EF SYMJET – The Automated Hybrid Press
MPS and Domino offer a fully integrated platform with total automation,
faster change-over times, higher print quality and unlimited flexibility.
Hybrid is the next step forward, but
only when the flexo/converting part
is automated, as you cannot afford
the inkjet to wait.
The EF SYMJET press is a hybrid printing solution that
gives converters a range of new print potential with the fully
integrated combination of flexo and digital UV inkjet printing
and converting technologies. With a Domino digital UV inkjet
unit integrated on the EF platform, you get the best of both
worlds. The automated flexo/converting system and proven
digital UV inkjet system can be combined and used integrated
inline or separately to work offline.
MPS Flexo and Converting
The cost model of digital UV inkjet is based on immediate
change-overs. The digital UV inkjet cannot wait for traditional
flexo/converting change-overs. Therefore, MPS offers automated
print pressure settings and auto register, in combination with
quick change tooling and quick change converting.
Domino Digital UV Inkjet
The Domino N610i is the most productive and high-quality
UV inkjet system available in the narrow web market.
It prints up to seven colors, including opaque white, with
an image resolution of 600 dpi. The high-quality mode can
print >90% of Pantone colors plus high opacity white at
164ft/min (50m/min). In rapid mode, the N610i prints
up to 246ft/min (75m/min).
EF SYMJET – The Automated Hybrid Press
MPS features:
Domino features:
1 Automated pressure settings—The APC technology of MPS
allows you to set up stored jobs from memory as well as
new jobs from our calibration database.
1. Domino Inkjetting Assemblies—Proprietary Domino
2 Crisp.Dot technology—Thanks to a separation between
printing and web transport, the MPS technology prevents
friction in the print process. This results in a higher print
quality, optimum print register, as well as significantly less
banding errors.
3 iControl—MPS introduced the user friendly digital “iControl”
button, which works together with the control screen at
every print unit, optimizing ease of operation.
4) Quick Change Tooling—MPS designed the Quick Lock Doctor
Blade Holder, the anilox with handles and a quick-change
ink pan. As a result, extremely fast change-overs can be
achieved without the need for tooling or gloves.
MPS Systems B.V. produces high-end flexo, hybrid and offset
printing presses for the label and packaging industries.
MPS is an international organization headquartered in the
Netherlands with MPS Systems North America INC—including
press assembly, a demo center, application engineering, sales
and customer service—based near Green Bay, Wisconsin. With
a focus on designing systems that focus on accommodating
the needs of press operators, MPS is …
inkjetting assemblies incorporate Kyocera print heads that
deliver consistent print results and higher reliability than
other presses using similar technology.
2. Inkjet Engine—The N610i is configured in either a 4, 5,
6 or 7 color print combination printing 13” (330mm).
3. iTech CleanCap—Automated print head cleaning and
capping station ensures the highest print quality and
productivity—all heads are cleaned within one minute.
44. iTech ActiFlow—The ink circulation system keeps ink
continuously moving around the print head, maintaining
a constant temperature and removing micro air bubbles,
ensuring consistent print quality and reliability.
5. iTech StitchLink—Micro-motor controller technology
ensures all heads are positioned precisely, calibrated
to print as one, enabling seamless print across the full
web width.
Domino is a leading manufacturer and distributor of digital
printing and product identification solutions. Founded in
1978, Domino is a global organization with world headquarters
in the UK, 25 subsidiaries, greater than 200 distributors,
representation in over 120 countries, and 2,600 employees
worldwide. North American headquarters are located in
Gurnee, Illinois.
Please visit dominodigitalprinting.com for more information.
Operator Focused. Results Driven.
For further information, visit mps4u.com.
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