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ƒƒPerfect match with our Basler cameras
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ƒƒProfessional consultancy through
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Basler’s Components Enhance Your Vision
For the best image quality you need components which work perfectly together. Basler offers an extensive portfolio of various components. Our cooperation with certified suppliers facilitates the operation
of a high-performance image processing system. An overall overview of our accessory portfolio can be
found on our website
Perfect Match
Basler Original Equipment
An image processing system needs more than just a
camera, lens and light source. A stable vision system
also requires accessories for handling data transfer.
Basler offers a wide variety of more than 200 accessories such as lenses, I/O cables, power supplies,
data cables, host adapter cards, hubs or switches
designed to help you get the most out of your camera. To ensure full compatibility, all accessories are
tested to work seamlessly with our cameras.
The accessories market for machine vision cameras
is broad and deep. Therefore, Basler offers products
such as the Basler Lenses 1/2.5" or I/O cables which
are specifically developed for our cameras, meaning
camera and lens or cables harmonize perfectly with
one another. The concept of these components is
based on our long-time market expertise and image
processing know-how.
The components are produced exclusively for us
and are available only from Basler. All products with
the Basler Original Equipment seal allow top performance when combined with Basler cameras.
Our broad portfolio supplies you with suitable I/Oand Power-I/O cables for each camera. They offer
flexible trigger capabilities and are EMI tested for
the protection of your camera and your application.
Our lens portfolio includes our Basler Lenses 1/2.5"
with a resolution of 5 MP and our Basler Lenses 2/3"
with a resolution of 2 MP. Furthermore, we offer a
broad selection of additional lenses from certified
suppliers. Our experts help you with choosing the
right lens based on your individual requirements.
Power-I/O cable
Power Supplies
Host Adapter
Cable USB 3.0
Basler Lens
Basler ace camera
We also offer a wide selection of data cables for
all camera interfaces to enable top performance
when combined with Basler cameras. High quality
for special requirements - our cables are applicable
for drag chain or robotic applications, and are
suitable for limited space thanks to different angled
Carefully selected host adapter, (PCI) cards, hubs
and switches are important for a stable vision system. They are suitable for a wide range of applications and cover various performance requirements.
Our portfolio also includes power supplies with EMI
protection and mounting aids for a simple installation of your camera.
Basler Sales and Support Team – Worldwide in Your Area
cations and markets. Through active knowledge
sharing and continuous education, we ensure up-todate information resources, even in the broad and
fast changing market of vision accessories.
We maintain a worldwide network of subsidiaries,
offices and distributors to ensure that Basler customers always have a knowledgeable contact person in their area. From the Asia-Pacific area, across
the Americas, Africa, Europe to the Middle East,
Basler supports you with the selection of suitable
components for your vision system.
Get in touch with the Basler Support team to
benefit from our experience and knowledge, to
ensure the best results in your vision business:
If you have any specific questions or comments
please contact us:
Technical Application Support
The 100% compatibility of all components determines the performance of your vision system. This
complex issue includes many more facets than just
mechanical dimensions or voltages.
All members of our worldwide Support team have
years of experience in various fields of vision appli-
Our Online Tools
In addition to our strong Sales and Support team, we offer comprehensive tools to assist you in
your research and decision making process for suitable components for your vision system
Interface Advisor
Lens Selector
If you are unsure about
what digital camera interface to choose, you can
use the Basler Interface Advisor. This tool helps
you decide which interface suits your individual
requirements best.
Our lens selector helps you to find
the right lens for your Basler area
scan camera. Using parameters
such as focal length, angle of view,
working distance and object size, it provides
you with a suggestion of suitable lenses.
Download Section
Camera Selector
section, offers you all product-related documents such
as datasheets, manuals, certificates as well as
white papers and success stories. Additionally,
you can download Basler software such as the
pylon Camera Software Suite, IP camera firmware, or our Frame Rate Calculator for free.
For an overview of all
Basler area scan cameras, line scan cameras, and network
cameras you can use our convenient camera
selector. The tool offers you additional criteria
such as resolution, sensor and optical size, to
find the models that suit your needs.
Basler offers components and support that are
just right for your requirements
Customer challenges:
„„ Performance stability through high quality standards.
„„ Thoroughly tested Basler components (cables,
lenses and more) in combination with our cameras.
Components from multiple suppliers are
not necessarily working well together.
„„ Cooperation with certified suppliers for consistent quality.
„„ One-stop-shopping at Basler means one contact
person at Basler in your region.
For a single system you might need to contact
multiple companies explaining your requirements
or setting up a purchasing process.
„„ One face to the customer: Professional support
and service for all Basler components (cameras,
lenses, cables and more).
„„ Lean design at Basler: Perfect fit of camera and
vision components based on 30 years of vision
experience. (e.g. Basler Lenses for small sensors).
Over-engineering – Paying for features you don’t
„„ Broad product portfolio from complex performance-driven set-ups to simple, economical ones.
You only pay for what you actually need.
„„ Minimal change in parts, due to careful product
selection and suppliers with checked test protocols.
Production facilities or inspection line environments need to run in a stable way. Failure of one
or multiple components can cause a stop of your
production which leads to high costs.
„„ High reliability based on professional supplier
quality management and defined quality standards.
„„ Comprehensive support and services to find
perfect components for your application.
„„ Support by experts – In-house vision know-how
through many years of experiences.
To build a vision system requires a broad variety of
skills (e.g. optics, data transfer, electronics, IT) and
a professional supplier network.
„„ Basler has an extensive portfolio of lenses, cables and other accessories for various applications
based on our own designs and also on a worldwide supplier and partner network.
Quality and Compliance
About Basler
Quality is one of the main focuses at Basler. Our
quality management system helps us to constantly
extend and improve our performance. Compliance with
Basler is a leading manufacturer of high-quality digital cameras and accessories for industry, medicine,
traffic and a variety of other markets. The company's
product portfolio encompasses area scan and line
scan cameras in compact housing dimensions, camera modules in board level variants for embedded
solutions, and 3D cameras. The catalog is rounded
off by our user-friendly pylon SDK and a broad spectrum of accessories, including a number developed
specially for Basler and optimally harmonized for our
„„ CE
„„ UL
„„ RoHS and
is, among other initiatives, part of our quality promise.
Furthermore, we are approved as a “Known Consignor” and are RoHS 1 and 2 as well as China RoHS
compliant, and are certified as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) and CE certified.
To optimize our operations and processes even further, we prepared and successfully implemented a
comprehensive quality management system. In the
spirit of ISO 9001:2008, we are working with an integrated management system with a focus on continuous improvement in all operational processes.
Basler has 30 years of experience in computer vision.
The company is home to approximately 500 employees at its headquarters in Ahrensburg, Germany, and
its subsidiaries and sales offices in Europe, Asia, and
North America.
We are continually investing in new ways to maximize
our manufacturing and testing capabilities and make
sure that each product performs in the field.
For detailed information, please visit
Basler AG
Basler, Inc.
Basler Asia Pte Ltd.
Germany, Headquarters
Tel. +49 4102 463 500
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Tel. +65 6367 1355
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