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IBM System x3500 M3
High-performance, scalable tower server brings
rock-solid reliability to your desk side
Grow at your own pace
Allows greater flexibility with storage
upgrade options and increased memory
Enables high availability with enhanced
RAID support and integrated systems
management tools
Leverages latest Intel Xeon technology
for faster processing speeds and
energy-smart design
A high-performance dual-socket tower server, the IBM System x3500
M3 provides generous bandwidth, storage and expanded memory
capacity up to 192 GB1. Start with a single Intel® Xeon® six-core
processor, and add a second to double your processing capability. You
can even add processors, storage and memory independently of one
another for maximum configuration flexibility.
Stay up and running
With no single point of failure, the x3500 M3 is designed to run the
most demanding applications reliably. New 6 Gbps RAID, more RAID
adapters and more concentrated memory support higher availability,
while integrated systems management tools provide control of
resources from anywhere for simplified serviceability.
Build on the latest technology
The x3500 M3 takes advantage of the latest Intel Xeon technology
with extreme processing power and superior energy efficiency. Lowvoltage memory, cooling features and energy-smart design enable
lower power, lower heat and less noise. At the same time, IBM Systems
Director Active Energy Manager™ can help you keep costs down and
track, monitor and measure power consumption.
Select configurations of the x3500 M3 are part of the IBM Express
Advantage™ Portfolio designed to meet the needs of midsized businesses. Easy to manage, Express™ models and configurations vary by
IBM System x3500 M3 at a glance
Form factor/height
Tower/5U (rack-mountable)
Processor (max)
Intel® Xeon® 5500/5600 processors (six-core
Intel Xeon X5680 3.33 GHz or four-core Intel
Xeon X5677 3.46 GHz up to 6.4 GTps QPI system
Number of processors
Cache (max)
12 MB
Memory (max)
16 DIMM slots maximum, 192 GB with DDR-3
1333 MHz RDIMMs1 or 48 GB with DDR-3
1333 MHz UDIMMs1
Expansion slots
Six PCIe and one PCI standard; additional two
PCI-X available via configure to order and requires
removal of one PCIe slot
Disk bays
8/8 or 16/16 2.5" hot-swap standard;
24/24 2.5" hot-swap or 8/8 3.5" hot-swap or
4/0 3.5" simple swap (available via configure to
order only)
Maximum internal
8 TB of 2.5" hot swap SAS/SATA standard; 12 TB
of 2.5" hot-swap SAS/SATA (model dependent)
Network interface
Broadcom 5709S onboard NIC with dual Gigabit
Ethernet ports with TOE
RAID support
Systems management
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Integrated 6 Gbps or 3 Gbps hardware RAID-0, -1,
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Automatic Server Restart; Predictive Failure Analysis
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Maximum RDIMM support for 192 GB when 16 GB
DIMMs are available 2Q 2010, and maximum UDIMM
support for 48 GB when 4 GB DIMMs are available
2Q 2010.
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