Mercedes-Benz Genuine Accessories for GLE Coupe

Genuine Accessories GLE Coupé.
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This brochure has been compiled by Daimler AG of Germany or one of its Group Companies to provide a general indication only of the range of vehicles,
optional extras (for example satellite navigation systems, interface and telecommunication kits), accessories, merchandise and / or products (together, the range
is known as the “Products”) available in various countries. Some of the Products shown may not be available in Australia, or may only be available in a different
specification. Additionally, some Products may only be available in combination with others. Colours may differ slightly from those shown in the brochure,
owing to the limitations of the printing process. Products available while stocks last. Changes may have been made to the Products since this brochure was
printed. The information in this brochure is therefore indicative, illustrative and provided only for guidance and should not be relied upon. For current
information on the availability, design, features and prices of Products available in Australia you should contact your local authorised Mercedes-Benz Dealer.
Safety and Quality.
At Mercedes-Benz the vision of accident-free driving is paramount. Because where
Mercedes-Benz vehicles are concerned, we take the same uncompromising
approach to safety as we do to driving pleasure. There are no compromises when it
comes to developing the range of Genuine Accessories either. Perfectly tailored
to your vehicle and extensively tested by our engineers, the products not only make
an active contribution to your safety but also protect other road users.
The star logo has always signified allure, perfection and responsibility – attributes
which are also reflected in the quality of our accessories, all of which further
enhance our vehiclesʼ style or sportiness – not to mention their already outstanding
comfort. That special sense of design, zeitgeist and attention to detail make a
vehicle a true Mercedes-Benz. From that first outward impression to the inner
attributes. Quality you can sense just by looking, listening, touching – and of
course driving.
Cargo & Care
4 | Exterior
6 | Light-alloy wheels
8 | Add-on parts
10 | Wheel accessories
12 | Interior
14 | Telematics
20 | Interior
22 | Child safety
24 | Cargo & Care
26 | Carrier solutions
30 | Interior stowage
32 | AMG
34 | AMG accessories
The GLE Coupé has a look that turns heads: a flat roof and powerful
contours give it an extraordinary presence. Looking for even more?
With tailor-made Genuine Accessories you will always be the focus
of attention. Get used to attracting more than just the occasional
01 5-twin-spoke wheel.
02 Illuminated running boards.
03 Door handle recesses.
03 04
01 02
05 06
Show time.
Genuine wheels.
Item no.
01 5-twin-spoke wheel.
Finish: vanadium silver.
Option for rear axle:
Wheel: 10.0 J x 21 ET 52 | Tyre: 275/45 R21
Wheel: 11.0 J x 21 ET 38 | Tyre: 315/40 R21
A292 401 1000 7X45
A292 401 1100 7X45
02 5-twin-spoke wheel.
Finish: himalaya grey, high-sheen.
Option for rear axle:
Wheel: 10.0 J x 21 ET 52 | Tyre: 275/45 R21
Wheel: 11.0 J x 21 ET 38 | Tyre: 315/40 R21
A292 401 1400 7X21
A292 401 1500 7X21
03 5-spoke wheel.
Finish: himalaya grey, high-sheen.
Option for rear axle:
Wheel: 10.0 J x 21 ET 52 | Tyre: 275/45 R21
Wheel: 11.0 J x 21 ET 38 | Tyre: 315/40 R21
A292 401 0400 7X21
A292 401 0500 7X21
04 5-twin-spoke wheel.
Finish: himalaya grey, high-sheen.
Option for rear axle:
Wheel: 8.5 J x 20 ET 53 | Tyre: 275/50 R20
Wheel: 8.5 J x 20 ET 29 | Tyre: 275/50 R20
A292 401 0800 7X21
A292 401 0900 7X21
05 10-spoke wheel.
Finish: vanadium silver.
Option for rear axle:
Wheel: 8.5 J x 20 ET 53 | Tyre: 275/50 R20
Wheel: 8.5 J x 20 ET 29 | Tyre: 275/50 R20
A292 401 0200 7X45
A292 401 0300 7X45
06 7-spoke wheel.
Finish: vanadium silver.
Option for rear axle:
Wheel: 8.5 J x 19 ET 57 | Tyre: 265/55 R191
Wheel: 8.5 J x 19 ET 38 | Tyre: 265/55 R191
A292 401 1200 7X45
A292 401 1300 7X45
Choose your favourite wheels online.
Our Accessories Configurator shows you
at a click of the mouse how the various
Mercedes-Benz light-alloy wheels will
look on your vehicle. Visit our website
Only with M + S tyres.
Light-alloy wheels are supplied without tyres, wheel bolts, valve caps or hub caps.
Make your mark.
Genuine add-on parts.
Item no.
01 Illuminated Mercedes star. Let your star shine. Thanks to fibre-optic cables and LED technology, the central star emblem in your Mercedesʼ radiator grille lights up
when you remotely lock/unlock the vehicle or open the door or boot. Only functions when engine is switched off. Not in conjunction with DISTRONIC (Code 233).
02 Fin attachments for bonnet. Eye-catching high-sheen chromed trim. 6-piece set for the air intakes in the bonnet.
on request
A166 880 0082
03 Illuminated running boards. The aluminium-look running boards are a real eye-catcher. They are mounted at the height of the side skirts and make it easier to get
into the vehicle, front and rear. Rubber studs increase safety by preventing slipping.
on request
Door handle recesses. High-sheen door handle recesses in chrome design. Protect the recess behind the door handle from scratches and offer a high-quality,
individual look.
04 Small. Fitted to front doors.
A205 760 4200
05 Large. Fitted to rear doors.
A205 760 4000
Discover a very special extra –
the illuminated Mercedes star –
and make a sparkling impression
as the evening draws in.
01 03
04 07
06 08
Little details. Big impression.
Wheel accessories.
Item no.
Hub caps. Protect the hub from dirt. Available in the following versions:
01 roadster design, blue.
A171 400 0125 5337
02 roadster design, black.
B6 647 0201
03 titanium silver with chrome star.
B6 647 0202
04 himalaya grey with chrome star.
A220 400 0125 7756
05 black with chrome star.
06 matt black with chrome star.
07 RUDmatic DISC snow chain. Luxury, easy-fit snow chain with robust plastic ring to protect the wheel. Top test results with regard to traction,
stopping distances, smoothness, lateral stability and durability.
08 Black valve caps, set of 4. Stylish highlights in a new design. Protect the valves from dirt.
B6 647 0200
A220 400 0125 9283
B6 755 0041
B6 647 2002
09 Black rim locks. Protect your valuable light-alloy wheels from theft. Set consisting of coded key and one lock per wheel.
A001 990 1707
10 Vehicle tool kit. Everything you need to change a wheel – from the wheel wrench to a pair of gloves. All handily stored in a compact bag.
A166 580 0400
Tyre pressure monitor | not pictured. Allows you to carry out a quick tyre pressure check on the road or at home. Keeping tyres at the optimum
pressure saves fuel and reduces tyre wear. Suitable for all motor vehicle tyre valves and for cycle valves. Supplied with leather pouch.
B6 658 8140
Get in, sit back – and enjoy. The interior of the GLE Coupé offers
unlimited opportunities to create a space that is tailored to your
needs. From sports pedals to illuminated door sill panels and
multimedia packages – give your style free rein.
01 Garmin® MAP PILOT.
02 “BABY-SAFE plus II” child seat.
14 interior
You have reached your destination: freedom.
Mercedes-Benz telematics.
With Mercedes-Benz telematics you have the whole world with you on board.
The networking of telecommunication and informatics systems inside the vehicle
makes for a totally new entertainment experience. But thatʼs not all. In addition to
telephone, audio, video and internet, with the Garmin® MAP PILOT, the multi­media
systemʼs high-resolution display delivers navigation at a glance. Itʼs easy to use,
features extremely accurate map data and provides precise routing.
All you have to do is insert the SD card featuring the navigation software and
map data package then input your navigation requirements using the Controller,
the touchpad or voice control, while your Garmin® MAP PILOT takes care of
the rest. And to ensure that you reach your destination safely – even in unfamiliar
regions – there are 3D views with visualisations of streets and buildings plus
junction and lane assistants to make orientation even easier.
Item no.
Garmin MAP PILOT. Transforms your Audio 20 radio into a high-performance navigation system with 3D map views. Garmin MAP PILOT uses the standard-fit 17.8 cm colour
TFT display and can be conveniently operated via the vehicleʼs Controller and the Audio 20 keypad. Available for a whole range of countries. For details and the latest updates,
visit the Mercedes-Benz Shop at
A218 906 2701
Discover more about our telematics
products at http://configurator.
Telephone module
Telephone module +
mobile phone
02 03
05 15
Item no.
01 Mobile-phone holders . When it comes to selecting a mobile phone for your Mercedes-Benz, youʼve never had so much choice. A simple click! is all it takes to replace
the mobile-phone holder. It takes a matter of seconds and is as straightforward as inserting the mobile into the holder itself. Changing your mobile and even alternating
between different models of mobile no longer presents a problem. Enjoy the benefits of Convenience Telephony to the full. Holders are available for a range of popular
mobiles, for example: Apple®: iPhone® 5, iPhone® 4S, iPhone® 4. BlackBerry: 9790 Bold, 9900 Bold, 9780 Bold, 9700 Bold.
For iPhone® 5.
A212 820 2100
02 Universal smartphone holder. The universal smartphone holder allows you to use a variety of different phones in conjunction with the vehicleʼs external aerial.
The size of the holder can be altered at the upper and lower edge to offer the optimum fit for each smartphone. The holder is fitted to the pre-installation in the centre
console as normal and the smartphone is connected to the audio system via Bluetooth®. The inductive aerial in the holder, together with the connection to the
external aerial, ensures optimum reception during phone calls or when using the internet e.g. for MB Apps or internet radio. A list of currently supported phones can be
found at
A222 820 6401
03 Mercedes-Benz Bluetooth® (SAP)1, 2 telephone module. The telephone module ensures that COMAND Online has a fast, stable and secure internet connection
via the integral UMTS module and the direct link to the vehicleʼs external aerial. You can simultaneously talk on the phone, use Mercedes-Benz Apps and have your
text messages read aloud. The telephone module can be used as a permanently installed telephone or as a data modem with all of the functions of Convenience
Telephony (Code 386): it is operated via your multimedia system and uses the personal contact details on your mobileʼs SIM card. With USB interface for power supply.
The telephone module can be operated via the SIM card in your mobile phone or via a SIM card directly inserted into the module.
A212 906 6303
04 COMAND Online with 6-disc DVD changer. Fully integrated high-end multimedia system with 6-disc DVD changer, hard-drive navigation system, internet browser,
telephony plus DVD Video and Music Register, shown on high-resolution 20.3 cm colour TFT display. Can be operated conveniently and safely via your vehicleʼs control
on request
05 Europe navigation DVD for COMAND Online and Garmin® MAP PILOT. Did you know that we update 20% of the information on our navigation media every year?
Changes include new roads and junctions, altered priorities, new points of interest such as filling stations and restaurants and additional countries, above all in
Eastern Europe3.
on request
06 Media Interface consumer cables4. Control your iPod®, your iPhone® or other devices with a micro USB connection via the multifunction steering wheel or your
audio system. Display the song, artist or album/playlist of your choice in the instrument cluster or the monitor of your audio system. And charge your deviceʼs battery –
via the universal interface in the centre console. For further information, go to
A222 820 8800
nly in conjunction with Convenience Telephony (Code 386). 2 SAP (SIM Access Profile) allows the system to access your mobile’s SIM card. 3 For the latest navigation updates, visit our online shop at
O Orders can only be placed and deliveries made within Germany. 4 Only for vehicles with Media Interface (Code 518).
Please ask your Mercedes-Benz partner whether your mobile phone is suitable for use with COMAND Online.
Item no.
01 iPad Docking Station for rear compartment. The mount, which can be tilted and rotated, allows you to position your iPad to suit your requirements, vertically or
horizontally. All of your deviceʼs control elements remain fully accessible. The mount and the supplied protective film for the deviceʼs screen enhance crash safety.
The film also helps prevent the display from being scratched. The mount is very easy to fit to the head restraints without the use of tools. Simply slide the iPad® into
the mount until it latches securely into place. Integral charging option – connect commercial charger to 12 V socket.
For iPad® 4.
A205 820 6500
For iPad® Air.
A205 820 7400
For iPad Air 2.
A205 820 2301
iPad Docking Station for rear compartment | not pictured. The ergonomic, crashproof Docking Station introduces the iPad® and all of its familiar functions to your
Mercedes-Benz. All connections, e.g. for your headphones or charging cable, remain accessible. The mount is fitted to the head restraint and can be tilted and rotated
around 90°. Available for iPad® 2 and iPad® 3.
A218 820 1176
02 Rear Seat Entertainment System, black1. This elegant DVD system allows the rear passengers to watch DVDs, look at their favourite pictures and even play video games
on two superb, tilting 17.8 cm colour screens. Keeping them entertained during your journey – and outside the vehicle, as the monitors can be removed from the mount
with a click and used anywhere with the aid of the 230 V/12 V mains adapter provided. The AV-IN connection and the USB, SD card and AUX interfaces allow other
storage media to be used too. A separately available video cable allows users to watch videos or view images from external sources. Supplied with two sets of infrared
headphones and a remote control. The crashproof, theft-protected docking stations are firmly attached to the seat. Also available as a single monitor set.
A166 870 0796
The system is designed to be retrofitted in your Mercedes-Benz – no factory-fitted pre-installation required.
01 02
01 02
05 06
03 04
08 09
Arrive in style – before you even set off.
Interior accessories.
The GLE Coupé is your own personal comfort zone. You can, for example, extend
the modular head restraint system by adding a coat hanger, universal hook or
folding table. Add to your vehicleʼs practical nature with particularly durable genuine
floor mats. Or underline the GLE Coupéʼs sporty and dynamic side with sports
pedals and illuminated door sill panels.
Item no.
Style & Travel Equipment . These head restraint elements are simple to fit and remove. The modular system centres around a base support which can be combined
with the product of your choice – coat hanger, universal hook or folding table.
01 Base support.
A000 810 3300
02 Coat hanger.
A000 810 3400
03 Universal hook.
A000 814 0000
04 Folding table.
A000 816 0000
05 CLASSIC velour mats, set of 4, black. Elegant, high-quality tufted velour mats, featuring metal badge with Mercedes-Benz lettering.
A166 680 0048 9F87
06 SPORTIV velour mats, set of 4, black. High-quality, sporty polyamide velour with loop pile. Metal badge with Mercedes-Benz lettering on driver and front passenger mats.
A166 680 0448 9G63
07 CLASSIC floor mat trays, set of 3, black. Made of robust, washable plastic to cope with the greatest demands. Covers the entire footwell. The raised edges and
structured surface help keep the floor clean and dry. With distinctive Mercedes-Benz lettering.
A166 680 3501 9051
08 Illuminated door sill panels, white illumination. A distinctive, eye-catching accessory, whether in daylight or at night – thanks to brightly illuminated Mercedes-Benz
lettering, set in an elegant ground stainless steel panel.
09 Sports pedals in stainless steel. High-sheen stainless steel pedals with non-slip stud panel.
Only for vehicles with head restraint posts. Not for vehicles with Code 864 (Rear Seat Entertainment System).
on request
A166 290 2601
Safety. First. Class.
Child safety.
If your seat features automatic front passenger airbag deactivation with seat
occupancy recognition (optional extra Code U10), the front passenger airbag
is automatically deactivated when a child seat is fitted to the front passenger
seat. All child seats can also be used without the ISOFIX attachment system.
Mercedes-Benz child seats are available in the “Limited Black” design.
The covers are washable and very hardwearing. Replacement headrest covers
are available for the “BABY-SAFE plus II”, “DUO plus” and “KIDFIX” child seats in
chilli red and flannel grey.
Item no.
01 “KIDFIX” child seat. Booster seat for optimum side-impact protection, with height-adjustable backrest. The “KIDFIX” seat is secured using the 3-point seat belt and
ISOFIT attachment points. For children between the ages of around 3.5 and 12 (15 to 36 kg).
A000 970 3800 9H95
02 “DUO plus” child seat. Optimum safety for children between the ages of around 8 months and 4 years (9 to 18 kg). Fitted as standard with top tether, an additional belt
for securing the head section, a height-adjustable harness, ventilation channels and ISOFIX attachment points. Adjustable tilt.
A000 970 3700 9H95
03 “BABY-SAFE plus II” child seat. Deep, moulded seat design offers extra side-impact protection for optimum safety. Special padding, designed to protect particularly
vulnerable body areas of children up to around 15 months (up to 13 kg).
A000 970 3600 9H95
Headrest cover. For “KIDFIX” child seat.
04 chilli red
A000 970 0256 3E16
05 flannel grey
A000 970 0256 7N37
Headrest cover | not pictured. For “DUO plus” child seat.
chilli red
A000 970 0356 3E16
flannel grey
A000 970 0356 7N37
Headrest cover | not pictured. For “BABY-SAFE plus II” child seat.
chilli red
A000 970 0156 3E16
flannel grey
A000 970 0156 7N37
03 04
up to
15 months
up to 13 kg
3.5 to
12 years
8 months
to 4 years
15 to 36 kg
9 to 18 kg
01 02
24 cargo & care
Cargo & Care.
Donʼt know where tomorrow will take you? No problem – our range
of perfectly tailored transport systems, including elegant and
aerodynamic roof boxes, was designed with your independent nature
and your vehicleʼs indefatigable spirit in mind.
01 Roof box 450, black metallic.
02 Rear-mounted bicycle rack.
26 cargo & care
Room for adventure. And lots more besides.
Genuine transport solutions.
Item no.
01 Alustyle Quickfix basic carrier bars. Aluminium carrier bars, precision-tailored to the body of your Mercedes‑Benz – the perfect basis for a range of Mercedes‑Benz
transport solutions: ski and snowboard rack, bicycle rack or roof boxes. Fitted in next to no time without the use of tools, thanks to new, innovative quick-release fasteners.
Aerodynamic Mercedes-Benz design with optimised noise level. Crash-tested. Lockable.
A166 890 1593
Transport and stowage bag | not pictured. Robust bag, made from high-quality nylon fabric. Protects your basic carrier bars when stowing or transporting them.
A000 890 0111
Mercedes-Benz roof boxes. Aerodynamic design, tailored to your Mercedes-Benz. Extremely durable material. Designed for quick, optimised attachment to the basic
carrier bars. Particularly convenient loading and unloading thanks to the option of double-sided opening. Lockable on both sides.
02 Mercedes-Benz roof box 330, matt silver. Capacity approx. 330 litres. Maximum load capacity 50 kg1.
A000 840 0400
03 Mercedes-Benz roof box 400. Capacity approx. 400 litres. Maximum load capacity 75 kg1. Handle strip for easier opening and closing.
black metallic
A000 840 0000
matt silver
A000 840 0100
04 Mercedes-Benz roof box 450. Capacity approx. 450 litres. Maximum load capacity 75 kg . Handle strip for easier opening and closing.
black metallic
A000 840 0300
matt silver
A000 840 0200
05 Ski rack insert. Insert for securing your skis – precision-tailored to the internal dimensions of the roof box.
For roof box 330. A secure hold for up to 3 pairs of skis2.
A000 840 4718
For roof box 400. A secure hold for up to 4 pairs of skis2.
A000 890 2193
For roof box 450. A secure hold for up to 5 pairs of skis .
A000 840 4818
06 New Alustyle ski and snowboard rack, Comfort. For up to 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards. Lockable. Practical pull-out function makes loading and unloading easier.
A000 890 0393
07 New Alustyle ski and snowboard rack, Standard. For up to 4 pairs of skis2 or 2 snowboards. Lockable.
A000 890 0493
Please bear in mind your vehicle’s permissible roof load. 2 Subject to geometry of skis.
01 01
50 kg1
75 kg1
75 kg1
Boxes open on both sides for convenient
loading and unloading.
01 01
03 04
cargo & care 29
Top performers in the world of sport.
Genuine bicycle racks.
Item no.
01 Rear-mounted bicycle rack for trailer coupling, folding. Easy-to-use, lockable rear-mounted bicycle rack, designed to provide secure transport for 2 or 3 cycles. Rack
is easy to attach to trailer coupling, and cycles are equally easy to fit to rack. Maximum load capacity of up to 30 kg per rail, making rack suitable for most ebikes.
An ingenious roller mechanism means that the boot can still be opened. The rack is easy to fold for space-saving stowage in the boot, at your holiday accommodation or
at home.
For 2 cycles.
For 3 cycles.
02 New Alustyle bicycle rack1. Extremely lightweight bicycle rack, designed to be attached to the basic carrier bars. Cycles can either be attached to the rack once it is
in place on the roof or before it is fitted. Support frame folds down when not in use to reduce drag when travelling without cycles. Suitable for cycles with a max. frame
diameter of 98 mm (circular frame tubes) or 110 x 70 mm (oval frame tubes).
Distance adapter for bicycle rack | not pictured. Connecting element, required when using the New Alustyle bicycle rack. Easy for the customer to fit.
03 Adapter for trailer. For trailer with 7-pin plug.
04 Electrically folding trailer coupling. High corrosion protection. Max. drawbar load 120 kg.
Please bear in mind your vehicle’s permissible roof load.
A000 890 0300
A000 890 0400
A000 890 0293
A002 990 0399
A000 821 1856
on request
cargo & care
Open up – to a new dimension in organisation.
Genuine boot accessories.
Item no.
01 Concertina bags, black. A practical addition to the EASY-PACK load-securing kit (Code 942): these folding, removable bags in robust, washable nylon fabric offer a
secure hold for your shopping.
A000 890 0611
02 Luggage-securing feature, black. Ingenious solution to the problem of luggage sliding around in the boot. Attaches securely around the object in question thanks to
Velcro fastening.
A001 987 1414
02 Collapsible shopping crate, anthracite.
A203 840 0020
03 Shallow boot tub, black. Made from impact-resistant, non-slip polypropylene. Suitable for transporting foodstuffs. Structured surface holds separately available
stowage crate in place. Vehicleʼs load-securing rings remain accessible.
A292 814 0000
03 Stowage crate, black. A secure hold for items which are liable to tip over or slide around. Optimum functionality only in conjunction with shallow boot tub.
A000 814 0041
04 Concertina load sill protector, black. Protects the rear of the vehicle from scratches when you’re loading up – and prevents dirt from the vehicle from getting onto
your clothes. Practical design – can be secured to shallow boot tub or reversible mat.
A212 680 0246
05 Coolbox. Not only cools but warms too. Cools to up to 20°C below ambient temperature – to max. –2°C. Can be switched to warming function. 24 litres. Can be
connected to 12 V socket in vehicle or to 230 V power source via separately available rectifier.
A000 820 4206
05 Rectifier. Allows the coolbox to be connected to a 230 V socket at home.
A000 982 0021
06 Tie-down strap, black. Adjustable strap with fastener – ideal for securing items to the load-securing rings.
A000 890 0294
07 Reversible mat, black. With one high-quality velour side and one non-slip side Helps keep the original floor of the boot clean. Can be connected to concertina load
sill protector.
A292 684 0300
08 Luggage net, floor of boot, black. Prevents lightweight objects from sliding around during the journey. In pocket format.
A212 868 0374
09 Charger with trickle charge function, 5 A. Checks, charges and revives your battery – even if it’s totally flat. Tailored to your vehicleʼs complex electronic systems.
A000 982 3021
25 A.
A000 982 0321
10 Fluorescent jacket, compact. Optimising safety: this fluorescent yellow jacket with reflective stripes makes you more visible to others.
A000 583 3500
11 Snap-in module, for floor of boot1. Partition your boot to suit your requirements and prevent the contents from sliding around. The brackets can be freely positioned
along the outer edges of the boot floor. The systemʼs telescopic frame provides a secure hold. Factory-fitted pre-installation (Code 942) is not required.
A166 860 0034
With the extension kit for the snap-in module for the boot in place, concertina bags can be fitted in the load area without pre-installation of the load-securing rails (optional extra Code 942).
01 02
05 06
08 09
Even more agility, even more power, even more adventure. Genuine
AMG accessories packages allow you to tailor your new GLE Coupéʼs
distinctive character to your tastes and give your vehicle an even
more sporty and dynamic touch.
01 AMG rear apron. For vehicles with Active Parking Assist.
02 AMG 5-twin-spoke wheel.
05 06
01 04
Show your sporty side.
AMG genuine accessories.
Item no.
AMG bodystyling . A sporty exterior for your GLE Coupé. AMG bodystyling comprises front apron and rear apron.
01 Front apron. For vehicles without Active Parking Assist.
A292 880 8200
Front apron. For vehicles with Active Parking Assist.
A292 880 8300
02 Rear apron. For vehicles without Active Parking Assist.
A292 880 8400
Rear apron. For vehicles with Active Parking Assist.
A292 880 8500
AMG velour floor mats, black. With embroidered AMG lettering.
03 Driver’s mat.
A166 680 2748
Complete set | not pictured.
A166 680 2548
04 AMG door sill panels. In brushed stainless steel. Set of 4 with white LED illumination (only front panels are illuminated).
AMG indoor car cover | not pictured. Silver-coloured, with black AMG logo.
on request
A292 899 0000
Item no.
05 AMG 5-twin-spoke wheel.
Finish: titanium grey, high-sheen.
Rear axle:
Wheel: 10.0 J x 21 ET 52 | Tyre: 275/45 R 21
Wheel: 11.0 J x 21 ET 38 | Tyre: 315/40 R 21
A292 401 1600 7X21
A292 401 1700 7X21
06 AMG 5-twin-spoke wheel.
Finish: black, high-sheen.
Rear axle:
Wheel: 10.0 J x 21 ET 52 | Tyre: 275/45 R 21
Wheel: 11.0 J x 21 ET 38 | Tyre: 315/40 R 21
A292 401 1600 7X23
A292 401 1700 7X23
07 AMG multi-spoke wheel2.
Finish: titanium grey, high-sheen.
Rear axle:
Wheel: 10.0 J x 22 ET 56 | Tyre: 285/40 R 22
Wheel: 11.0 J x 22 ET 40 | Tyre: 325/35 R 22
A292 401 1800 7X21
A292 401 1900 7X21
08 AMG multi-spoke wheel2.
Finish: black, high-sheen.
Rear axle:
Wheel: 10.0 J x 22 ET 56 | Tyre: 285/40 R 22
Wheel: 11.0 J x 22 ET 40 | Tyre: 325/35 R 22
A292 401 1800 7X23
A292 401 1900 7X23
09 AMG 5-twin-spoke wheel2.
Finish: black, high-sheen.
Rear axle:
Wheel: 10.0 J x 22 ET 56 | Tyre: 285/40 R 22
Wheel: 11.0 J x 22 ET 40 | Tyre: 325/35 R 22
A292 401 2000 7X23
A292 401 2100 7X23
Available from 3rd quarter of 2015. 2 Available from 1st quarter of 2016.
Light-alloy wheels are supplied without tyres, wheel bolts, valve caps or hub caps.
Bitte Hänlderstempelfeld bei der
Veredelung aussparen zwecks
Aufbringung des Stempels.
July 2015.
Please note: changes may have been made to the products since this publication went to press (05/2015). The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the design, form,
colour and specification during the delivery period, provided these changes, while taking into account the interests of the vendor, can be deemed reasonable with respect to the
purchaser. Where the vendor or the manufacturer uses symbols or numbers to describe an order or the subject of an order, no rights may be derived solely from these. The illustrations
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