New generation RollerMouse Classic2 – now with

New generation
New generation RollerMouse Classic2
– now with additional new benefits:
• Keyboard supports for ideal keyboard position
• Easily switch between 500 dpi and 875 dpi
• Improved wrist rests with durable leatherette surface
• Overlay with standard button functions for easy start
RollerMouse Classic2 is an updated version of the original RollerMouse introduced in 2001. With the new
RollerMouse Classic2, everything you need is placed centrally in front of you. This allows you to work in
a relaxed manner and helps to prevent or eliminate typical pains related to working with a traditional mouse.
he central position allows you to keep your
arms and hands comfortably in front of
you, eliminating the need to reach out for a
traditional mouse.
ain in the shoulders, elbows, neck and other
symptoms of Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) are
prevented or relieved.
an be used with either the left or right hand for
variation and greater comfort.
Easy and accurate fingertip cursor control.
nique keyboard supports allows you to adjust
your keyboard to the optimal height and angle.
ess physical strain and improved precision
makes work easier and results in higher
re-programmed buttons, including “one-touch”
double click.
Unique keyboard supports for optimal angle and height.
Improved wrist rests in high quality and durable
tandard cursor speed (500 dpi) can easily be adjusted
up to 875 dpi for better precision.
ver 500,000 RollerMouse users are already enjoying
the benefits of increased efficiency and reduced injury.
Easy start
Simply plug into a USB port on your PC or Mac. |