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Powerful digital performance, easy operation
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Complete document management solutions for connected
workgroup environments
your document management partner
Take charge of your documents
Designed for high productivity and flexible functionality, the Lanier
5622 and 5627 provide everything workgroups need to create,
distribute, duplicate and archive high-quality documents.
Versatile performance. The 5622/27 combines the features and
functions of a high-end digital copier, fast network printer, high-speed
fax machine and digital network scanner. So you can count on
exceptional image quality for every document you produce.
Easy operation. For walk-up users, the 5622/27 offers a large
touch-screen LCD that guides you through tasks step-by-step. For
network applications, it features an intuitive, point-and-click PC
interface. Either way, you can finish every task quickly and easily.
Advanced technology. The 5622/27 can be configured with a
hard drive and software utilities that enable next-generation document
management — including PC faxing, scan to email, network
scanning, file merging, document editing and print-on-demand.
Dynamic document management
The 5622/27 has an optional high-capacity document server for
storing frequently printed documents. You can access these files over
the network or at the system — then print, copy or finish them at
your convenience. With additional software, you can use the document
server hard drive to merge files from several sources. For example, you
can download a PowerPoint® presentation and an Excel® file to the
server, then merge both with a scanned hardcopy original in a single
new file. This document can be faxed to 50 locations, copied and
stapled, or downloaded to your PC and distributed via email. Plus, all
of these functions can be controlled directly from a PC interface.
The large touch-screen display makes it easy for users to select
paper size and quantity, as well as duplexing, finishing, sorting,
watermarks and other special features.
With DeskTopBinder software,
users can easily view, merge and
manage documents archived on
the document server.
Comprehensive scanning and faxing
As a network scanner, the 5622/27 lets you convert hardcopy originals
into digital files — then access those files from your PC, send them
to anyone on the LAN, or send them to an email address outside
the network. As a fax machine, the 5622/27 scans one page in just
0.6 seconds and prints faxes at its full rated speed. Transmission is
33.6 kbps, and the system can be equipped with a dual modem for
simultaneous send/receive. Advanced paper handling includes 11" x
17" send/receive and optional duplex receive, which significantly
reduces paper usage. You can even send faxes directly from your PC
with the optional LAN fax capability — which eliminates hardcopy
scanning and boosts image quality for outgoing faxes.
When you choose the unique
RPCS print driver, you can save
frequently used job settings as
icons on your PC desktop.
High-quality output for a wide range of documents
Digital copying and professional finishing
The 5622/27 delivers 22 or 27 digital copies per minute at 600 dpi.
Image quality is outstanding, so you can count on bold, deep blacks,
precise registration and accurate reproductions. It holds a maximum
of 3,100 sheets to minimize reloading and increase productivity.
Warm-up time is just 15 seconds, so you can start your work quickly.
Finishing options include three-position stapling, duplexing and
sorting, all of which make it easy to produce attractive, professionalquality documents.
Ultra-fast network printing
Connect the 5622/27 to your LAN for smooth network printing.
Image quality stays high at 600 dpi. Advanced printing options
include two-sided and 2-on-1 combined printing. With the secure
printing feature, any job sent to the 5622/27 over the network will
be stored in memory until a walk-up user provides the correct
password. Job programs allow you to store specific settings — like
stapling and watermarks — as an icon on your desktop. Any time you
need the same settings, you just point and click. Plus, the 5622/27
offers a choice of drivers — either conventional PCL or innovative
RPCS technology, which processes print jobs significantly faster than
competitive systems.
About Lanier Worldwide
With 1,600 sales and service locations, Lanier Worldwide, Inc. and
its dealer and distributor network form one of the largest global
providers of document management solutions. Lanier and its dealers
and distributors help customers in more than 100 countries create,
enhance and distribute documents with greater speed, efficiency and
economy. To do this, we employ DOCutivity®, a document lifecycle
approach designed to improve business productivity. Our comprehensive
solutions portfolio includes digital color copier/printers, black-andwhite digital copier/printers, multifunction devices, print-on-demand
applications and outsourcing services.
Machine Type
Max. Print Speed, Resolution
22/27 ppm, 600 dpi
CCD scanning and laser
electrophotographic printing
Printer Emulations
Standard: PCL5e, PCL6, RPCS
Optional: Adobe PS3
Max. Output Speed
22/27 ppm
600 dpi/256 levels
35 Intellifonts, 10 TrueType,
1 Bitmap, 136 Adobe Type 1
First Copy Time
4.9 seconds
96MB standard, optional 6GB HDD
Standard: Parallel Centronics
Optional: NIC (Ethernet 100 BaseTX,
RPCS: Microsoft Windows
PCL: Microsoft Windows
PS3: Microsoft Windows
95/98/Me/NT4.0/2000; Mac 8.6 or later
Network Support (optional)
Novell Netware 3.12, 3.2, 4.x, 5.0;
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0;
Microsoft 2000;
Microsoft Windows 95/98/Me;
Mac OS 7.6, 8.1, 8.5, 8.51, 8.6, 9
Additional Features
Stapling, Locked Print, Sample Print,
Duplex Printing, Watermarks
Optional Printer/
Scanner Module
Optical resolution 600 dpi, 256 level
grayscale, scan speed 53 opm
Paper Supply (standard)
2 x 500-sheet trays
Min./Max. Output Size
5.5" x 8.5"/11" x 17"
User Interface
LCD touch-screen with
multiple languages
Dimensions (WxDxH)
21.7" x 23.8" x 28.0"
121.3 lbs.
Power Requirement
110 - 120V, 60 Hz
Input Paper Supply (2 x 500-sheet trays)
Large Capacity Tray (2,000 sheets)
Bypass Tray (100 sheets)
1-bin Exit Tray (125 sheets)
500-sheet Finisher (30-sheet stapling capacity, single position)
Modem Speed
33.6 Kbps
1,000-sheet Finisher (50-sheet stapling capacity, single position)
Max. Scan Size
11" x 17"
2MB standard, 32MB optional
Group Dial Lists
64 groups, 500 numbers per group
Special Reception Modes
Reception Mode Selection,
Duplex Reception and Transmission,
Ledger Send and Receive,
Book Fax
ScanRouter Pro Software
Scan and distribute, scan to file,
scan to email
DeskTopBinder Pro Software
Search, view, edit, reprint,
re-fax stored documents
For best results, we recommend that you use only Lanier consumables and supplies. Due to our
policy of continual improvement, Lanier reserves the right to alter specifications
of these products without prior notice.
Transmission times apply to text data using the ITU-T No. 1 test chart phase C in standard
resolution, between the same or similar machines at maximum modem speed.
Transmission times may vary in actual use.
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Duplex Unit (continuous, single-pass)
Shift Sort Tray (250 sheets)
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