C6/24 6” Bell
C6/24 6” Bell
A unique, patented alarm bell designed for use in fire, security,
and other signalling systems. The combination of a miniature
solenoid with an integrated control circuit allows excellent sound
coverage, minimum current consumption and increased reliability.
The improved aesthetics make the bell suitable for all applications
including the most prestigious locations.
A four way terminal block is provided for looping in and out. The bell
is designed for simple, fast installation with components that clip
together and a gong that is secured in place by a twist-lock action.
The cover plate makes a rigid, snap-fit, tamper resistant fixing, and
for added security an optional locking facility is available.
The base is suitable for surface wiring without the need for a surface
box or pattress therefore saving on installation costs.
▼ Integrated Electronic Control Circuitry
▼ Increased Reliability due to the
electronic control of the solenoid
▼ Easy installation with components that simply clip together
▼ No back-box required for surface wiring
▼ 12v DC, 24v DC and 220/240v AC models available
▼ Weather resistant and lockable
models available
Nominal Voltage
Current Consumption
16mA - 35mA
Sound Output (tone dependant)
> 90dB(A)
Alarm Tones
IP Rating
IP41 or IP55
Red, Grey or White
All Correspondence, Registered Office:
Fire Protection Group (FPG) Ltd, 28 Mill Road Industrial Estate, Linlithgow, West Lothian EH49 7SF
Tel: 01506 848080
Fax: 01506 847831
Email: sales@fpgltd.co.uk
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