Dear Parent/Driver: Do you know if you are using your car seat safely

SAMPLE Child Care Transportation Policy
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Primary responsibility: To keep children safe while traveling in a motor vehicle.
1. The Transportation Agreement should be discussed and signed by caregiver(s) upon
enrollment in program.
2. If there is concern that a child cannot be transported safely, take the following steps:
a. If the transporting caregiver appears intoxicated/impaired, read the signed
Transportation Agreement to him/her. Refer to list of authorized persons allowed to
transport the child according to the Transportation Agreement. If none of the
transporters is available, call a cab or other commercial service to pick up the child,
car seat, and caregiver, who will pay for the fare, as per the signed agreement.
b. If it comes to the attention of the childcare provider that the transporting caregiver
does not have a car seat, read the signed Transportation Agreement to the
caregiver/transporter. Arrange to extend care of the child while parent/transporter
goes to get a car seat.
3. If the parent refuses to cooperate in either situation, document the situation thoroughly, refer
to supervisor as appropriate, and call 911.
4. Additional child passenger safety rules:
a. Do not help the parent put the car seat in the car, or help buckle a child into a car seat,
unless staff person is a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician. (Or unless
otherwise trained and the staff person is listed in program policies as authorized to
take these steps and has the appropriate tools to do so—safety seat checkup form to
document process, instructions for the safety seat, and recall list.)
b. If the agency has a car seat loan program, different policies and procedures may
apply. (Contact SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A. for more information on setting up a program.)
Adapted with permission from Tom Copeland –
SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A.
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