Oregon Copper Bowl products are handcrafted from the highest quality copper, brass, stainless
steel, & bronze alloys.
Living Patina Finishes
The Antique Copper Patina, Antique Brass, & Antique Bronze finishes are created by a classic
Old World patination process that will develop even more interest and individual distinction
with age. It is recommended that a regular application of protective film be applied, such as
“KLASSE” an acrylic polymer to the surface of the Antique Copper, Antique Brass and Antique
Bronze finishes. Paste waxes can be used in addition to the Polymer, we recommend ICE Paste
wax, both can be purchased at most auto stores.
Living Polished & Satin Finishes
All Copper, Brass, Bronze, & Nickel finishes naturally patina as a matter of course. This natural
patination is sometimes desirable achieving beautiful rich coloring. If your sink is not designated
as one of our carefree sink finishes it will require the following. Polished sinks are readily restored
to their original luster by polishing with a commercially available brass and copper polish such as
Fitz metal polish, Brasso, or Tarnite. Products like this will also clean and protect the Satin Copper,
Satin Brass, Bright and Satin Nickel, Polished Chrome, Gold, Silver. We recommend “KLASSE”
acrylic polymer or “ICE” paste wax be applied to the polished surface to minimize and delay the
natural patination process.
The aging process may be altered in an undesirable fashion by calcium stains left behind by drying
water. Therefore, it is important to remove water drops with a soft cloth. A acrylic polymer such
as Klasse which can be brushed on with a rag typically reduces calciums ability to bond to a surface.
Care Free Finishes
All Care Free finishes will not patina or tarnish like those of a living finish. Our Care free Antique
Bronze & Copper Penny can be cleaned with dish soap & a soft cloth or sponge. Hard water or
calciums stains if they occur can easily be removed by Meguiars Metal Restorer. Do not use any
product other then this as they maybe to abrasive dulling your sinks finish.These finishes should be
cleaned with a non-abrasive soap using a soft cloth or sponge. Under no circumstances should
abrasive, rough, acidic or alcohol cleaners be used. Call us direct at 503/864-9040 if you have any
concerns in regards to care!