VS Controllers
How the DevilsOwn™
Alcohol Injection System works:
The DevilsOwn™ Alcohol Injection System begins with a connection to
a supply tank containing a methanol/water mixture. We
recommend DevilsOwn Brew for use with our products. This mixture is
pumped at high pressure through the tubing to the nozzle holder. The
amount of alcohol and water that is injected through the nozzle is easily
adjusted by means of metering the nozzle.
The DevilsOwn™ Alcohol Injection System is designed to work as a
bolt-on kit for stock or mildly modified vehicles. A mildly modified
vehicle includes those header upgrades, exhaust upgrades, air filter kits,
etc. If major engine modifications have been performed a dual nozzle
upgrade may be required for safe alcohol system operation. Major
engine modifications would include larger turbochargers, superchargers,
aftermarket cylinder heads, head porting, camshafts, intake manifolds,
Kit Contents
1 VS Progressive Controller
1 250PSI Recirculating Pump
6ft Wire Loom
15ft Nylon Hose
1 Sticker Pack
12in Boost tubing
Mechanical Bag
1 Black Check Valve
1 Black Nozzle Holder
2 Micro Droplet Nozzles
4 #10 x 1-1/2”, Screws
1 Self Sealing Tank Tap
DevilsOwn Injection
Electrical Bag
4 Blue Posi-Tap™
2 Red Posi-Tap™
1 In Line Fuse Holder
4 6” Long Zip Ties
1 10amp Fuse
Tools Needed
• Drill with 7/8” and 11/32” bits
• 1/8 NPT tap
• 18mm, 7/16”, and 9/16wrench
• 1/4” socket with ratchet
• Marker
• Wire cutters
• Electrical tape
• Multi-meter (Optional)
Read this pre-installation guide before installing kit.
Not doing so can cause damage to this
product or your vehicle.
Work safely. Always wear eye protection and gloves when working with lines
or hoses that contain pressurized alcohol or fuel. Never transport alcohol
tanks loose in a trunk, in the back of a pick-up truck, or especially NOT within
a vehicle’s interior whether the tank is full OR empty. Always disconnect the
GROUND side of the battery when working on any electrical components.
Alcohol Injection won’t fix problems you already have. Before you install
your alcohol system, be sure your engine is in good mechanical condition.
Intermittent wiring problems, etc., can lead to erratic system performance and
possible engine damage.
DO NOT use Teflon sealing tape on any fittings in a DevilsOwn™ Alcohol
Injection System. It is easy for Teflon tape to get pulled into the system causing
blockages that can ultimately lead to incorrect alcohol system performance and
potentially engine damage. Only use liquid thread sealer for all NPT type fittings
if not already applied.
DO NOT attempt to start your engine if alcohol has been accidentally injected
into the engine while it was not running. If this occurs, disable all of the
ignition coils by unplugging the leads going to them. Push the accelerator
pedal to widely open throttle and hold it there. While engaging the starter,
turn over the engine for several seconds to clear the alcohol from the engine,
and then reconnect the coils. Failure to do this before attempting to restart
the engine could lead to a dangerous intake system backfire.
Never defeat operation of the pump’s bypass switch: It is required for
proper pump pressure output. Never bypass, drill, machine, shim, deform,
scratch, drop, or modify a pump’s pressure switch in ANY way whatsoever!
DevilsOwn Injection
Quick Start Guide and Checklist
Fluid Tank
❑ Remove factory washer fluid tank
❑ Drill 7/8" hole in tank and install supplied self sealing bulkhead.
❑ Reinstall fluid tank
❑ Mount pump using supplied screws (as near the tank as possible)
❑ Attach ground wire to frame.
❑ Remove engine component where nozzle will be installed
❑ Drill 11/32" hole in component
❑ Install filter in nozzle
❑ Install nozzle into engine component
❑ Reinstall engine component
❑ Run tubing from tank to pump, leaving slack (avoid hot & moving
❑ Find a place in line for check valve, cut tubing, and install
❑ Attach holders to nozzles
Progressive Controller
❑ Disconnect battery
❑ Mount progressive controller
❑ Black connects wire to chassis ground
❑ Pink wire connects to 12 battery on power
❑ Purple wire connects to pump’s positive wire (red)
❑ Orange wire connects to 12v battery power
❑ Yellow wire connects to a float sensor (if being used)
❑ Hook up boost port to vacuum/boost line
Optional Fluid Level Switch
❑ Drill 7/8" hole in fluid tank, 1" from bottom of tank
❑ Place switch inside tank and screw in place
❑ Run one wire to chassis ground
❑ Run other wire to yellow wire of controller
DevilsOwn Injection
Section 1: Fluid Bottle
Figure 1: Tank Placement
Remove the factory washer fluid tank from the car, if possible, for ease of
access. On a flat side of the tank, locate a place for the self sealing
bulkhead fitting that is free of obstructions. (The best and recommended
spot is either the side or the front of the tank.) Using a 7/8" drill bit, drill a
hole in a flat location and simply place it in and hand tighten. In order to
maintain a leak-free seal, this must be done on a flat area. DO NOT
place the tank tap in the seam line of the tank. Doing so can cause leaks.
Turn the tank tap fitting clockwise until it is flush with the washer fluid
tank. NO tools are needed to install. DO NOT use any tools to tighten.
Regardless of where the tank is mounted (under hood, in trunk, etc.), we
recommend mounting the pump near the tank. DevilsOwn pumps are
pusher type pumps and they work best when placed as close to the tank as
DevilsOwn Injection
Section 2: Pump Installation
Figure 2: Pump placement
The DevilsOwn pump should be mounted below and as close to the
reservoir (tank) as possible using four of the #10 × 1½" screws. Make
sure to mount the pump away from heat, moisture and road debris.
Because the pump will work at any angle, installation angle does not
matter. Notice on top of the black pump housing, there are two arrows
indicating the direction of fluid flow to and from the pump. The port with
an arrow pointing towards the pump housing is the pump inlet (suction).
This is the line coming from the reservoir tank. The port with an arrow
pointing away from the pump housing is the pump outlet (pressure).
This is the line going to the check valve or optional solenoid.
The pump must be primed to remove air from the lines. This can be
done by removing the check valve, then applying a ground and power
to turn the pump on.
Run the red wire from the pump directly to the battery. The fuse is
installed between the red wire of the pump and the battery.
DevilsOwn Injection
Section 3: Nozzle Selection
Start with the lowest nozzle setting and work your way up. This ensures if
you have any tuning issues to work out on your vehicle, they will get sorted
out using a smaller amount of alcohol and will therefore be less likely to
cause engine damage. Once the car works well on the small amount, then
it will be safer to try a larger nozzle.
It is possible that while during driving, the vehicle will experience engine
bucking. This bucking is caused by either too much fluid being injected or
not enough air to accommodate what is being injected. To remedy the
problem, do one of the following.
1. Adjust the controller start knob to inject at a higher boost level.
2. Adjust the controller full knob to inject at a higher boost level.
3. Use a smaller injection nozzle.
Correctly Installed
Figure 3: Nozzle mounted into nozzle holder
DevilsOwn Injection
Incorrectly Installed
Section 4: Nozzle Installation
DevilsOwn strongly advises placing the nozzle AFTER the Mass Air
sensor and/or an air-to-air intercooler if equipped.
On most turbocharged or CSC applications, DevilsOwn users place the
nozzle in the outlet of the intercooler. If an intercooler is not present, the
nozzle can be placed in any accessible location before the throttle body.
This will not damage supercharged applications with a liquid heat
exchanger in the manifold. On these applications, it is recommended to
put the nozzle a few inches in front of the throttle body or after it in a
spacer. Remember, every car is different!
If possible, remove the component where the nozzle is to be installed
from the engine. Be careful not to damage your engine during parts
removal. Using an 11/32” drill bit, drill a hole at the selected location. If
drilling through thicker metal like a throttle body or an intake manifold,
use a 1/8” NPT tap. If going through thinner material, the nozzle can
sometimes just thread right into it. Alternatively, you can have a 1/8”
NPT bung welded in at any exhaust shop. If running dual nozzles this
step will need to be repeated.
Before placing the nozzle into the intake, be sure to tighten the filter. Do
not over tighten this filter screen to the nozzle housing as this will cause
reduced flow from the nozzle. The filter side is the inlet side of the nozzle
and the side with the small hole is the spraying side. Like before, the
nozzle should turn by hand 1/2 way, then only need another 2-3 turns
with a wrench to achieve a leak free seal.
DevilsOwn Injection
Section 5: Tubing
Run the tubing from the tank to the pump, leaving the excess at the tank.
Be sure to keep the tubing clear of hot areas and moving parts that could
damage the hose. Mark the hose at the desired length with a few inches
of slack and cut the hose, making sure the ends are cut squarely. If the
ends are burred you can clean them up with a file or sharp blade.
Slide the tubing into the push-to-connect on the pump and then into the
tank. With the push-to-connect used on the DevilsOwn pumps, the
tubing can be easily removed by pressing in on the sleeve and lightly
pulling on the tubing.
Run the tubing from the pump to the nozzle leaving the excess at the
nozzle. Attach the check valve in line, and then attach to the nozzle
holder. Attach the nozzle holder assembly to the nozzle.
DevilsOwn Injection
Section 6: DevilsOwn Progressive Controller
The DevilsOwn Progressive Controller injects water/methanol according
to the intake manifold pressure (boost).
Electrical connection
• Black wire goes to chassis (body) ground
(Be sure to get a metal on metal connection!)
• Pink wire goes to constant 12v Battery source
• Purple wire goes to the pump’s Positive (red) wire.
• Orange wire goes to 12v Ignition source. Verify the source does not
turn off during cranking of the vehicle before using.
• Yellow wire is for hooking any ground signal input, such as a fluid
level sensor.
• Brown wire goes to optional solenoid valve.
Boost Pressure port
To hook up the boost tubing, attach the 1/8” vacuum tubing to barb
fitting attached to the controller and run it to a vacuum/pressure source
under the hood. (A small amount of lubricant will help the tubing slide
onto the barb.) Tee off and attach.
To REMOVE the tubing off the barb of the boost tube, cut a slit in the
tubing where it is connected to the barb. DO NOT pull on the tubing from
inside of the controller. You can damage parts on the inside.
Failure to properly remove the tubing from the boost port, Or removing
the tubing off the sensor inside the controller will result in the one year
warranty being voided.
If you are unsure about properly removing the tubing, please contact
DevilsOwn Injection
Wire Connections:
Figure 5: (courtesy Posi-Tap)
Shows instructions on how to
use the Posi-Tap connecters
that are included with this
DevilsOwn Injection
What the LED Lights mean
Blue – Power LED - This will be illuminated anytime there is power to the
orange wire and the black wire is grounded.
 Any time a ground signal is applied to the yellow wire it will blink the
blue led.
 Any time the left knob is in the off position this light will be off..
Red – PWM Output LED’s - These leds will light up proportional to
amount of PMW the controller is commanding the pump to run at.
When the controller starts out at the min boost pressure the first led will
light up. As boost build up towards the max psi setting and above all the
leds will be lit up.
Section 7: Fluids
Recommended fluid to be used with our alcohol injection system:
Methanol M100, Grain alcohol
Ethanol E100, Denatured alcohol
-20 to -30 windshield washer fluid
Rubbing alcohol
Distilled water
DO NOT use the following at any time in the system
VP brand M3 and M5 methanol
Any type of windshield washer fluid containing glycol “De-Icer”
Tap water is not approved.
DevilsOwn Injection
Section 8: Optional Parts
Self-Sealing Float Switch (optional)
On the side of the tank, drill a 7/8” hole a
minimum of 1” from the bottom of tank. Place the
self-sealing float switch inside the opening. Make
sure the arrow on the side of the switch is
pointing down. Tighten slightly past hand tight.
Do not over tighten. Note the 2 wires coming out
of the switch. Take one wire and run it directly to
ground. Take the other wire and hook up to the
ground of an LED or a yellow
wire of the controller.
Dual nozzle (optional)
With this option, the check valve is removed from
the nozzle holder and placed before the Y union.
We recommend placing both nozzles at 180 degs.
of each other.
Solenoid (optional)
Attach the one of the black wires directly to 12v
power. Attach the other black wire to the blue wire
of our controller. If you are not using a controller,
attach one wire to the red wire of the pump, and
the other wire to a ground. Place the 1/8” fittings
into the solenoid. Cut your tubing and place it
Nozzle Mounting Adapter (optional)
Drill a 9/16" hole in your intake tube. Pop it in and
tighten. Make sure to coat the threads with Loctight. Has an integrated O ring to eliminate boost
DevilsOwn Injection
Important: When system is activated, if something doesn’t feel or sound
right, BACK OFF! If you hear any detonation or feel anything unusual; get off
the throttle. It is substantially easier to stop and check everything over than it
is to just try to drive through it and damage expensive parts. Do not activate
or have the system activated when you hit the stock rev limiter. The stock
rev limiter is a fuel cutoff. If you cut fuel while you’re injecting alcohol, the
engine instantly becomes very lean. This momentary lean condition has the
potential of causing engine damage.
Avoid detonation at all times. Although alcohol reduces the possibility of
detonation, adding more boost and timing associated with adding an
alcohol injection kit makes detonation a factor again. Proper tuning
techniques should eliminate this.
Initial Start-up:
Hook the vehicle’s batteries back up. Plug the fuse into the harness. Fill
the tank with your choice of water or water/methanol mixture. Turn the
key to the vehicle to the on position. The controller’s red LED light will
light up.
Adjusting the Controller: The DevilsOwn™ Progressive Controller has 2
adjustments: a turn-on adjustment knob on the left and a max knob on
the right. DevilsOwn suggests starting off with the turn-on point around
1/4 of your max PSI and the max knob adjusted at 3/4 of your max psi.
How to adjust spray levels: The DevilsOwn™ Universal Progressive
Alcohol System is designed for multiple power levels. Changing nozzles
sizes control these power levels. To change the spray output, simply
install the appropriate nozzle size. There is an allen screw on the top of
the pump that can be adjusted clockwise or counter clockwise to raise or
lower the line pressure.
The pumps come pre-set at 200PSI. To increase pump pressure to
250PSI, turn the allen screw a quarter of a turn to the right. To decrease
pressure to 150PSI, turn the allen screw a quarter of a turn to the left.
DevilsOwn Injection
Special Notice
DevilsOwn reserves the right to, at any time or without prior notification or
liability, change or improve the design of any product, add products or
discontinue products.
Any such acts will not give rise to an obligation to accept returns of (except those
returns specifically provided for herein) or to update the design of any such prior
DevilsOwn Limited Warranty
DevilsOwn warrants our products 365 days from the original date of
purchase to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. If, during
this period, the product fails under normal use due to manufacturing defect,
then DevilsOwn will replace or repair the item.
To obtain repair or replacement under the terms of this warranty, notify us
by email or by phone (405) 470-4356
For an (RMA) Returned Material Authorization. No products will be
considered for warranty without a copy of the purchase receipt showing the
sellers name, address, and date of purchase provided you are the original
RMA number must be labeled on all boxes as Returned Goods.
All implied warranties, including the warranty of merchantability, are limited
to the same 365-day period from the date of original purchase. DevilsOwn
is not liable for any direst or consequential loss or property damage arising
from any use of this product. This warranty gives you specific legal rights;
you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.
Products returned due to misuse/neglect and products tested with no
problems found are subject to a handling/testing charge.
Getting Help with your Install
If you have any questions, concerns or comments on the Devils Own Alky/Water
Injection Kit and/or the installation instructions, please visit the DevilsOwn Web
site at and click on the forum link. Please browse the
FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) section for additional information that may
be helpful prior to contacting us. Otherwise, you can always contact us at:
DevilsOwn Injection
Update : November 27, 2012
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