Super G3 Fax with A3 Paper Transmission &

Super G3 Fax with
A3 Paper Transmission & Reception
The Fax with Potential
Today’s competitive business environment demands uncompromising communication, efficiency and sophistication. To keep you ahead of the game, Ricoh has
produced a new high-speed facsimile - the AficioTMFAX5000L - that provides
everything you could expect, with added versatility and ease of use.
Features such as A3 transmission and the compact, wingless design give you
greater versatility, while an extra-rugged engine delivers the reliability you need
for the most demanding situations. An all-in-one toner cartridge offers both
superior image quality and convenience, while the Energy Saving Mode cuts your
costs to the bare minimum. Options such as the add-on G3 port and ISDN G4 kit
enable you to upgrade this fax as your business grows.
Other features include an ultra-fast 3-second transmission speed, 1.5-second
scanning speed, a standard memory of 2 MB - expandable with 2 MB/4 MB/40 MB
memory cards, and easy memory transmission cancellation.
Optimum Expandability
You can upgrade the performance of the
AficioTMFAX5000L in many ways. To save
time you can add Super G3 or G4 ports for
simultaneous communications. To speed
up transmission you can opt for JBIG
compression. Additionally, it is possible
to send and receive fax messages directly
from your computer by installing the
optional PC-Fax unit.
Dual port communication helps
to optimise office space.
+2 MB Card
+4 MB Card
+40 MB Card
+40 MB Card &
Function Upgrade Card
Send Fax from PC
• Two Super G3 ports
Adding the G3 Interface Unit Type 500 option
enables you to connect your AficioTMFAX5000L
to two separate lines for simultaneous
Super G3 communications. Multi-port
communication gives your AficioTMFAX5000L
the capabilities of two facsimile units - a
great way to maximise valuable office space.
• Accelerate from G3 to G4 (ISDN)
For the ultimate in speed and accuracy,
the AficioTMFAX5000L allows you to upgrade
to the G4 data transfer standard. In this
mode, you can transmit documents as fast
as 1.5 seconds per page. Moreover, since
data is sent digitally, image quality is superior
and there is less chance of error. This feature
is ideal for high-volume or long-distance
By mounting the optional PC-Fax Expander
Type 500, transmissions from PC to facsimile,
connected with serial cable, become possible.
You can directly transmit the data from your
PC. You can also receive the sent document
with your PC, see it on the display and save
it into the memory.
JBIG Communication
Standard 2 MB
Dual Port Communication
168 pages
336 pages
504 pages
1,200 pages
3,000 pages
Memory capacity expansion
Aficio™FAX5000L can be used with
PC-Fax Expander to send and receive
fax documents via your PC.
Thanks to the optional JBIG compression,
the AficioTMFAX5000L can transmit in less
than 3 seconds by using Super G3. The result
is much clearer when transmitting pictures or
images; transmission is two to three times
faster than MMR method.
Memory Capacity
The AficioTMFAX5000L has a 2 MB (168 pages)
memory as standard, and optional 2 MB,
4 MB and 40 MB-memories are available.
This way you can expand memory volume
and functions to suit to your need.
Easy Operation
and Efficiency
The AficioTMFAX5000L is not only extremely
powerful and versatile, its operation is
also very straightforward thanks to a
convenient LCD, user-friendly features
and easy maintenance.
Large 4-line LCD
An Operation Panel with large 4-line LCD
and clear menu structure allows easy access
to all of the AficioTMFAX5000L’s features.
A back-light on the operation screen makes
the AficioTMFAX5000L easier to use by compensating for reflections from windows and
overhead lighting, and enabling use in poorly
lit environments.
Duplex Scanning
Now, when you want to send double-sided
documents, you will never need to copy
them before faxing. Simply scan the front
of the sheets (the odd-numbered pages) first,
followed by the back of the sheets (the evennumbered pages). The Aficio™FAX5000L
automatically rearranges your pagination in
the correct order before transmitting.
Convenient Status Indicator
The AficioTMFAX5000L is equipped with a Status
Indicator. A green or red signal flashes so that
you can check the condition of transmission
and operation from your desk.
Status indicator
Paper Supply Indicator
Red light flashes when the paper in the trays
(both standard and optional) is running out.
This makes it easy to know when to refill paper
without opening the tray.
Rotate Sort
With an optional paper cassette, A4 size paper
can be set both horizontally and vertically in
each tray. The Aficio™FAX5000L switches
between horizontal and vertical output for each
transmission when receiving an A4 document.
This feature is useful because you can easily
retrieve your documents when there are several
in the receiving tray.
Image Rotation
All-in-one Cartridge
All-in-one type toner cartridge
The all-in-one toner cartridge offers reliable
print quality, trouble-free maintenance and is
designed for easy, convenient replacement.
And because you never have to wait for a
service-technician to replace the toner and
drum, the AficioTMFAX5000L is always
Full-front Operation
Double-sided document scanning
With the AficioTMFAX5000L you can send and
receive documents and load recording paper
from the front of the machine. This not only
ensures greater operational convenience, but
also provides you with critical space-savings.
Environmentally Friendly
Third message
Third message
Third message
Rotate sort
Report with image
Offering sophisticated power management,
the AficioTMFAX5000L’s “Energy Saver Function”
switches the unit to Energy Saving Mode at
the touch of the Energy Saver Key, or automatically if it is left idle for five minutes.
Although power consumption is reduced
to a mere two watts, it is able to handle all
incoming calls and print orders.
The materials used for each part of the fax
machine are clearly labelled to facilitate easier
separation for recycling purposes.
Image Rotation ensures that incoming faxes
are automatically rotated to fit the A4 size
paper that is in the tray - regardless of how
they were transmitted.
Report with Image
When the transmission is unsuccessful a failure
report with an image of the sent document will
be printed. The image is automatically reduced
to fit the paper, whatever the paper orientation
is in the tray. The document is thereby easily
recognisable for you to be resent.
High Productivity
To meet all the productivity requirements
of today’s business environment,
the AficioTMFAX5000L features a very
fast scanning and transmission speed as
well as an impressive paper capacity.
It also starts sending the first pages while
scanning the rest of your document, and can
handle different functions at the same time.
3-second Transmission
Triple Access
Large-volume faxing results in a substantial
increase in transmission costs. To alleviate this,
Ricoh employs a fast, cost-saving 33.6 Kbps
modem that transmits an A4 page in only
three seconds.
The AficioTMFAX5000L allows you to execute
memory transmission/reception, printout,
and scan-to-memory functions simultaneously.
This powerful feature is especially advantageous during peak hours because it eliminates
unnecessary waiting – both for the sender and
the receiver. For example, even while printing
a received fax message, the AficioTMFAX5000L
can receive another incoming fax and store it
to memory.
Compact Design and
A3 Transmission/Reception
The Aficio™FAX5000L is capable of full size A3
paper sending/receiving. Its wingless design
is remarkably smart; the document feeder
and document receiving tray do not occupy
surrounding space. The setting area requires
merely 505 mm (width) x 609 mm (depth).
Fast 1.5-second Scanning
With the AficioTMFAX5000L, you can scan an
A4-size document into the memory in a mere
1.5 seconds. This means that when sending
multi-page documents, the AficioTMFAX5000L
is available quicker for the next user, minimising
queues at the fax machine.
Quick Memory Transmission
Compact design
Conventional fax machine
FAX5000L Quick Memory Transmission
Comparison of transmission time
Store next transmission
Triple access
The AficioTMFAX5000L can start transmission
while your documents are still being scanned
into the memory. This enables faster confirmation of connection and ensures faster document
delivery. Furthermore, this process makes the
memory available quicker so outbound documents do not congest the memory and block
the reception of important incoming documents.
Large Paper Capacity
The standard 250-sheet paper capacity can
be expanded to 1,250 sheets using the
500-sheet paper trays. These are practical
options for workgroups with heavy incoming
fax traffic, eliminating the need for frequent
paper refills.
Impressive Input and
Output Capacity
A built-in 50-page Automatic Document Feeder
allows you to send multiple pages unattended,
so even extra-long documents take a minimum
of effort. The output tray can store up to 250
pages—sufficient capacity for large documents.
Fast 15 ppm Printing Speed
With its fast print speed of 15 pages per minute,
important documents are in your hands faster
than you ever thought possible.
Desktop Transceiver
Compatibility: ITU (CCITT) Group 3 machines,
Group 4 (Option)
Document input size:
105 - 600 mm
148 - 297 mm
0.05 - 0.2 mm
ADF capacity:
50 sheets (80 g/m2 paper)
Scanning method:
Scanning width:
296 ± 1 mm (A3)
8 x 3.85 l/mm (Standard)
8 x 7.7 l/mm (Detail)
8 x 15.4 l/mm (Fine)
200 x 100 dpi (Standard)
200 x 200 dpi (Detail)
Memory capacity:
2 MB = 168 pages
+2 MB = 336 pages
+4 MB = 504 pages
+40 MB = 1,200 pages
(3,000 pages when used in conjunction
with the Function Upgrade Card)
Compression method:
SSC/JBIG (Option)
V34, V33, V17, V29,
V27ter (G3), V21 (G3), V8
Modem speed: 33,600/31,200/28,800/26,400/
12,000/9,600/7,200/4,800/2,400 bps,
automatic fallback, 64 Kbps/56 Kbps (G4 option)
Transmission speed:
3 sec. (ITU-T No. 1 Chart
at standard resolution)
1.5 sec. (ITU-T No. 1 Chart
at standard resolution)
Printing system:
Laser Printing System
Paper capacity:
250 sheets
500 sheets x 2
(500-sheet PFU)
Paper size:
A3, A4, A5, F4, B4, Letter
Power supply:
AC220 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption:
Minimum 2 W
Maximum 900 W
Dimensions (W x D x H): 505 x 609 x 450 mm
(Front flow)
Approx. 26.5 kg
• G3 Interface Unit Type 500
• Feature Expander Type 140 2 M (2 MB)
• Feature Expander Type 140 4 M (4 MB)
• Feature Expander Type 500 40 M (40 MB)
• Function Upgrade Card Type 140
• Fax-on-Demand Type 500
• Paper Feed Unit Type 500
• Printer Interface Type 500
• Network Interface Board Type 2000
• Memory Unit Type 204 (16 MB)
• Memory Unit Type 204 (32 MB)
• ISDN Interface Unit Type 500
• PC-Fax Expander Type 500
• NIC Fax Kit Type 500
• JBIG Unit Type 500
• Counter Type 100
• Marker Type 30
• Cabinet*
• Centre Mark
• Chequered Mark
• Label Insertion
• AI Redial/Auto Redial
• Automatic Page Retransmission
• Keystroke Program
• Verification Stamp (Marker)
• Remote Diagnostic System
• User Function Registration
(Up to 5 functions)
• Super Smoothing
• Multi-polling Reception
• Memory Lock
* For availability check with your local dealer
Other Features
• Personal Box
• 64 Quick/100 Speed Dials
• 9 Group Dials
• Polling Transmission/Reception
• Transfer Request
• Send Later
• Telephone Directory
• Auto Document
• Authorised Reception
• ITU-T Error Correction Mode (ECM)
• Restricted Access
• Closed Network
• Wild Cards
• Serial Broadcasting (200 destinations)
• Substitute Reception
• Memory Backup
ISO9001 Certified
QS Accreditation
Ricoh has determined that this product meets the
ENERGY STAR guidelines for energy efficiency.
Ricoh believes in conserving the earth’s precious natural
resources. This brochure is printed on environmentally
friendly paper.
Aficio™ is a registered trademark of Ricoh. Macintosh is
a registered trademark of Apple Computers. UNIX® is a
registered trademark of UNIX System Laboratories.
Windows®, Windows® 95 and Windows® NT are registered
trademarks of Microsoft® Corporation.
Specifications and external appearance are subject to
change without notice. The colour of the actual product
may vary from the colour shown in this brochure.
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every Aficio™ product.
and “influence”. To manage customer satisfaction, Ricoh handles
ing, network connectivity and communications form the focus of
Aficio™ embraces the meanings “manage”, “handle”, “move”,
market with innovative digital technologies. Digital image process-
creative concept of “commitment to customer satisfaction”.
customer problems and moves toward a solution that influences the
Aficio™ comes from the Latin root “Afficio”, which reflects Ricoh’s
Reduction of Communication Costs
Now you can connect your fax directly to
your network. With the Aficio™FAX5000L
and Ricoh’s new Internet Fax Option,
you can send fax messages via the Internet.
Or send paper documents directly to PC
screens as attached e-mail documents.
These valuable functions offer dramatic
paper and communication cost savings.
And bring your business communications
into the era of networking efficiency.
That’s Ricoh’s Internet/LAN Fax Option.
Internet Fax
Convenient Functions
With the Aficio™FAX5000L Internet/LAN Fax
you can transmit documents between two
fax machines via the Internet. This function
enables substantial savings in communication
costs when transmitting to faraway places,
such as overseas.
• Sending fax via Internet to reduce costs.
• Auto-routing of incoming faxes to a client PC.
Documents can be received from a G3 fax
and read as e-mail documents.
Fax with E-mail Address
When the Aficio™FAX5000L Internet/LAN Fax
is directly connected to LAN environment,
notices or documents can be sent directly from
fax to recipient’s PC. The Aficio™FAX5000L
Internet/LAN Fax can be used as a simple
scanner so you can send information to be
shared instantly.
The Aficio™FAX5000L Internet/LAN Fax can
be given an e-mail address, just like a PC.
Internet transmission results in lower fax
communication costs, especially when compared to conventional telephone circuits.
Can Be Used as
a Network Scanner
Inputting E-mail Addresses
Directly input e-mail addresses
Directly connecting the Aficio™FAX5000L
Internet/LAN Fax to your LAN environment
enables you to transmit paper documents
as an attached e-mail file. E-mail addresses
can be input for direct transmission or memorised into Quick Dial/Speed Dial/Group Dial
NIC FAX Monitor
This application allows the user to alter Quick/
Speed Dial settings and check communication
results from the PC. NIC FAX Monitor is a
standard NIC FAX Application of the Internet
Fax Option. Settings can only be changed in
Administrator Mode.
View Received Fax
Documents via PC
The IC Viewer software allows you to view
the received document on your PC monitor.
Received documents can be saved as e-mail
files, then located and reviewed whenever
needed. Moreover, this method of paperless
reception reduces paper costs.
With NIC Fax Monitor you can check
communication results and change
Quick/Speed Dial settings from your PC.
New York
Internet mail
Paris branch
Client in
New York
Internet mail
Receiving G3 Fax
Documents via Your PC
Aficio™FAX5000L Internet/LAN Fax
By using Sub-address
Documents received from a given sender can
be automatically forwarded to pre-registered
e-mail addresses. Received documents can
be checked on your PC as an e-mail with
attachment. Up to 5 recipients can be registered and each recipient can register as many
as 10 senders, up to a total maximum of 30
senders (50, with the function upgrade card).
Fax messages with a Sub-address can be
automatically routed to a client PC with the
same Sub-address. This means documents
can be received from a G3 fax and read as
e-mail documents. The handling of faxed
messages as e-mail eliminates the risk of
them being seen by others. Furthermore,
it saves on paper costs and simplifies administration, enabling you to edit and print only
required information, or delete unwanted
information from your PC.
Client in New York
Internet mail
Client B
New York branch
Applicable circuit: Local Area Network (LAN)
(Ethernet: 10 Base T/100 Base T)
Size of original: A4 (A3/B4 is reduced into A4)
200 x 100 dpi
200 x 200 dpi
Transmission speed: 100 M/10 Mbps max.
Transmission protocol:
SMTP protocol,
TCP/IP transmission
POP3 protocol,
TCP/IP transmission
E-mail file format:
Single/multi part
MIME conversion
Attached file format:
(MH compression)/DCX
Sending e-mail: When e-mail address is input,
document is automatically converted
into e-mail form and sent,.
memory sending only
Receiving e-mail:
Attached file format of
TIFF-F(MH) or DCX is automatically
recognised and printed out,
memory receiving only
NIC FAX Application
Sending a Fax Document
from Your PC
Use as a PC Fax within
Your Network
Quick Dial Operation
from PC
Using the NIC FAX Com Redirector application
and widely available PC fax applications, you
can send fax documents directly from any PC
in your LAN network without having to connect
to a modem or telephone circuit. This saves
time printing out fax documents and then
sending them by fax. This enables higher
quality image transmissions.
Numbers registered for Quick Dial/Speed
Dial/Group Dial in the Aficio™FAX5000L
Internet Fax are also easily accessed from
your PC, enabling even faster fax transmissions directly from your PC.
New York branch
Internet mail
Paris branch
Client in Paris
NIC FAX Monitor:
Utility software for
Internet/LAN FAX Option setting
and status monitoring
NIC FAX Com Redirector:
Software to
command PC fax to send to Aficio™FAX5000L
Internet/LAN Fax by using PC fax application
NIC FAX Viewer:
Software for viewer to
display/edit/save image sent from
Aficio™FAX5000L Internet/LAN Fax
Operation Environment
for NIC FAX ApplicationAutem vel eum:
IBM® PC/AT compatible
CPU: Operates at more than i486DX - 100 MHz
More than 16 MB
Hard disk:
Rest memory capacity of
more than 30 MB
Windows® 95/98/2000/NT 4.0
SVGA 640 x 480,
more than 256 colours
A3 Printer with High Resolution
With the optional Printer Interface Type 500
and the Network Interface Board Type 2000,
the Ricoh Aficio™FAX5000L is positioned
as a local or networked (shared) general
purpose printer. As a network printer,
the Ricoh Aficio™FAX5000L is well suited
to handle the demands of work groups or
departments in medium to large businesses
and organisations. The Aficio™FAX5000L can
be connected directly to PC’s parallel port or
to an Ethernet (10/100 Base T) network with
the optional internal Network Interface Board
to provide high-speed (15 ppm) and highresolution (600 x 600 dpi) output. The Ricoh
Aficio™FAX5000L’s Printer Interface provides
support for all major operating systems and
network protocols.
Efficient Printing
High Image Quality
The Aficio™FAX5000L can be turned into a
convenient 15 ppm A4 Network Printer. After
sending your job from your PC, you will not
have to wait long for it to be completed.
The Ultra Smoothing Technology – Ricoh’s
own image processing technology – enables
you to dramatically reduce rigid parts of
characters and images in case of printing.
The Aficio™FAX5000L achieves the high
resolution of 2,400 x 600 dpi which ensures
you best possible output.
A3 Printing
The Aficio™FAX5000L is also capable of
printing A3-size documents, which is unique
in this print speed range.
To meet today’s new printing requirements
the Aficio™FAX5000L supports PCL5e and
PCL6 as a standard and is compatible with
Windows® 95/98/2000/NT 4.0. The default is
set for optimised printing. If you want you
can change paper settings, image quality,
create an overlay or watermarks to better suit
your printing requirements.
600 dpi
2,400 x 600 dpi
Ultra smoothing
Simple manipulation by Windows®
Simple Manipulation
Printer I/F port
Network Capabilities
With the optional Network Interface
Board Type 2000 you can connect
the Aficio™FAX5000L to an Ethernet
(10/100 Base T) network which is compatible
with multi-protocols, and suits any network
environment, such as Windows® NT,
Netware or Unix.
Finish-printing report
Print command - check printer’s condition
Search printer (common model) which can be used immediately
Output switching
Deliver the Finish-printing report
Bundled Network
Printer Utilities
A comprehensive package of printer management software comes bundled with the
optional printer module. The Aficio™ Manager
software for instance, will allow you to monitor
and control the operational status of your
network’s printing activities. From prioritising
print runs to checking paper supplies, all
essential in-progress information can be
accessed instantly from your desktop via
a practical task bar interface. With Aficio™
Manager you can enjoy the benefit of easy
management of your network printers in a
user-friendly package. In addition, the driver
also includes PortNavi™, a port status monitor
software with Direct Print functionality,
Recovery Printing functionality and Parallel
Printing to notify users when an error occurs
to any of the network printers. The optional
Network Interface Board Type 2000 is needed to
connect the Aficio™FAX5000L to the network.
Running out of toner
Recovery printing
Printer I/F port and Printer NIB port
Memory Capacity
The Aficio™FAX5000L standard printer memory
of 8 MB RAM can be upgraded to 40 MB with
standard SIMMs. You can choose from additional printer memories, 16 MB and 32 MB,
to suit to your needs.
133 MHz
Printer language: PCL5e emulation standard
PCL6 emulation standard
600 dpi (PCL6, PCL5e)
300 dpi (PCL5e)
8 MB
16 MB and 32 MB SIMM
35 Intellifonts
10 TrueType fonts
1 Bitmap font
Font Manager and
61 additional fonts available
Microsoft Windows® 95/98/2000/NT 4.0
Interface: Bi-directional IEEE 1284-compliant
Paper Handling
Paper size:
Bypass tray:
Paper tray:
Paper capacity:
Bypass tray:
Paper tray:
Card - A3
1 sheet
250 sheets
Network Interface
Optional Network Interface Board
(10 Base T/100 Base TX automatic compatible)
Network Protocol: Optional Network Interface
Board supports following protocols: TCP/IP,
Management: Aficio™ Manager management
utility for Windows® 95/98/NT 4.0/2000
The controller supports SNMP-MIBII &
industry standard MIB (RFC1759)