SAILOR Satellite TV Antenna Cables
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SAILOR Satellite TV Antenna Cables
This document describes which antenna cables that are recommended for the SAILOR 60/90
Satellite TV antennas.
This guide is intended for the purchaser of the cables needed for a SAILOR 60/90 Satellite TV
Specifications for the
RF cables:
The RF cables for at SAILOR Satellite TV antenna must meet following specifications:
Recommended RF
antenna cables:
Connector: F-male
Impedance: 75 Ohm
Maximum cable loss @ 2150MHz: 15 dB
Outdoor use: UV resistant
Indoor use: LSZH (Low Smoke, Zero Halogen)
Figure 1 shows some examples of cable manufacturers with the recommended RF cable length and
types listed.
Cable length
Cable Type
Up to 50 meter
N71CU/PE Zero Halogen
(Part number 32087)
Up to 50 meter
Up to 50 meter
Denmark, Norway,
Sweden, Germany,
Austria, Bulgaria,
Cyprus, Czech
Republic, Denmark,
Greece, Hong Kong,
Latvia, Portugal,
Russia, Slovak
Republic, Slovenia,
United Kingdom.
Italy and most of
Figure 1: RF Cables
The data sheets for each of the RF cables are appended at the end of this document or can be found
on the cable manufacturers’ web site.
Data cable:
The data cable to between the ACU and ADU must be supplied by Thrane & Thrane.
The standard data cable that comes with the SAILOR Satellite TV systems is 25 meter long. If a
longer cable is needed then this has to be ordered separately with additional cost.
Following other lengths of data cable can be ordered from Thrane & Thrane:
50 meter, order number: 403760A-947 Opt. 947, Control Cable 50m
See Thrane & Thrane standard price list for further details.
DC Power Cable:
The SAILOR 60/90 Satellite TV DC Power cable is not supplied by Thrane & Thrane. It is up to the
installer to supply this.
The cable must be a two wire DC Power cable that can carry 24 VDC and 5 Ampere.
A cable area of 0.75 mm² should be used up to 25 meter. Above 25 meter 1.5mm² is recommended.
Recommended DC Power cables:
25 meter – 0.75mm²
50 meter – 1.5mm²
For further details please consult the installation manual that came with the SAILOR Satellite TV
Information in this document is subject to change without notice and
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SAILOR Satellite TV Antenna Cables
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