BMC BladeLogic Virtualization Manager
BMC BladeLogic Virtualization Manager enables IT organizations to manage both physical and virtual
environments from a single, unified management platform. Compliance, configuration, provisioning,
and inventory of virtual and physical infrastructures are managed with a single set of policies and
processes. BMC BladeLogic Virtualization Manager’s integrated approach helps organization increase
overall infrastructure consistency, reduce downtime, and most importantly, avoid the dramatic increase
in operational costs typically associated with virtualization.
BMC BladeLogic Virtualization Manager
allows customers to:
» Reduce operational costs by
automating manual and error-prone
activities for both physical and virtual
» Manage physical and virtual machine
configuration from a single unified
» Discover, manage, and control
compliance of virtual infrastructurespecific configurations
» Report on compliance and virtual
machine inventory in an easy-to-read
Introducing a virtual infrastructure into an organization brings along with it new challenges that are specific to the
virtual world. Accommodating increased speed of deployment and new layers of infrastructure complexity requires
solutions that understand the specific characteristics of the virtual world. At the same time, companies with mixed
physical and virtual environments are still required to show compliance of their IT landscape to external auditors in
a seamless presentation of data – from a compliance perspective, virtual and physical servers are no different.
BMC BladeLogic Virtualization Manager offers the same native continuous compliance for virtual infrastructures as
for physical environments. Compliance policies, processes, and practices are shared across these environments,
allowing organizations to achieve the same level of operational efficiency for both their physical and virtual
environments. End users can audit and synchronize on granular, detailed configurations of server inventory, while
managers can pull reporting data on high-level compliance metrics for auditors – all with minimal effort.
» Native integration with virtualization platforms
» Improve operational productivity by
increasing server-to-admin ratio and
securely sharing workload
» Detailed real-time inventory and configuration information
of VMs and Hypervisors
» Reduce service downtime through
policy-based configuration
» Simple, streamlined packaging and deployment of virtual
infrastructure-specific configuration items
» Parameterization of machine-specific settings allows users
to build a single management template for virtual machines,
reducing administrative costs and increasing automation
With the proliferation of virtualization technology in today's
data centers, IT organizations require a unified approach to
managing, controlling and enforcing configuration changes
Ensure compliance with virtualization management policies.
to their server and application environments, regardless of
whether the environment is virtual or physical. With the emergence of strict IT compliance controls, regulatory
pressures are putting an unprecedented emphasis on managing granular server and application configurations.
Also, maintaining critical applications in a virtual environment adds additional pressure to control and manage the
virtual server infrastructure with the same rigor as the physical infrastructure. BMC BladeLogic Virtualization
Manager provides this unified approach, while still ensuring visibility and control of virtual infrastructure-specific
The BMC BladeLogic solution delivers on the vision of BSM, by providing integration with both BMC Atrium CMDB
and BMC Remedy ITSM technologies. Bi-directional integration with Atrium CMDB is built-in, allowing
administrators to make service-aware operational decisions, thus improving their effectiveness. In addition, detailed
server and VM configuration data is exposed in the CMDB, aiding decision-making at that level. Integration with
Remedy ITSM provides true closed-loop compliance, integrating an organization’s change management processes
with its change execution.
Using BMC BladeLogic solutions, customers across various industries have realized immediate value. As the
underlying driver for orchestration, provisioning, configuration and change control, and compliance, BMC
BladeLogic customers have dramatically lowered their operating costs by using the product to automate:
» Server vulnerability analysis and patch deployment
» Creation of security, regulatory or corporate compliance policies. These policies can be based on best practices,
vendor recommendations. or IT governance control frameworks like COBIT
» Reporting on current and historical compliance with policies, and generation and deployment of remediation
packages for each policy
» Establishment, enforcement, and reporting on access controls for servers and configuration items
» Provisioning of base OS, server software stack components, and multi-tier applications
» Deployment of patches, packages, and granular configuration updates
» Automation of runbooks for operations tasks such as reboots, log file rotations, root cause analysis
» Backup and recovery of servers and their associated configurations to meet business continuity objectives
» Hypervisor configuration and compliance
BMC BladeLogic Virtualization Manager is part of the BMC BladeLogic Operations Manager suite of products.
» Supports major Operating Systems, including Windows, Linux, and Solaris
» Virtualization Manager for VMware integrates directly with Virtual Center
» Virtualization Manager supports Virtual Center 2.5, ESX OS-based hosts and ESXi agentless hosts
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