Debit Card Upgrade - Capstone Federal Credit Union

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March 21, 2018
Debit Card Upgrade
Coming March 21, 2018: A New EMV Capstone FCU
Debit Card!
Capstone Federal Credit Union has partnered with Fiserv to give you a
debit card with enhanced security features, additional payment options
and exceptional benefits.
Why are you replacing my card?
Capstone Federal Credit Union is dedicated to providing you with the highest level of
security and the latest banking technology. Chip card technology adds an extra layer of
security to your debit card transactions when used at chip-enabled terminals, and greatly
decreases the possibility that you will become a victim of debit card fraud.
What will CHANGE during this transition?
Because of the many features we're adding to your Capstone Federal Credit Union debit
card, several important aspects of your debit card will change:
Your debit card NUMBER
Your debit card PIN
Your debit card EXPIRATION DATE
The look of your card
What will STAY THE SAME during this transition?
All details of your checking account (account number, access, etc.)
Our 24/7 debit card fraud monitoring service
ATM access and limits
Worldwide debit card acceptance
Capstone Federal Credit Union Customer Service
Important Dates and Action Items
When will this transition take place?
You should receive your new Capstone Federal Credit Union debit card between March
12, 2018 and March 21, 2018. For security purposes, you will have to setup a new PIN
upon activation.
Can I still use my old card?
Your current Capstone Federal Credit Union debit card will no longer work starting
March 21, 2018.
What should I do when I receive my new card?
You should sign the back of your card, activate it, and remember to update any recurring
or automated payments you have set up using your old Capstone Federal Credit Union
debit card with your new card number and expiration date to ensure continuous service.
How do I change my online payments to be paid with my new
You should contact the merchant or search the merchant's website for instructions on
how to update your method of payment. We highly recommend that you make these
updates as soon as possible upon receiving your new card to ensure that the merchant
continues to receive your payments with no interruptions.
Conversion Troubleshooting
Please call Capstone Federal Credit Union Customer Service at 800-854-7125 Monday
through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. if:
You do not receive your new Capstone Federal Credit Union debit card by March 21,
You have trouble activating your new card.
You have trouble selecting a new PIN for your card. Note: you can reestablish the same PIN that you had before if you wish.
If my new chip card does not work at a checkout terminal:
Ask the merchant for assistance.
Try to swipe the card instead; the merchant's terminal may not yet be
chip-enabled, even though it has a slot to insert your chip card.
Ensure that your card has been activated.
Watch the terminal screen for instructions to ensure your card is inserted
Your Card's EMV Chip Technology
In addition to a great new look, your new Capstone Federal Credit Union debit card
includes secure EMV chip technology. The microchip that is embedded in your card
makes your card safer than ever before and acceptable worldwide. We've also retained
your card's magnetic stripe so you can use your card at both chip-enabled terminals and
at those merchants that have not yet activated chip-card technology.
How does chip technology decrease fraud?
When you use your Capstone Federal Credit Union debit card at a chip-enabled terminal,
each transaction is approved using a unique encrypted authentication code which helps to
prevent fraudsters from making additional purchases with stolen card data. In addition,
the embedded chip makes chip cards extremely difficult to counterfeit and requires
special equipment to read, which greatly decreases the probably of fraud due to
counterfeited cards.
How do I use my chip card?
For in-person transactions, chip cards are inserted "chip first" into the chip-enabled
reader on the check-out terminal or ATM. You will leave the card in the terminal and
follow the prompts on the screen, and remove the card when the terminal indicates that
the transaction is complete. For online transactions, you'll use your Capstone Federal
Credit Union debit card just like you do today.
Can I still swipe my new debit card?
Yes. The magnetic stripe on your card will work on non-chip-enabled terminals and
ATMs just as it always has.
How do I know if I should swipe or insert my card into the
The merchant should be able to tell you if the terminal is chip-enabled, but when in
doubt, insert your card. If the terminal is not chip-enabled, it will prompt you to swipe
your card.
Will I sign or enter my PIN when I use chip technology?
Your new Capstone Federal Credit Union debit card with chip technology is a "chip and
signature" card, which means you might be prompted for a signature at chip-enabled
terminals and ATMs. On some occasions you may be prompted to enter a PIN, such as
when requesting cash back at a terminal or ATM.