Part Number : 107-000-783
On-board computer - Touch screen display 4,3in Dual CAN Bus
The CAN Bus HMI Touch Screen Color Display 4.3IN is a Mobile Data Terminal, Windows® CE™
6.0 based with a 4.3’’ bright TFT LCD screen and featured with a touch screen. This Human to
Machine Interface is an embedded open architecture platform designed for in-vehicle use.
The PR3820 not only interfaces with J1939 and many standard communication systems but it
also provides a platform for the new in vehicle demand.
The entire unit is designed for a real IP67 ingress protection, which allows outdoor use.
Functional description:
The 107-000-783 runs on Windows CE™ platforms, a familiar operating system that enables
us to integrate Windows CE™ compatible applications on the system. The system is
composed of a 32 bits ARM processor running at 480 MHz, with 64 MB RAM and 128 MB
NAND for Data memory. Custom software with graphic design can be provided by EFA
France to integrate Data terminal with OEM body functions.
Technical and physical description:
Bright TFT 4.3 inches at a resolution of 480x272
Design in accordance with SAE-J1455, J1113
Operating supply voltage range: 9 V to 32 V
Reverse polarity protection
Operating temperature range: -20°C to +70°C
1 CAN 2.0b port SAE-J1939
1 CAN 2.0b port
12 Bits analog to digital converter for analog inputs
1 voltage reference (5V)
Piezo (Beeper)
Touch screen
1 RS-232 serial port (option)
1 LIN communication Link
1 USB 2.0 port
1 SD Memory Flash (Datalogger option)
8 Inputs:
- (6) ( DA5 ) software configurable:
Digital: High side or low side, Analog: 0-5V
- (2) ( DA5Z ) software configurable:
Digital: High side, Analog: 0-5V, Impedance ( 0-500Ω )
4 Outputs:
- (2) ( H.5F ) software configurable:
Source (0.5A): Digital, PWM (1%)
- (2) ( H.5 )
Source (0.5A): Digital