Doc 1052 Rev C, Model SS-2 Pull Cord Switch CE

Model SS-2
Pull Cord Switches (SS-2) switches are
conveyor safety accessories designed to interlock with conveyor shut down systems in
the event of maintenance or emergency.
The robust die cast aluminum housing with
epoxy based powder finish and all stainless
steel hardware makes them suitable for most
heavy industrial applications.
The Model SS-2 is designed to shutdown a
conveyor system, in the event of an emergency
or maintenance. When force is applied to the
cable, the actuator arm rotates and locks in the
alarm position. This activates two (2) SPDT micro switches and the manual lock out. The
switch can be reset by pressing down on the
arm and releasing the manual reset lever. Pull
cord switches are mounted on the walkway side
or anywhere a person can access the moving
parts of a conveyor.
The switches are connected by a safety cable which
runs between the switch arms and can either be attached to the outer hole (15 lbs pull force) or the
second inner hole (25 lbs pull force). The cables
are secured by cable clamps after it is looped
through the switch hole. The ends of the cable can
either be a switch or a conveyor eye bolt secured
with a clamp. To prevent the pull cable from sagging, conveyor standoff (eye bolts) are mounted
every 10 feet (3 meters).
The distance between switches is dependent on the
variations in temperature of the environment which
will cause the cable to expand and contract making
sags between the cable stand-offs. Normal spacing
based on a temperature of 100° F (60°C) is maximum distance of 150 feet (45 Meters) on inclined
conveyors and 200 feet (60 Meters) on horizontal
conveyors. Although indoor environments can be
up to 300 feet (90 Meters) and extreme environments should be 100 feet (30 Meters).
• Rugged die cast aluminum enclosure
• NEMA-4X, IP-66/67
• Yellow epoxy based powder coat paint finish with red
actuator arm
• Micro switch Rating: 15A @ 115-230 VAC, 30 VDC
• Outputs: (2) SPDT
• Actuation Angle: 20° from normal
• Conduit Holes: (2) 3/4” - 14 NPT
• Temperature Rating: -45° to 176° F (-42° to 80°C)
• Designed for single or double end operation
• Cover provides easy access to wiring & internal
• Safety actuator arm for ease of visual indication
• Manual reset as required by ANCI
Approvals for Safety:
Electrical Safety
Mechanical Safety
Functional Safety
IEC 60204-1: 2005-10
IEC 60947-1: 2004-03
IEC 60204-1: 2005-10
IEC 60204-1: 2005-10
IEC 60529: 2001-02
• Safety Cable
• Cable Clamps
• Conveyor Stand Off Eyes
• Cable Break Option
• Flags
• Lights
All Dimensions in Inches (millimeters)
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