quick start user guide spk-nfi3

quick start user guide spk-nfi3
Connect your device
With your iPhone or Smart Phone playing music via the built-in speaker, power on the NFI3 speaker and place
your device on top and in the correct orientation (see below).
Alternatively, if your device is too large to fit on top of the speaker or should you have another audio device
altogether that needs to be connected, you can use the supplied 3.5mm audio jack cable to make a direct cable
Charging the battery
This speaker has dual power options. As well as having a built in rechargeable battery it can also be powered by
on-board AA batteries (3 x AA batteries required). Note: AA batteries cannot be charged will inside the speaker.
To charge the built-in battery, connect the supplied USB charging cable.
This package contains
1 x Wireless NFI speaker, 1 x USB / 3.5mm audio plug combo cable, 1 x Quick start Guide
Power Button
Status Light Indicator
Battery compartment
Speaker orientation marks
3.5mm Audio
Jack Input
Micro USB
Charging port
Please note:
- Ensure the volume of the connected device is at or close to maximum level for optimal signal strength
- If you are having troubles connecting your device, ensure that any protective cases have been removed
- If connections problems continue, try repositioning your device around the surface of the speaker until a good connection
has been established.
- When AA batteries have been installed, power from the built-in rechargeable battery will be consumed first.
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