PDV-100 Portable Digital Vibrometer Truly Portable Laser

PDV-100 Portable Digital Vibrometer
PDV-100 Portable Digital Vibrometer
Truly Portable Laser Vibration Measurement
Product Brochure
The PDV-100 Portable
Digital Vibrometer is the
truly portable, batterypowered digital laser
vibrometer for field studies and quick and easy
condition monitoring of
machines and facilities.
The PDV-100 measures vibrational velocities without contact
in the frequency range up to 22 kHz. The high vibrational
velocity resolution of 0.02 µm/s in combination with the
high level of linearity across the entire frequency range
provides you with a sturdy and reliable mobile vibration
analysis tool.
The Polytec Company
50 years of innovation, performance and quality ensures
Polytec’s continued role as the leading supplier of optical,
non-contact vibration measurement solutions. As technology leader for about 30 years Polytec has set the
standards worldwide for the very best products in laser
Doppler vibrometry. For decades, Polytec systems are
established tools in research and industrial applications.
We are surrounded by sounds and
vibrations: Every product and every
creature emits or responds with its
own distinctive vibrations. Analyzing the dynamic behavior of these
structures is key for a comprehensive
research, product development and
quality assessment.
Truly Portable
Laser Vibration Measurement
Non-contact vibration measurement for fast
and easy analysis in the field
Truly portable, robust and reliable vibration
sensor with laser precision
Versatile with a frequency range up to 22 kHz
Three velocity measuring ranges for maximum
resolution up to 0.02 µm/s
Outstanding linearity and precision thanks
to digital electronics
Variable stand-off distances from 0.09 to 30 m
Visible and eye-safe laser for easy positioning
and adjustment
Point, Shoot and Measure
A reliable tool for many applications
Vibration measurements are made easy with the PDV-100.
After focusing the laser beam on the vibrating object, the
suitable measurement range can be set with push buttons.
An illuminated display shows the selected range, the
measurement signal level (amount of light returning
to the sensor), and, if applicable, velocity over-range
and low-battery warnings. Selectable high and low pass
frequency filters condition the velocity signal to suppress
low-frequency background vibrations or unwanted
high-frequency signals. The analog velocity output
interfaces to conventional analog signal processing
and recording equipment.
If you are looking for a portable multi purpose, non-contact
vibration measurement system the PDV-100 is the ideal
solution. In combination with lightweight signal processing equipment and the PDV-BS transportation bag
providing a battery for nominal 5 hours operation time,
machinery vibrations even on difficult to access or
hazardous objects can conveniently and safely be
Non-contact and highly precise
vibration measurement based
on the laser Doppler principle.
Advantages of digital signal processing
Excellent velocity resolution up to 0.02 µm/s
Outstanding measurement linearity and accuracy
Demodulation principle independent of aging and
environmental influences
Unequalled longterm calibration stability
Digital low pass output filters with excellent
How it works: Laser Doppler Vibrometry
If a light beam is reflected by a moving object, the frequency of the light is shifted proportional to its velocity,
a phenomenon referred to as the Doppler shift. Through
this process, the velocity information becomes coded in
the frequency of the light and is subsequently used by
the laser Doppler vibrometry to measure the vibration. A
precision interferometer and digital decoding electronics
transform the frequency shift into a voltage signal that
can be processed by standard data acquisition systems.
A significant property of the technology, the velocity
information is independent of the intensity of the reflected light; hence, the robust measuring principle
works well even for objects with low reflectivity surfaces.
Vibration Analysis in the Field
Predictive maintenance
of machinery
Multi purpose field testing
PDV-100 enables a reliable and precise
vibration analysis, e.g. for condition
monitoring, predictive maintenance
of machinery, civil engineering studies
and quality control.
Condition monitoring in the field at
distances up to 30 m especially for
hard-to-access areas or from safe
Predictive maintenance of machinery,
tools and installations in challenging
industrial environments
Non-contact vibration analysis without
influencing sensitive or biological
samples, e. g. studying insect communication and behaviour.
Operating vehicles, trains
or airplanes
Scientific expeditions
Buildings, bridges or other
large outdoor structures
Packages & Accessories
Use the stand-alone compact laser sensor
with your existing data aquisition systems
and analysis software.
PDV-100 Plus
The PDV-100 Plus is a ready-to-use package comprising the laser sensor and Vib-Soft-20 USB data
acquisition with data analysis software. Connect
your laptop or personal computer, and analyze
vibrating structures onsite, wherever you are.
PDV-100 Education Kit
The PDV-100 Vibrometer Education Kit is
designed to introduce non-contact vibration
measurement to students, young researchers
and tomorrow’s innovators with experimental
measurements using the innovative technology
of laser vibrometers. Like the PDV-100 Plus
package this EduKit comes with VibSoft-20 USB
data acquisition with data analysis software
and includes two experimental setups to start
learning right away.
2018/02 - Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.
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