PROFILE Flexible Pro16xD Fire Alarm Panel

PROFILE Flexible
Pro16xD Fire
Alarm Panel
The PROFILE Flexible range of fire alarm control panels provide
a great deal of flexibility in terms of hardware configuration,
scalability and feature set. They are easy to operate, easy to install,
easy to service and provide the system designer with a wide range
of practical engineering solutions.
The system can be tailored to specific needs and is expandable
when requirements change. Remote connectivity and backwards
compatibility make it a future proof investment with long term
support and reduced life time cost.
PROFILE Flexible is a highly featured digital addressable fire alarm
system with an advanced TFT colour touch-screen user interface
that is ergonomically engineered specifically for fire alarm control.
Operation of the touch screen is possible with or without gloves
and provides easy-to-use, intuitive user controls including keyless
log-on using RFID cards.
The Pro16xD is expandable from 4 to 16 loops and can support 2000 addresses in total
which makes it ideal for mid size facilities. Ample loop power is available to meet the
increasing demand for visual alarms in addition to traditional audible alarms.
Practicalities such as the layout of a building or the number of alarm devices will
often dictate the useable size of a detection loop and can result in unused capacity.
In order to optimise loop capacity, PROFILE Flexible offers a system design solution.
Addressable loops can be connected as shared power (SP) loops or combined as
high power (HP) loops. The system designer can allocate all available power and 250
addresses to a single HP loop, or share resources across two SP loops. This level of
optimisation can significantly reduce total installed system cost.
ZETTLER PROFILE’s robust loop protocol can operate in the harshest of environments.
Essential for system upgrades, existing cables can be reused, significantly reducing
the cost of replacing a system.
Optional zonal displays and additional approved back-up power supplies are easily
added to accommodate the widest range of customer, regulatory and engineering
needs. For networked systems, not all panels would require a graphical user interface.
A Black-Box version, the Pro16xBB without a GUI provides an economical solution.
Ease and speed of installation has been engineered into the electrical and mechanical
design of PROFILE Flexible to reduce the installation, service and consequently the
total lifetime cost of ownership. Each enclosure employs an easy-mount frame to
enable one person installation.
The built-in power supply provides 5.0A of usable power and the panel can
accommodate 38Ah batteries. An optional power housing, matching the design of the
panel enclosure can accommodate additional 38Ah batteries and second 5.0A power
supply. A second optional expansion housing can accommodate zonal displays and
ancillary modules.
Any combination of up to 99 PROFILE panels can be networked together using copper
or fibre-optic medium to provide seamless integration across the most complex facility.
// 8.4” TFT colour touch screen multilingual
user interface - Architecturally attractive and
fully programmable
// E
rgonomic icon display - simple to operate
user interface eliminates operator errors
// T
ouch sensitive status LED’s provide event
summary information - Instant access to
detailed event information
// C
ontext sensitive help and on screen
operator instructions - reduces the need
for user training and provides support for
infrequent users
// U
ser configurable on screen site maps no need for additional site plans
// P
rogrammable graphic quiescent display opportunity for customer branding
// C
omprehensive point management and
disable functions - gives the user full control
and reduces service and maintenance effort
// S
electively view or print from the extensive
10,000 event log using dynamic filters effective event diagnostics to quickly resolve
site investigations
// K
eyless log-on using RFID tags - identifies
and logs user actions
// B
lack-Box versions with a minimum display
provide economical network solutions
// Optional, programmable 40 or 80 way
zonal LED display – adaptable for different
markets requirements
// Selective loop configurations and loop
power options – allows economical and
flexible system designs
// Optional cloud based communications using
GPRS and TCP/IP – global secure
management of the system
// Easy-mount frame permits one
person installation
// Slot card arrangement for expansion for
easier installation and service
Safer. Smarter. Tyco.™
Number of loops Addresses per loop Total number of addresses No of zonal LEDs (Optional) No of zones supported No of expansion card slots Dimensions HxWxD mm
Panel Expansion power housing Weight - excluding batteries
Panel Expansion power housing Colour
Housing RAL Control Facia 4 to 16
Configurable up to 250
40 or 80
Optional PBB801
RAL 7053
Pantone Grey 431C
Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Relative Humidity, continuous, non-condensing EMC/RFI -5°C to +40°C
-20°C to +70°C
95% RH
EN50130-4 EN61000-6-3
Supply Voltage Input Current 230VAC 50/60Hz
3.2A Max.
Product Code
PROFILE Flexible modular housing panel
PROFILE Flexible modular housing Black-Box panel
PROFILE 4 Loop expansion slot card
PROFILE PSU interface and battery charger slot card
PROFILE Network interface slot card
Fibre optic module for use with PNI800
40 way PROFILE Zonal display
80 way PROFILE Zonal display
PROFILE Expansion box with ANXX door aperture
PROFILE Battery box with 5A PSU
PROFILE Ancillary expansion box
PROFILE Ethernet switch
PROFILE Fibre optic switch single mode
PROFILE Fibre optic switch multi mode
PROFILE Expansion housing with printer
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