Operating your train set

4-4-0 LionChief
Ready-To-Run Set
Owner’s Manual
OUTPUT: DC 18 V , 54 V A.
elcome to the world of Lionel trains! You’re off to a great start with this ready-to-run LionChief
train set. This set features everything you need to get started—a wall-pack power supply, a
huge, easy-to-assemble FasTrack oval, a string of detailed cars, a powerful Lionel locomotive that is
equipped with RailSounds RC sound system, and a LionChief remote that controls all the action.
Have fun growing with this complete train set! Start with the set components, then follow your
imagination into your own miniature world. Expand your railroad empire with additional FasTrack
track sections, enhance your layout with accessories, lengthen your consist with extra cars, or operate
a new LionChief locomotive at the head end of your train!
Use this Owner’s Manual to learn how to set up, operate, and maintain your train set for years of
reliable operation.
Set Includes:
• 4-4-0 Locomotive and tender
• Animated Gondola
• Eight O-36 curved FasTrack sections, two 10” straight FasTrack sections,
one 10” FasTrack wall-pack terminal section, one 10" Plug-Expand-Play FasTrack lock-on
• Wall-pack power supply
• LionChief remote for locomotive
• Smoke fluid
• Traction tires
• Owner's manual
Table of contents
Safety information
Operating your wall-pack power supply safely
LionChief system basics
Model railroading with the LionChief system
Installing AAA batteries into the Remote Control
Operating your train with LionChief remote
LionChief locomotive overview
Locomotive Overview
Building your Lionel layout
Joining the FasTrack track sections
Connecting your wall-pack power supply
Operating your train set
Adding smoke fluid to your locomotive's smoke generator
Running your train set
Triggering announcements with your LionChief remote control
Silencing the steam chuffing sounds
Maintaining and servicing your set
Lubricating your locomotive
Replacing your locomotive's traction tire
Replacing your locomotive's headlamp
Operating your Animated Gondola
Lubricating the gear on your Animated Gondola
Wall Pack Power Supply
FCC Statement
LionChief Troubleshooting
Expanding your layout
The Lionel Plug-Expand-Play lock-on
Lionel Limited Warranty Policy & Service
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Safety information
Operating your wall-pack power supply safely
our Lionel wall-pack power supply is listed by Underwriter’s Laboratory Inc. and has been
carefully designed to ensure peak performance. When using electrical products, basic safety
precautions should be maintained.
Be sure to observe the following guidelines:
• Read the manual thoroughly before using this device.
• This device is not recommended for children under fourteen years of age.
• Parents should periodically inspect this product for potential hazards and, if necessary, have them
repaired by a Factory Trained Authorized Lionel Service Station. In the event that such a condition
exists, the transformer should not be used until it has been properly repaired.
• The wall-pack power supply is intended to be used indoors. Do not use this device if water is
present. Serious or fatal injuries may result.
• Use the wall-pack power supply only for its intended purpose.
• The wall-pack power supply was designed to operate on 100-240 volt AC, 50/60-Hertz power. 18
VDC output. Do not connect this product to any other power supply.
• Do not operate the wall-pack power supply with a damaged cord, plug, or case.
• To avoid the risk of electrical shock, do not disassemble the unit. There are no user serviceable
parts inside. If damaged, take this product to a Factory Trained Authorized Lionel Service Station.
Visit www.lionel.com for a list of authorized Service Centers.
• Do not operate the wall-pack power supply on your layout unattended. Obstructed accessories or
stalled trains may overheat, resulting in damage to your layout.
• Always unplug the wall-pack power supply from the power source when not in use.
• Never insert objects into the ventilation slots on this product. Damage to sensitive
electronic components can result.
LionChief system basics
Model railroading with the LionChief system
our ready-to-run LionChief train set comes with a DC wall-pack power supply, a LionChief
remote control, a LionChief-equipped locomotive, rolling stock, and a FasTrack oval, complete
with a wall-pack terminal section for simple and easy set up.
Your locomotive runs on fixed voltage, which is optimal for the sound system, smoke system,
and lamps. The locomotive listens to commands from its LionChief remote at a specific frequency
to increase or decrease speed, change directions, or trigger sounds. That’s why the locomotive and
remote must be operated as a matched pair.
The DC wall-pack power supply is capable of running the locomotive and cars that come with
this set, plus a few add-on cars and accessories, depending on the power they require. Keep in mind
that your locomotive can run on AC power, too, so you may choose to upgrade to most Lionel or
Lionel-compatible AC transformers (available separately at your authorized Lionel retailer) when you
expand your layout.
Important! Run only your layout with only the DC wall-pack power supply OR an AC transformer.
Do not run both! Also, keep in mind that most other Lionel locomotives require AC
power specifically; check the instructions included with the other locomotives.
If you do choose to run your LionChief locomotive with a transformer, set the train voltage to full
(18 volts) and use the remote to run the train and trigger the sounds. The locomotive is not designed
to respond to the transformer’s throttle, direction button, horn button, or bell button; the locomotive
only responds to commands from its LionChief remote.
Keep in mind that the remote that comes with the train set is paired with the locomotive. This
locomotive and remote share a frequency, and your LionChief remote will not communicate with
other locomotives. However, locomotives of the same type, for example a 2-8-4 berkshire, may share a
frequency. Where the frequency is shared, any locomotive of the same type on the track would respond
together, at the same time, to commands from a remote. To avoid this scenario, you may choose not
to run multiples of the same locomotive type at the same time.
Otherwise, you may run more than one LionChief-equipped locomotive on the track at the same
time. You may also choose to run your LionChief locomotive on a LEGACY Control System-equipped
layout; however, you must use your LionChief remote control to control the LionChief locomotive
(LionChief locomotives do not receive commands from the LEGACY remote).
The LionChief remote control overview
Installing AAA batteries into the Remote Control
or safety purposes, you must use a Phillips screwdriver to access the battery compartment. Use
a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screw that secures the battery compartment hatch and
lift the hatch to access battery compartment (as shown in Figure 1). Insert three AAA batteries
orientating the +/- as shown in the bottom of the battery compartment. Replace the battery door
and snap closed.
Important! Use only Alkaline AAA batteries. Use only new batteries. Never mix new and used
batteries or use different types together.
Remove screw and remove
battery compartment hatch
Figure 1. Opening and closing the battery compartment
Important! REMOVE
you are not operating the train, flip the On/Off switch to the Off
Important! When
position to conserve the batteries.
The LionChief remote control overview
Operating your train with your LionChief remote
The red light will remain on during
normal operation. The light will begin to
flash when the locomotive is in motion,
and the flashing will vary with the locomotive's speed.
Turn the throttle knob clockwise to go forward and adjust the speed. Turn the throttle
knob counter-clockwise to go reverse and
adjust the speed. To stop the train, simply
return the throttle knob to the
center position.
To conserve your batteries, flip
the On/Off switch to the Off
position when you are done
operating your train.
The BELL button will
activate the bell sounds on
locomotives equipped with
this feature. Press the BELL
button to begin the sounds;
press the button again to
turn off the ringing.
The WHISTLE button will activate
your locomotive’s whistle.
Press the center button for a variety of
announcements that may vary depending on the
train set. See page 13 for more information.
The LionChief locomotive overview
Locomotive 0verview
our LionChief locomotive is designed to operate with commands from its corresponding
LionChief remote. You may choose to power it with the wall-pack power supply included with
this ready-to-run train set, or you may choose to expand and upgrade to essentially any Lionel
or Lionel-compatible AC transformer. Even DC transformers will work to power this particular
Your locomotive features an operating smoke unit that produces safe, clean, white smoke. Always
keep a small amount of smoke fluid in the smoke unit when you are running your locomotive with
the smoke unit in the On position. Slide the smoke unit switch to the Off position if you do not want
to operate the locomotive with smoke or you choose not to add smoke fluid. From more information,
please see page 11.
Additional Lionel Premium Smoke Fluid (6-37841) is available separately when you deplete the
LionChief RC sound system
Your locomotive features a wide range of sounds to make operation even more realistic and impressive! The steam chuffing sounds are coordinated with the blasts of smoke from the smokestack, and
they increase with the speed of the locomotive. You may choose to turn the chuffing sounds off by
sliding the sound switch to the off position. See page 14.
Use the whistle, bell, and announcement buttons on the LionChief remote control to trigger those
sounds. See page 7 for more information.
Keep in mind that the speaker is housed in the tender. Ensure that the drawbar is connected properly for good electrical contact.
Care and maintenance
A few simple precautions will help to ensure a long life for the locomotive:
• Lubricate the wheels, axles, and linkage regularly to avoid squeaks and wear. See page 15 for
complete details.
• Avoid squeezing and bending the side rods and linkage when handling and packing the locomotive to prevent binding.
Getting ready to run your trains
Building your Lionel layout
our set comes with eight curved sections, two 10" straight sections, one wall-pack terminal section of track, and one 10" Plug-Expand-Play FasTrack lock-on. Figure 2 shows the oval layout
that you can build with these track sections. You may choose to add more FasTrack track sections to
create an endless number of exciting track arrangements for more fun, action, and variety.
Figure 2. Track layout
Joining the FasTrack track sections
asTrack track sections join together easily. With interlocking roadbed sections and large rail tabs,
the track fits together securely so you always have good electrical contact. Take a look at Figure 3
to see how to join the track sections.
1. Line up your two sections of track.
2. Insert the rail tabs into the openings at the ends of the corresponding rails.
3. Press the sections together until the interlocking roadbed snaps into place.
Rail tab
Figure 3. Joining the track sections
Getting ready to run your trains
Connecting your wall-pack power supply
our trains are powered by a DC wall-pack power supply. To power the track, simply plug the
wall-pack into an outlet and plug the jack into the terminal section as shown in Figure 4.
Jack on wall-pack
power supply
Figure 4. Wall-pack power supply connection
Operating your train set
Adding smoke fluid to your locomotive's smoke generator
our locomotive is equipped with a smoke generator that produces safe, clean white smoke during operation if the smoke unit switch is in the ON position. Refer to Figure 7 on page 14 for the
location of the switch.
The smoke generator requires the periodic addition of Lionel smoke fluid in order to function.
We recommend you only use Lionel Premium Smoke Fluid (6-37841, available from your local
Authorized Lionel Dealer). Add about 4-6 drops of fluid directly into the locomotive’s stack. Smoke
production commences momentarily. When smoke production decreases, add more fluid (about four
drops). An idle locomotive will not smoke. The smoke unit element power is off when the locomotive
is at idle. Once the locomotive begins moving the smoke unit power is restored. It is not unlikely that
it may take 20-30 seconds for smoke to become visible after the locomotive has been stationary for
more than 1 minute.
If you prefer to operate the locomotive without smoke or you do not want to add
smoke fluid, slide the smoke unit switch to the OFF position.
Caution! When the smoke unit switch is in the ON position, always keep a small amount of
smoke fluid in the locomotive’s smoke generator; the generator’s element can become
damaged if operated without smoke fluid.
Operating your train set
Running your train set
With track power unplugged, place your train set on the track.
Couple the locomotive to the tender that was included
with this set
Refer to the following section for information on coupling the cars.
Fit the tab on the locomotive drawbar into the slot on
the tender's drawbar as illustrated in Figure 5. Note that
the drawbar connection connects the locomotive and
tender electronically. Make the connection securely to
ensure good electrical contact.
Figure 5. Drawbar connection
Caution! To prevent damage to the electronics, only couple the locomotive to the
tender that was included with this set. Do NOT mix and match LionChief
locomotives and tenders.
Plug in your wall-pack power supply, connect
it to the track, and switch on the remote.
Move ‘em out!
Use your remote to run your train. You can adjust the speed
in forward or reverse, blow the whistle, sound the bell, or trigger an
announcement. Refer to page 7 for complete details.
Unplug the wall-pack power supply when you are done
running your trains.
Switch off your remote control to conserve the batteries.
Operating your train set
Triggering announcements with your LionChief remote control
our locomotive plays a variety of announcements that are designed to match the way you play
with the locomotive. You can trigger an announcement that corresponds to each part of the
When the locomotive is… The announcement states…
When train is stationary:
Press Announcement: All Aboard the Mickey Mouse Express!
Press Announcement: Deck the Halls song plays.
Press Announcement: Music stops.
When train is moving:
Press Announcement: First stop the North Pole! Ho Ho Ho!
Press Announcement: Deck the Halls song plays.
Press Announcement:
Music stops.
Press Announcement:
Next stop Mickey's house!
Press Announcement:
Deck the Halls song plays.
Press Announcement:
Music stops.
hen coupling your cars, at least one of the mating couplers must be open as shown at the left
in Figure 6. Press down on the lock release to open the coupler, then push the cars toward
each other until they lock together.
Keep in mind that it’s easier to couple cars on a straight section of track.
Lock release
Figure 6. Coupler operation
Operating your train set
Silencing the steam chuffing sounds
o silence the background steam sounds, slide the CHUFF switch to the OFF position on the end
of the locomotive cab. See Figure 7. Turn off track power for about two seconds, and then the
background sound will be silenced when the track power is restored. The whistle, announcement,
and bell sounds can still be triggered at any time using the remote. To restore the background
sounds, simply slide the CHUFF switch to the ON position and then turn off track power for two or
more seconds.
Note! Always turn off track power for about two seconds after you slide the switch. The
background sounds will be reset according to the new switch position when the
Figure 7. Switch locations
Maintaining and servicing your set
Lubricating your locomotive
elp your steam locomotive lead a long and productive life on your railroad by maintaining it
We recommend that you purchase a Lionel Lubrication and Maintenance Kit (6-62927),
available from your Lionel dealer. Two basic rules to keep in mind: never over-lubricate
(a small amount will do) and avoid getting grease or oil on the locomotive’s wheels, contact
rollers, or your track.
You’ll know your locomotive requires lubrication when visual inspection reveals dryness on the
parts indicated in Figure 8 and also on the tender's axles. Remove accumulated dirt and dust before
lubricating, and always lubricate any locomotive emerging from prolonged storage.
Lubricate with
Lionel oil sparingly
Lubricate with
Lionel oil sparingly
Lubricate with
Lionel oil sparingly
Lubricate with Lionel
grease sparingly
Figure 8. Lubrication points
Maintaining and servicing your set
Replacing your locomotive’s traction tire
ne of the locomotive’s drive wheels is fitted with a rubber traction tire to enhance tractive effort,
allowing your locomotive to pull many cars at once.
To replace the traction tire, simply unscrew the drive rod screw from the wheel using a 3/16” nut
driver. Refer to Figure 10. Remove the old traction tire from under the drive rod and slip on the
replacement, Lionel part no. 6308661206. Replace the spacer, retighten the drive rod screw, and
you’r­e ready to pull that long freight back to the yard.
Drive rod screw
Lionel part no. 6308661206
Figure 10. Traction tire replacement
Replacing your locomotive’s headlamp
our locomotive is equipped with an LED style headlight for longer life. Please contact your near­
est Lionel Service Center or Lionel Service if this need replacing.
Running your train
Operating your Animated Gondola
our animated gondola is equipped with a gear drive mechanism which propels the two figures
around the pile of freight in the center of the gondola whenever the car is moving. See figure 11.
Figure 11. Animated gondola operation
If the crate load retainers become detached, make sure that they are pushed back down
Lubricating the Gear on your Animated Gondola
ccasionally the worm gear may need lubrication. You can determine this by simply inspecting it
periodically. If you see little or no lubrication on the worm gear it’s time to add some lubricant,
but apply it sparingly!
The worm gear should be lubricated periodically. The Lionel multi-purpose lubricant no. 6062927-000 is recommended. It is available from your nearest Lionel Authorized Service Center.
Lubricate the worm gear
Figure 12. Lubricating the worm gear
Wall-pack power supply
Not recommended for children under 14 years of age. As with all electric
products,precautions should be observed during handling and use to prevet electric
MODEL: SW1803000-Q04
INPUT: 100-240VAC, 60Hz
Keep these instrutions for futher reference. They contain important information.
1. Plug the transformer into standard wall oulet
2. Connect the transformer to the appliance
3. Turn off the appliance and unplug the transformer from the wall outlet when not in use.
- This transformer is age-graded for ages 14 and over, the transformer should not
be operated in the presence of children under 14 without adult supervision. Adult
supervision is recommend.
- It is recommended that the toy transformer be periodically examined for
conditions that may result in the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury to persons
(such as damage to the output cord, blades, housing or other parts) and that, in an
event of such conditions, the transformer should not be used until properly repaired.
See instructions if the input plug
does not fit the power outlet.
YYWW- Year Week
FCC Statement
FCC Statement
Warning: Changes or modifications to this unit not expressly approved by the party responsible
for compliance could void the user authority to operate the equipment.
Notes: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device,
pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection
against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and can
radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may
cause harmful interference to radio communications.
However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this
equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined
by turning the equipement off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one
or more of the following measures:
• Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna.
• Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver.
• Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is
• Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help.
This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the
following two conditions: (1) this device may not cause interference, and (2) this
device must accept any interference, including interference that may cause undesired operation.
This device complies with Industry Canada license-exempt RSS standard(s).
Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) this device may not cause
interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference, including interference that may cause undesired operation of the device.
Parents! The adaptor should be periodically examined for the
conditions that may result in the risk of fire, electric
shock, or injury to persons and that, in an event such
conditions , the adaptor should not be used until properly
LionChief Troubleshooting
Problem: The power indicator LED on the terminal track is not illuminated.
If any of the wheels of the train are not properly positioned on the rails, a short circuit will occur and
the circuit breaker inside the transformer will prevent power from being applied to the track until that
short circuit is removed.
Remove the locomotive and all cars from the track. With no trains on the track check to see if the LED
is illuminated. If it is not illuminated, disconnect the track one piece at a time until the LED comes
on. If the problem is a section of track, the LED will illuminate when that section of track is removed
from the layout.
Now disconnect the barrel jack from the terminal section and place only one car on the track once
the car is on the track reconnect the barrel jack into the terminal section. The LED should be illuminated, if it does illuminate, disconnect it again and place another car on the track. Repeat this
process until the entire train, including the locomotive, is on the track.
Problem: One or more of the illuminated cars will not light.
The lamps in your trains are designed for easy replacement in the event they burn out over time. It is
possible that a lamp can become disconnected in transit; as such we suggest you first check the lamp
in its socket to ensure it is seated properly.
The lamps inside the cars and locomotive get their power from the rails. There are two wires connected to the trucks on each illuminated car. One wire connects to the center rail collector (roller),
and one wire attaches to a contact for the axles that ride on the outside rails. Because the trucks are
able to pivot back and forth, it is possible that one or both of these wires may become disconnected
from these contacts and short out when they touch one another. The wires can be reconnected by having an adult solder them to their contacts. You may want to take the item to a local Factory Trained
Authorized Lionel Service Station for this repair.
Problem: The train cars will not stay coupled to one another.
The couplers on each car come equipped with an uncoupling plunger, which allows you to uncouple
the cars using an Uncoupling Section. These plungers have a pin which holds the knuckle closed,
sometimes the plunger will need to be bent upwards slightly to ensure the pin holds the knuckle shut.
Use a pair of needle-nosed pliers to bend the plunger upwards slightly. This operation is shown in the
illustration below.
LionChief Troubleshooting (continued)
Problem: I do not hear any sounds from the locomotive.
The drawbar, which connects your locomotive to its tender, serves two purposes. It connects the locomotive and tender together and it serves as a four-conductor tether responsible for transferring the
speaker leads from the electronics inside the locomotive to the speaker inside the tender. Ensure the
male side of the drawbar (locomotive side) is fully and properly inserted into the female side of the
drawbar (tender side) and that the tops of each side of the drawbar are even with one another.
Make sure the sound on/off switch is positioned to the “on” setting and power is being applied to the
track. If the switch is set to the “off” position, only the horn/whistle and bell will be heard when the
commands are sent to the locomotive from the remote.
Problem: The locomotive does not smoke.
Ensure the smoke on/off switch is in the “on” position. The locomotive must be moving for smoke to
be seen ejecting from the stack. The locomotive will not smoke when sitting at idle. Ensure you have
added 4-5 drops of Lionel Liquid Smoke Fluid. It should only take 5-10 seconds for smoke to vaporize
and begin being ejected from the stack once the train begins to move. If you do not plan to use the
smoke feature on this locomotive be sure the smoke on/off switch is placed in the “off” position, so no
damage occurs to the smoke generator.
LionChief Troubleshooting (continued)
Problem: The LionChief Remote will not control the locomotive.
First, ensure the remote you are using to control the locomotive is the proper one, mated to that locomotive. Reference the road name and road number printed on the remote with the road name and
road number of the locomotive you are trying to control. Second, ensure you have installed three new
Alkaline AAA batteries into the remote and the on/off switch is set to the “on” position.
The red LED at the top of the remote should be on steady when the speed dial is in the top dead center
The LED will begin to blink when the throttle knob is turned in either direction, slowly to quickly,
mimicking the speed you set for the locomotive. The sounds in the locomotive should be on when
you attempting to make the train go. If your locomotive will not move, you will need to take both the
wireless LionChief remote and the locomotive and tender to a local Factory Trained Authorized Lionel
Service Station or contact Lionel Customer Service for further assistance.
Expanding your layout
The Lionel Plug-Expand-Play lock-on
ncluded with your set is a complementary single port Plug-Expand-Play lock-on compatable with
any Plug-Expand-Play accessory; however, this lock-on will not work with animated accessories.
(To obtain a lock-on designed to trigger an animated accessory based on the presence of a train you
need the 6-81317 Accessory Activator Lock On.) Each accessory has a cable attached to its base that
plug into the lock-on’s 3-pin female connectors. This piece of FastTrack only uses 2 of the 3 terminals in the attached lock-on; red and black, connected under the track. The red wire connects to the center rail to supply power to the accessory. The
black wire connects to the outside rail to supply ground power to the accessory. The white wire is not
used with this item. See figure 13.
3-pin male
Black wire
Do NOT forcefully connect your accessory's 3-pin male connector into the 3-pin
female connector on the lock-on. Doing
so will damage the pins on the accessory
and/or the lock-on. Make sure that you
are also inserting the connectors with
the proper orientation. Lionel's Limited
Warranty does NOT cover this type of
damage to your products.
Red wire
Underside of Track
Figure 13. Connecting a Plug-Expand-Play accessory
Lionel Limited Warranty Policy & Service
product, including all mechanical and electrical components, moving parts, motors and structural components, with the exception of LIGHT BULBS,
& TRACTION TIRES are warranted to the original owner-purchaser for a period of one year from the original date of purchase against
defects in materials or workmanship when purchased through a Lionel Authorized Retailer*.
This warranty does NOT cover the following:
• Normal wear and tear
• Light bulbs or LED’s
• Defects appearing in the course of commercial use
• Damage resulting from abuse/misuse of the product
Transfer of this product by the original owner-purchaser to another person voids this warranty in its entirety. Modification of this product in any way; visually,
mechanically or electronically, voids the warranty in its entirety.
Any warranted product which is defective in original materials or workmanship and is delivered by the original owner-purchaser (this warranty is nontransferrable) to Lionel LLC or any Lionel Authorized Service Station MUST be accompanied by the original receipt for purchase (or copy) from an Authorized
Lionel Retailer*, will at the discretion of Lionel LLC, be repaired or replaced, without charge for parts or labor. In the event the defective product cannot be repaired,
and a suitable replacement is not available, Lionel will offer to replace the product with a comparable model (determined by Lionel LLC), if available. In the
event a comparable model is not available the customer will be refunded the original purchase price (requires proof of purchase from the Authorized Lionel
Retailer* it was originally purchased). Any products on which warranty service is sought must be sent freight or postage prepaid (Lionel will refuse any package when
postage is due). Transportation and shipping charges are not covered as part of this warranty.
NOTE: Products that require service that do not have a receipt from an LIONEL AUTHORIZED RETAILER* will be required to pay for
all parts required to repair the product (labor will not incur a charge) providing the product is not older than 3 years from date of
manufacture and is within 1 year from date of purchase. A copy of the original sales receipt is required.
In no event shall Lionel LLC be held liable for incidental or consequential damages.
not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you
and you may have other rights which vary from state to state.
Instructions for Obtaining Service
f service for this Lionel LLC product is required; bring the item, along with your DATED sales receipt and completed warranty information (at the bottom of this
page) to the nearest Lionel Authorized Service Station. Your nearest Lionel Service Station can be found by calling 1-800-4-LIONEL or by accessing the website at
If you prefer to send your Lionel product directly to Lionel, for repair you must FIRST call 586-949-4100 extension 2 or write to Lionel Customer Service, 6000 Victory
Lane, Concord, NC 28027. Please have the 6-digit Lionel product number, the date of original purchase, the dealer where the item was purchased and what seems to be
the problem. You will receive a return authorization (RA) number to ensure your merchandise will be properly tracked and handled upon receipt at Lionel LLC.
Once you have your Return Authorization (RA) number, make sure the item is packed in its original Styrofoam inner container which is placed inside the original
outer display box (this will help prevent damage during shipping and handling). This shipment MUST be prepaid and we recommend that it be insured with the
carrier of your choice.
Please make sure you have followed all of the above instructions carefully before returning any merchandise for service. You may choose to have your product repaired
by one of Lionel LLC’s Authorized Service Stations after its warranty has expired. A reasonable service fee should be expected once the product warranty has expired.
Warranty Information
complete the information below and keep it, along with your DATED ORIGINAL SALES RECEIPT. You MUST present this form AND your DATED
SALES RECEIPT when requesting warranty service.
*A complete listing of Lionel Authorized retailers can be found by calling 1-800-4-LIONEL or by visiting our website at www.lionel.com.
Products that are more than 3 years old, from date of manufacture, are not applicable for warranty coverage, even if they have never been sold prior to this date. (Under
no circumstance shall any components or labor be provided free of charge.)
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