartridge, Yellow
Return Extra High Yield Toner Cartridge, Cyan
Return Extra High Yield Toner Cartridge, Magenta
Return Extra High Yield Toner Cartridge, Yellow
Toner Waste Bottle
Transfer Belt
LV Fuser Unit
HV Fuser Unit
100 V Fuser Unit
Yield (Sets)*
* These numbers reflect an approximate average yield that has been established for each supply item indicated based on 5% coverage. These yields are not
a guarantee of minimum life and are not covered under warranty, but are provided to assist in supplies planning. Actual usage should be used to establish
the life of the supply product in each end user’s specific application. Many factors, such as print coverage per page, paper type and size, model type and
environmental conditions can affect supply life.
For more information
Contact your IBM representative or
IBM Business Partner or visit:
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Exact speed varies depending on document
complexity, system configuration, software
application, driver and printer state.
The Image Quality (IQ) or Color Quality (CQ)
enhancement, whether 1200, 2400 or 4800, is
a special print mode designed to vary the
intensity of each individual printed dot by
manipulating its size to produce the appearance
of greater print resolution within the limitation of
a set number of dots per inch (dpi).
IBM does not recommend printing this monthly
maximum on a consistent basis.
Not all versions are supported. Contact your
sales representative for a detailed list of
supported versions.
Assumes 5% coverage per page. Yields are
provided for planning purposes and are not a
guarantee of minimum life; actual yields may
vary. Declared yield value in accordance with
ISO/IEC 19752.