Teledial HSK
Telephone Line Powered
Exclusively telephone line powered
Coded dials allow up to 400 resi-
dent codes up to 16 digits long.
Armored metal keypad.
Remotely programmable from any
When more than one Teledial HSK is programmed to call
a central station, it is possible to automatically determine which unit has called. The person answering the
call simply presses the '#' key on their telephone which
causes the Teledial to send its 4 digit site ID code. The
audible tones can then be decoded and displayed on
special equipment such as the Trigon DECODER III@. The
location of the caller will then be pin pointed.
The Teledial HSK can be programmed to call any number up to 16 digits long. Programming is accomplished
by calling the unit from a touch-tone telephone. An authorized person can change the auto dialed telephone
number as required by simply calling the unit, and issuing a new number. The unit may also be called to perform diagnostic tests, and verify all programmed operation parameters.
Assistance telephone at remote financial installations...ATM's and more...
Information telephone at retail and service
Auxiliary communications at restricted entrances.
Guest arrival telephone at private clubs.
Rental telephone for remotely managed storage facilities.
Self-service order telephone for catalog show
rooms, golf courses, fast food service, car
Use for any point-to-point communications.
Main office contact telephone for personnel
at remote sites such as pump stations, relay
sites, and more.
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- Telephone Line Powered
touch-tone telephone.
Sophisticated electronic design
defies tampering and tone injection dialing attempts.
Site ID Code capability allows
identification of the caller's location.
Constructed of non-corroding
grade #316 Stainless Steel with
'tamper resistant' security screws.
Surface mount for easy installation.
The user simply lifts the handset on the Teledial HSK, and
enters one of up to 400 code numbers listed on a separate directory. When the Teledial HSK finishes dialing and
the call is answered, normal telephone conversation
can begin.
Teledial HSK
The Teledial HSK is a handset type, auto dialer that
dials a programmed telephone number when the
resident code is entered. Constructed of durable
stainless steel, the Teledial HSK is ideally suited for use
by the general public.
Compact in size, this unit is completely phone line
powered and is not designed to share a phone line
with any other device. It is well suited for a wide variety of communication points such as bank ATM's, service request kiosks, and more.
Changes in the unit's program operation are made
by calling the unit from a touch-tone telephone and
accessing the program mode with a user selectable
access code.
Teledial HSK
Telephone Line Powered
Design- Hands-free style telephone with
internal auto dial capability.
Capacity - Telephone number up to 16
digits in length. Up to 400 Coded users
Power - Telephone-line powered.
Programming - Remote1y via touch-tone
System Security - Program access code
required to enter program mode. Design
prevents unauthorized dialing...even via
tone injection.
Site ID - Programmable 4 digit code.
Telephone Line - Standard touch-tone,
dedicated or extension line.
Mounting - Surface or Flush Mounting.
Construction . Non-corroding # 316
Stainless Steel enclosure and back plate
with 'tamper resistant' security screws, armored cable handset
Operating Temperature - -5° F to + 120° F
Accessories / Options:
Line Filter - Suppresses RFl / EMl from input
power line.
Flush Mount Back Box with Bezel - Used to
flush mount unit into a wall or other surface. Bezel enhances flush mount appearance.
Lighted Hood - LE.D. lighting used as an aid
for outdoor , pole, or pedestal mounting.
Braille Plate - Emergency Telephone Plate
for ADA compliance.
DECODER III- Desktop device decodes and
displays Site ID information.
Trigon Consolidator - Call routing and
switching system. Allows multiple units to
operate with few, or with no, outside lines.
Dimensions / Hookup:
Fiber Optic Compatible International Fiber Systems model #s;
TT 2010, TR 2010, IT 20IOWDM, TR 20IOWDM, TT
2030, TR 2030, TT 2030WDM, TR 2030WDM
PH: (951) 371-1730 ● FAX (951) 371-2592 ● 255 Glider Circle, Corona CA 92880