Notes Concerning Sorry Sorry (standard version) Sorry (simplified

Notes Concerning Sorry
# of players:
Sorry (standard version)
Sorry gameboard; 16 markers
(4 each of red, yellow, green,
and blue); deck of Sorry cards
Counting; comparing numbers;
decomposing number (7 only);
spatial reasoning; reading
Sorry (simplified version)
Sorry gameboard; 16 markers
(4 each of red, yellow, green,
and blue); deck of 40 number
cards (1-10)
Counting; comparing numbers;
spatial reasoning
Because Sorry has so many rules, it also offers many possibilities for variations. Two
versions are included on this CD: Sorry and Sorry (simplified version). However, many
other variations could be used successfully, depending on the needs of the children.
The version called simply Sorry reflects (mostly) the standard rules that are included
with the game, but shorter and in slightly simpler language. Playing the standard version
of Sorry requires that players be able to read. Almost all of the Sorry number cards
contain additional instructions (such as the 10 card giving the choice of moving forward
10 spaces or backward 1 space, or the 11 card giving the choice of moving forward 11
spaces or trading spaces with any other marker on the board). Although the written
instructions could be ignored and the cards used as simply number cards, this could
cause confusion for children who are beginning to read.
The simplified version using number cards instead of the standard Sorry cards is
appropriate for non-readers. It also eliminates the rule that players can only move their
markers out of start with a 1 or 2. The time it takes for children to draw 1s or 2s can
seem too long for many young children who then become frustrated and discouraged.
The simplified version also eliminates the Sorry card, which states that a player can
take one marker out of start, place it where another player’s marker is on the board, and
send that marker back to its start space.
Both games retain the possibility of players having up to 4 markers on the board at
once. Players have the opportunity (if not the actual need) to evaluate every possible
move before deciding which marker to move.
If the game lasts too long when played with all of the markers, the number of markers
can be reduced.
Sorry! is produced by Parker Brothers.