Available for just $12, which includes a year-long membership to the Pivotal
Living mobile app, the Pivotal Living Band has all the fitness tracking features you want,
at a fraction of the price of other activity trackers on the market. Accurate and easy to use,
the band tracks a variety of daily activities and your nightly sleep patterns to help get – and
stay – on the road to long-term wellness. And every year you renew your $12 membership,
you can get a brand new band for free … the latest and greatest Pivotal Living has to offer!
With the press of a single button, you
can quickly toggle through your daily
progress of key health metrics on the
Pivotal Living Band’s easy-to-read and
intuitive OLED screen with scratch-resistant technology. The band
tracks your total daily active time, steps taken, calories
burned, distance traveled and % of daily steps goal
completed. At night, the band silently monitors sleep duration,
num ber of tim es woken up and sleep quality. Additionally, the
band features a time display, activity stopwatch and silent, gentlevibration alarms to wake you or notify you to get up and move when
you’ve been sedentary too long.
Sync the Pivotal Living Band with the Pivotal Living mobile app via Bluetooth™ 4.0 technology to watch your performance,
and track activity or sleep trends over time. Additionally, the app offers coaching notifications, team -building
functionality for friends or colleagues, hydration tracking and – new in 2015 – sophisticated weight
and nutrition management tools that work in conjunction with the new Pivotal Living Smart Scale (MSRP $39.95).
The mobile app is available for Android (most 4.3+ and above) and iOS (8.0 and above) mobile phone devices.
The band stores activity information for three days, which allows you to sync at your convenience, while the
mobile app holds all of your day-to-day historical data. •
The Pivotal Living Band comes equipped with a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery, and the battery level is
clearly displayed on the home screen of the band, indicating at a glance when it needs a charge.
Charging the band is a snap. Literally. Just snap the supplied USB charging cable to the band, and connect it to a
USB port. The band will recharge to full power in less than 60 minutes and can last 5-7 days between charges,
depending on usage.
The band is water resistant, sweat proof and rain proof, but – just like smartphones or other mobile devices – it is
not recommended to expose the band to wet conditions for long periods of time, such as wearing it in the shower
or while swimming.
The black wristband features a distinctive, comfortable design that is adjustable to fit most male and female wrist
All Pivotal Living products can be purchased online at www.PivotalLiving.com or at Amazon.com.