By purchasing Indy, you have chosen a quality Pram that will help
you to make being underway with your child a comfortable and active
By purchasing Indy, you have chosen a quality Pram that will help
you to make being underway with your child a comfortable and active
Thank you for your confidence in our product. We hope you enjoy your
new pram!
“Innovative. New. Modern Design. Young.” The all-in-one pram by
GESSLEIN. That is why it is rightly so named: INDY!
Whether infant or toddler, big city or small town, summer or winter,
mountains or beach, Indy is perfect for every type, every baby and
every situation in life.
Our aim is to make you and your child as comfortable as possible when
underway. That is why developed Indy precisely according to these
The pram’s modern design, innovative technology and quality materials
make it the perfect companion for your child’s first years of life.
By placing value on premium materials and excellent workmanship, we
are able to meet the highest quality standards.
All fabrics that go into making Indy are tested for harmful substances and are intricately hand sewn. Experienced tailors manufacture a
quality product that you can trust stitch by stitch in traditional German
The Indy pram meets the strict requirements of the EN 1888:2012 /
EN 1466:2012 standard and guarantees safe and comfortable transport
of your child.
Please read these instructions carefully before using the
Indy for the first time.
Important – Keep these instructions for future reference
Not following these instructions, can put your child’s
safety at serious risk.
Never leave the child unattended
Please remove and discard any plastic bags, tags and packaging immediately to avoid
risk of choking to infants and young children.
Ensure that all the locking devices are engaged before use
To avoid injury ensure that the child is kept away when unfolding and folding this
Do not let the child play with this product
Use a harness as soon as the child can sit unaided.
This seat unit is not suitable for children under 6 months
If you intend to use the seat unit for smaller children, please use a special harness
system approved for newborn babies.
Always use the fully reclined position for newborn babies.
Always use the restraint system
RISK OF STRANGULATION: Never leave your child unattended in the pram/in
the baby car seat when the harness is loose or open. Your child could be strangled
by it. Also, make sure that no objects with ribbons or strings (e.g. caps, soothers,
mobiles) are within your child’s reach.
Check that the pram body or seat unit or car seat attachment devices are correctly
engaged before use
This product is not suitable for running or skating
This product is suitable for a child who cannot sit up unaided, roll over and cannot
push itself up on its hands and knees. Maximum weight of the child: 9 kg
Place the carrycot or carrier on a firm, level and dry surface only.
Do not let other children play unattended near the carrier or carrycot.
Do not use the carrycot or carrier if parts are broken, torn or missing.
Do not leave flexible carrying handles inside the prambody
ATTENTION! – General information
cradle or a suitable bed.
The safety of your child is your responsibility.
When putting your child to sleep, put it in a suitable carrycot,
a suitable cradle or a crib
Check that your Indy is in proper condition before each use.
Please do not use it if any part is broken, torn or missing.
To ensure your child’s safety, all damaged or worn parts should be repaired
immediately before using the pram again.
We offer a number of spare parts and accessories for the Indy.
Please use exclusively these original parts or products which GESSLEIN has
expressly approved for use with Indy.
Safety risks cannot be excluded for use of products not explicitly approved.
Indy is intended for solely one child – never transport more than one child at the
same time in or with the pram.
When parking the stroller, always use the brake and check that it is securely locked.
Please ensure that the brake is always engaged when you take your child out
of or put it into the pram.
Avoid parking the pram on a slope as much as possible.
Pay particular attention that the pram is secured when using public transport
When climbing stairs with the Indy, please roll the pram slowly and gently
over the steps.
Please do not use the pram on escalators.
Never place anything on top of the canopy.
When carrying the pram over obstacles (e.g. stairs), please ensure that none
of the lock devices become disengaged
Please ensure that your child is not within reach of moving parts when
adjusting the individual positions
Heavy loads, improper folding or the use of non-approved accessories
can damage your Indy.
Child seats used in conjunction with a chassis, replace neither a cradle nor a cot.
If your child needs sleep, it should be placed in a suitable carrycot, a suitable
ATTENTION! – Recommended weights and sizes
Indy can be used in combination with the carrycot, carrier or Group 0
harness from birth up to the age of 36 months.
The maximum weight of a child for the carrycot and carrier is 9 kg (20 lbs).
The seat unit is suitable for infants and toddlers 6 to 36 months (20 kg / 44 lbs)
and up to a height of 102 cm (40 in).
The maximum weight for the frame basket is 4 kg (8.8 lbs).
Exceeding the manufacturer’s recommended load weight will no longer guarantee
the stability of the pram.
All loads on the handlebar and/or on the back of the backrest and/or
attached to the sides of the pram affect its stability.
ATTENTION! – Information on using the transporting attachments
(carrycot or carrier)
Please pay attention to the risks posed by open fires and other sources of heat
sources such as electric heaters, gas flames, etc. if they are in close proximity to the
carrycot or carrier.
Be sure to use the mattress underlay supplied by GESSLEIN and no other product.
Check the handles and the bottom regularly for damage or wear and tear
Make sure the handle on the carrycot is always in the correct (=vertical) position of
use when carrying or lifting the product.
Never place the carrycot or carrying case on a stand.
Your pram will be subjected to heavy stress and also become soiled when
used daily on dusty, muddy or snowy roads and paths.
Care and maintenance of a high-quality Pram such as the Indy is particularly
important so that the individual parts always function properly.
By following the care tips and instructions below, you will have long
enjoyment from your Indy!
General information
Never expose your Indy to prolonged direct sunlight out.
As all types of fabric fade to a certain extent, the original colour of the textiles
could change.
Always use the rain cover in case of rain or snow.
To prevent mould from growing, never store the pram in a damp spot.
Care and maintenance of the chassis
Clean the mechanical parts of the chassis with a soft brush.
When removing dirt, always brush in the direction away from the hinge joints.
Simply wipe the handlebar with a damp cloth.
Please check regularly that all screws and rivets are tight and intact.
Lubricate all joints and axles regularly with a suitable lubricant.
Check all parts subject to wear and tear periodically and replace them
if necessary.
Treat all rivet or screw heads as well as all metal parts after cleaning
and before winter with an anti-corrosion agent.
Care of fabric parts
Make sure that the pram is always completely dry after use and before storage.
You can remove the seat cover and the canopy on the Indy and
wash them in the washing machine.
Should your pram come into contact with salt (e.g. at sea or gritted walkways),
please rinse off the chassis and dry it carefully afterwards.
Unscrew the canopy bracket and remove it from the support rods before
Please ensure that the sensitive surface of your Indy does not become damaged
during transport or storage.
When washing the fabric parts of the pram, please wash at a maximum
temperature of 30 °C / 85 °F (cold wash) and use a mild detergent only.
Scratches which occur after the purchase do not constitute a reason for a
Do not bleach the fabric, use the spin cycle, iron or dry clean.
Care and maintenance of the wheels
Please remove the wheels regularly and clean them with a brush and water.
Lubricate the bearings and axles with a suitable lubricant afterwards.
Treat the caps on the front wheels as well as any metal parts after cleaning and
before winter with an anti-corrosion agent.
To avoid squeaking, also lubricate the small springs on the front and rear axle
Always wash the fabric parts on the pram separately.
Do not place the wet or damp fabric parts in direct sunlight.
It is best to dry the fabric parts whilst hung out in an airy and dry room.
As a manufacturer – GESSLEIN GmbH – based in Redwitz (hereinafter
referred to as “GESSLEIN”), we provide (hereinafter referred to as “Product”)
a guarantee on Indy under the following conditions:
Roughened surfaces or abrasion to stressed parts (for example in the foot area)
The warranty period is 24 months from the date of purchase.
Water stains due to cleaning or rainy weather
This warranty is valid worldwide except in the United States and Canada.
The warranty guarantees repairs but expressly does not guarantee
exchange or the right to return the product.
GESSLEIN bears the transport costs and risk of transportation from and
to the specialist dealer where the product was purchased (hereinafter
referred to as “the Dealer”), provided the repair is covered by the warranty.
Claims can only be made under the warranty when GESSLEIN has
received the defective product as well as the following:
- a copy of the sales receipt with purchase date including
- a clear description of the complaints.
The warranty is not transferable and can only be claimed by the original
The warranty does not affect any possible rights entitled to you such
as the right to hold the retailer liable for defects.
The following are not covered by the warranty:
Changes or repairs that you have made yourself or have had performed
without having previously obtained written authorisation from
GESSLEIN or the dealer.
Damage caused by negligence or by an accident and/or by other
use or service than those specified in the user manual.
Products with a damaged or removed serial number
Damages to the product resulting from normal wear and tear
Drawn threads provided they clearly involve woven fabrics
Formation of bobbles (removal such as with wool jumpers using a clothes
brush or bobble remover)
Bleeding of colour from washing
Fading of fabric due to sunlight exposure
Colour differences between individual production batches (accessories should
always be ordered with the pram)
Parts subject to wear and tear such as wheels, joints, connectors loose rivets
and screw connectors
Noise due to lack of lubrication
Any damages based on disregard for the care and maintenance instructions
Rust formation due to lack of corrosion protection
This product has a warranty of 24 months from date of purchase.
Should any damage occur, please first contact your dealer.
If the dealer is unable to repair the damage you can feel free to contact
Retain the user manual and your sales receipt in a safe place.
To avoid costly repairs, we strongly advise you to have the pram
serviced after 6 months of use.
For information, please visit
The Pram Indy is a premium model to which we attach great importance to
exclusive materials and excellent craftsmanship, to ensure you and your child
maximum comfort and safety.
For this reason, only original accessory parts and accessories or products
which have been specifically authorised by us for Indy may be used with Indy.
Should you need a replacement part, please contact your dealer or order it
directly from
We recommend registering your INDY immediately or within three months of
purchase at the latest.
This gives you the opportunity to benefit from an extended warranty service,
and we can contact you when updates are pending.
Please complete the enclosed product registration card or register
online at
We appreciate your feedback on INDY or other GESSLEIN products.
You can send us your queries, suggestions and comments at any time to
Visit our website at and subscribe to our online
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