January 11, 2013
Connecting a Garmin Serial Data/Power Cable to a Field Scout
Field Scout Meters with Data Logging Capability
Garmin GPS72 and GPS76 model GPS receivers have the ability to output a GPS data stream to
Field Scout meters. An accessory cable (Garmin Part # 010-10141-00) is available for these receivers
that allow them to be connected directly to a Spectrum Technologies GPS/DGPS cable (Item
2950CV5). This cable has a unique round connector that has an equivalent socket on the above
mentioned receiver models. Garmin produces other GPS receivers with the necessary serial output
(NMEA 0831) that do not have the socket necessary to use this cable. For these meters, customers
can use the Garmin the Garmin Serial Data/Power Cable (Part # 010-11131-00). This item can be
purchased directly from Garmin.
This bulletin describes how to wire the Garmin cable to a Spectrum Technologies stereo plug (item #
3661). Because the port on the GPS receivers requires a powered connection, you will also need a 9
volt alkaline battery.
The stereo plug connections to the Garmin cable are is as follow are shown in Table 1. See Figure 1
on the next page for a diagram.
DESCRIPTION Serial Data Out Serial Data In Serial Ground 8-­‐36 Volts DC Ground GARMIN CABLE Yellow Wire White Wire Green Wire Red Wire Black Wire 3.5 mm STEREO PLUG Tip Ring Base Battery Positive (+) Battery Negative (-­‐) Table 1
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Figure 1
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