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Proper use, warranty
The shredder is designed exclusively for destroying paper. Depending on the cutting type, it
can also handle small quantities of the following
Shred width (mm)
3.9 5.8 1.9x15 4.5x30
Credit cards
Floppy discs
Its sturdy drive mechanism is not damaged
by paper clips and staples. Only on machines
with safety level HS Level 6 (1 x 5 mm) can the
paper not contain staples or paper clips.
The warranty period for the document shredder
is 2 years. In addition, there is a life-long or 30year guarantee (depending on the legislation of
the individual country) on the solid steel blade
rollers. (except for security level HS Level 6).
This warranty and guarantee exclude wear and
damage caused by improper handling or actions taken by third parties.
Safety instructions
• Read the operating instructions before
switching on the document shredder. Save
these instructions for later use.
• Follow all warnings and instructions marked
on the product!
Risk of injury!
Do not reach into the paper feed
Keep paper shredder out of the
reach of children. Do not let the
shredder run if the person using it
is not present.
Switch the shredder off and disconnect it from the mains if it is
damaged, not working correctly or
before relocating or cleaning it.
Service work may only be carried
out by HSM Customer Service or
by the service technicians of our
contractual partners.
• Make sure the mains plug is easily accessible.
• Before plugging in the mains plug, check
that the voltage and frequency of your local
mains supply correspond to those stated on
the type plate.
• This paper shredder should never be placed
near or over a radiator or heat source. The
ventilation slots must not be blocked or covered and they must be at a distance of at
least 5 cm away from walls or furniture.
• Make sure no liquid is spilled on or in the
paper shredder.
Before starting up the machine for the first time,
open the door and remove the three wing nuts
of the transport locks from the base plate under
the cutting unit.
• Close the door.
 The cutting unit must not yet restart.
• Pull the paper out of the feed opening. The
light barrier must be clear.
• Switch off the machine and then switch back
 The cutting unit starts when paper is fed in.
• 10 waste bags, order no. 1.442.995.100
• Special cutting apparatus oil (250 ml)
order no. 1.235.997.403
Technical data
Cutting type
Strip cut
Shred size (mm)
Safety rating DIN 32757 – 1
Cutting capacity (sheets), DIN A4
70 g/m2
80 g/m2
Cross cut
4.5 x 30
1.9 x 15
Level 6*
47 - 49
39 - 41
37 - 39
31 - 33
29 - 31
25 - 27
18 - 20
15 - 17
Cutting speed
64 kg
68 kg
90 mm/s
100 mm/s
330 mm
Loading width
230 V, 50 Hz
1.800 W
Power for the maximum number of sheets
Dimensions W x D x H (mm)
580 x 550 x 936
145 l
Volume of the shredded paper container
Noise level (Idle running/ load)
58 - 59 dB(A) / 60 - 61 dB(A)
* HSM-specification
EC declaration of conformity
Risk of injury from being pulled
Keep long hair, loose articles of
clothing, ties, scarves, jewellery,
etc. away from feed opening.
Material with the tendency to form
loops, e.g. tapes, strapping material, etc. must not be shredded.
Machinery directive 98 / 37 / EC
EMC directive 2004 / 108 / EC
Low voltage directive 2006 / 95 / EEC
The manufacturer HSM GmbH + Co. KG, Austraße 1 - 9, D-88699 Frickingen hereby declares that the document shredder
SECURIO P36 complies with the EC directives listed above, including all modifications that apply.
Applied standards and technical specifications:
Beware of injury when using the
CD splitter
Wear goggles when destroying
CDs in machines without a separate CD cutting unit.
Check that the door switch is working properly:
If the following procedure cannot be
performed, switch off the document
shredder, disconnect the mains plug
and contact customer service.
• Insert the mains plug and switch on the
• Feed in a sheet of paper and open the front
door while the paper is being drawn in.
The cutting unit must turn off immediately and
the “door open” indicator must light up.
EN 55014-1:2000 + A1:2001 + A2:2002
EN 61000-4-4:1995 + A1:2001 + A2:2001
EN 55014-2:1997 + A1:2001
EN 61000-4-5:1995 + A1:2001
EN 61000-3-2:2000
EN 61000-4-6:1996 + A1:2001
EN 61000-3-3:1995 + A1:2001
EN 61000-4-11:1994 + A1:2001
EN 61000-4-2:1995 + A1:1998 + A2:2001
EN 60950-1:2006
EN 13857
Frickingen, 6.4.2009
err - Technical
e hnicca
all Director
D ecto
Josef Käppeler
This explanation only refers to the state of the machine
ne when itit was
was first pu
put into use. Subsequent modifications are not taken into
Machine components
Oil reservoir • Fill the reservoir with cutting apparatus oil.
Only use HSM special oil.
„Hersteller-Öl verwenden“
Button lock
is activated
Note: Depending on the version, your machine may not include all the assemblies.
Reservoir volume: 250 ml
Press the safety element and lift up the flap.
The oil filling opening is to the right of the feed
You can fill the oil either through the small opening 1 (take out the yellow plug) or the normal
opening 2 (unscrew the red cap).
To activate or deactivate the button lock
• Press and hold the reverse button
• Press the on/off button
• Release the on/off button and then the reverse button
Metal detection (optional)
Manual reversing
To prevent paper clips from damaging the cutting unit, the machine is equipped with a metal
detection system.
If you press the reverse button, the cutting unit
runs in reverse and switches off after 2 seconds, even if you keep the button pressed. To
reverse manually, release the button and press
it again.
If the shredder is already running forward,
pressing the button immediately reverses it.
Shredded material container
Both cutting units stop when the paper or CD
container is full.
The CDs and credit cards fed into the machine
are counted. Once the maximum number has
been reached, the machine switches off and a
signal is emitted. The counter is automatically
reset if the door is open for longer than 5 seconds after the signal. In addition, a light barrier
monitors for blockages on the material chute.
Automatic oiler (cross cut only)
The cutting units are oiled for 1.5 seconds after:
• The cutting unit is in operation for 200 seconds (corresponding to 50 paper shreds)
• The cutting unit runs forwards after the
reverse button has been pressed
The “Oil reservoir empty” signal is automatically deactivated after the reservoir is filled. The
shredder remains operational even when the oil
reservoir is empty.
Cleaning and maintenance
Switch off the shredder and pull out the mains
plug. When cleaning only use a soft cloth and
a mild soap-water solution. However, no water
must enter the equipment.
Oil the cutting unit when
cutting performance decreases or the device becomes noisy, or every time
you empty the waste container:
• Spray special cutting apparatus oil through the
paper feed opening along the entire width on
to the cutting rollers.
• Let the cutting unit run without paper in brief
Paper dust and particles are shaken off.
3 4
Feed slot for CDs and credit cards (optional)
Safety instructions
Light barrier in the paper feed
Safety element
Operating and display unit
Holder for operating manual and oil bottle
Shredded material for CDs and credit cards
8 Filler opening for cutting apparatus oil
(cross cut only)
Operating and display elements
Note: depending on the machine version, not all functions may be available.
Indicator: door open
or safety element not
Indicator: overload
(paper jam)
Indicator: paper/CD
container full
Reverse button
Indicator: oil reservoir empty
Function button
Indicator: metal detection
Indicator: button lock
Indicator: ready for
operation /
Sleep down
Other function modes:
Switching on the shredder
• Brief mode 10 s
Application: Destroying small pieces of paper
Function: The cutting unit runs for approx.
10 seconds and is then switched off automatically.
Start: Press the on/off button for 2 seconds.
To cancel: Press the on/off button.
• Press the on/off button.
 The “Ready for operation” indicator lights up.
Shredding paper
• Feed the paper to the middle of the paper
slot. The light barrier starts the cutting unit
automatically. Therefore, with thin paper
strips, make sure the light barrier detects
Note: Do not shred paper in the CD cutting
unit. This can cause damage.
 3 seconds after the light barrier in the paper
feed opening is free again, the cutting unit is
switched off automatically and the shredder
switches to standby.
Fault and function indicators
Paper jam
Continuous lamp
• Permanent mode
Application: Destroying large quantities of
CDs and paper
Function: Cutting unit runs continuously.
If no material is fed in within a period of
3 minutes, the cutting unit shuts down and
the shredder switches to standby.
Start: Press the on/off button for at least
4 seconds.
To cancel: Press the on/off button.
• Sleep mode
Function: Two minutes after the last paper
feed operation, all consumers that are not
• Check whether your machine is certified for
required are switched off automatically.
destroying these materials (see “Intended
The „Ready for operation“ indicator flashes
briefly at regular intervals.
• For machines with a separate CD cutting unit
The shredder starts automatically when
(optional), put the material in the feed slot of
paper is fed in.
this cutting unit. This protects you from splin• Automatic shutdown
ters. Otherwise, use the paper cutting unit.
Function: If the shredder is not used for one
hour, it shuts down completely and therefore
Switching off the shredder
does not consume any more electricity (at
• Press the on/off button.
night, at the weekend).
 The “Ready for operation” indicator goes out.
Restart: Press the on/off button.
You have fed in too much paper.
 The cutting unit runs in reverse for a few seconds and pushes the
paper back out again.
• If necessary, press the reverse button “R” to remove the stack of
• Take half the stack of paper.
• Feed the paper in portions.
You can lift up the safety element in order to better remove paper.
To do this, press the middle section of the front of the safety element
and lift up the flap.
Destroying CDs, credit cards and
floppy disks
Continuous lamp
Paper and
CD fed at
the same
This indicator lamp also lights up when the motor is overloaded. In
this case, let the shredder cool down for 20 minutes before using it
• Destroy paper and CDs/credit cards separately.
• Empty the paper/shredded material container.
If you press the reverse button briefly before opening the door, part
of the material is pulled back into the cutting apparatus.
CD container full
• Empty the CD container.
Door or
safety element open
Metal in the
• Close the door or latch in the safety element.
• Press the reverse button and pull the paper put of the feed slot.
• Remove the paper clip and shred the paper again.