VOIP8410B/37 Philips Internet/ DECT phone

Internet/ DECT phone
Offline Internet telephony
No need to switch on your PC
VOIP841 is the first DECT cordless phone with Skype that works without a PC, offering
consumers total flexibility and independence from the PC. A full color graphic display and
outstanding sound clarity bring the emotion back to calls.
Use Skype freely
• Installation free
• No need to switch on the PC
Use Skype easily
• See your contacts in color
• Speakerphone - Talk handsfree
Traditional and Internet phone
• Free Skype calls everywhere
• Landline and Internet calls on one handset
Internet/ DECT phone
Product highlights
Backlight color: White
Display colors: 65000
Main Display Resolution: 128x128 pixel
Main Display Technology: CSTN
Network Features
• Antenna: Integrated on base, Integrated on handset
• Dialing: Pulse, Tone
VoIP Client Compatibility
• Fully Integrated with Skype
• Skype Certified
• Handset ringers: Polyphonic
• Handset Volume Control: 5-level earpiece and
loudspeaker volume control
• Number of melodies: 5 Std and 10 polyphonic
• Ring profiles: Landline/Internet distinction
Softphone compatibility
System Requirements
• Backlit keypad: Yes (green)
• Call Management: Call on Hold, Call Transfer, Call
Waiting, Caller ID, Message Waiting, Microphone
• Ease of Use: Graphical User Interface, Keypad Lock,
Menu Control
• Handset Keys: 2 softkeys, 4-way navigation key,
Dialling keypad, Hang-up, Line, Loudspeaker
• Multi base capability: Up to 4 bases
• Multi handset capability: Up to 4 handsets
• Signal strength indication
• Speakerphone-Talk handsfree
• User Interface: Skype on LED
• Headset: Via Jack Connector (Handset)
Memory Capacity
Direct call from contacts list
Display contacts list status
Edit user status on the phone
Add new contacts from handset
• Internet connection: Broadband access through
Modem, router or switch/hub
Battery capacity: 750 mAh
Battery type: AAA NiMH
Kind of Battery: Rechargeable
Mains power: AC 120V - 60Hz
Number of batteries: 2
Standby time: Up to 120 hours
Talk time: Up to 12 hours
Package contents
Quick Start Guide
• Phonebook: 500 Skype entries
Issue date 2007-10-03
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Free Skype calls everywhere
Use your VOIP phone to call via Skype wherever you are.
With Skype you can enjoy making free calls all over the
world to any other Skype users. Skype, SkypeOut are
trademarks of Skype Limited.
Landline and Internet calls
As your dual phone is connected to both the standard PSTN
line AND to the Internet line, you can establish or receive
landline and Internet calls on the same handset.
Speakerphone - Talk handsfree
Handsfree mode uses a built-in loud speaker to amplify the
voice of the caller, allowing you to speak and listen during
a call without holding the phone to your ear. This is
especially useful if you want to share the call with others or
take notes during a call.