Tactical Multispectral Aiming/ Illumination Module
The T-MAIM Tactical Multispectral Aiming and Illumination Module is a CLASS IIIb
laser that consists of a visible aiming laser, a near-infrared (near- IR) aiming laser, and
a focusable near-IR Illuminator. The function of the T-MAIM is to provide an operator
with highly collimated aiming lasers for precision aiming and targeting both with the
unaided eye in low light conditions and with image intensified night vision devices in
night time applications. The focusable near-IR Illuminator provides the user with the
ability to flood the area of interest with invisible near-infrared light.
The T-MAIM can be operated in a variety of modes with single lasers or multiple
lasers concurrently. The visible and near-IR aiming lasers are can be boresighted to
the weapon using unique ballistic differential adjustment ports using the on-board
tool. The output power of the T-MAIM can be adjusted from approximately 100μW to
25mW electronically across 256 discrete intervals. In addition, the aiming lasers can
be operated via user selectable switch in either a constant wave or 4Hz pulsed mode.
The lasers can be activated either by remote switch assembly or through an integral
“FIRE” button on the main housing. In the interest of safety for force-on-force training,
the T-MAIM can be outfitted with an included blue colored SAFETY remote cable that
acts as an interlock to keep both the remote switch and the “FIRE” button limited to
eyesafe laser conditions emitting at less than 600μW. A full feature black tactical
remote switch assembly can be mated to the unit to provide access to the full power
range of the unit. Additional safety features include: laser “ON” indicator when lasing,
Low battery indicator, and SAFETY indicator when the appropriate remote switch is
The T-MAIM can be used either with the unaided eye in low light conditions or with
image intensified night vision devices in dark environments depending on the laser
mode selection. The T-MAIM can be used in either a handheld mode with the operator
activating the “FIRE” button or in a weapon mounted configuration using the integrated
MIL-STD-1913 rail grabber assembly on the unit.
The T-MAIM is also equipped with a MIL-STD-1913 rail set at the 10 o’clock position,
which allows the operator to attach a tactical flashlight or navigation light to provide
illumination in low light conditions.
•Rapid active target acquisition
•True night vision compatible mode
•Adjustable output power
•User selectable constant wave or pulsed modes of aiming lasers
•Two tactical remote switches (including SAFETY remote switch)
•Aiming lasers are co-boresighted
•Unique ballistic differential adjustment ports
•Limited two-year warranty
IIIb (near IR)
IIIb (near-IR)
Output power
100 μW (Low)
25 mW (High)
4.0 mW
500 μW (Low)
25 mW (High)
Operating distance
> 200 m (Low)
2,000 m (High)
> 25 m
in direct sunlight
> 100 m (Low)
2,000 m (High)
User Interface
Laser mode selection knob
Allows you to choose which laser(s) to emit
The knurled bezel
Manually focused the near-IR illuminator
Ballistic adjusters
Can make fine adjustments the laser positions
Ballistic adjuster tool
Tool for ballistic correction (threaded into backplate)
Laser power control buttons
Adjusted power of aiming lasers
Beam pulse selection button
Allows the operator to change both the visible and near-IR
aiming lasers
Power activation button
Activate the T-MAIM Lasers
Wired remote cable jack
For connection of remote switches
System Specifications
0.5 mRad
0.8 mRad
1-108 mRad
820 nm–850 nm
620 nm–650 nm
820 nm–850 nm
Peak output
40 mW
5.0 mW
40 mW
Battery type
One (1) CR123 3.0VDC lithium battery
Battery life
>10 hours in near-IR Aim Mode
Overall dimensions
Color (housing)
0.2 kg ( 0.44 lbs)
106 x 81 x 48 mm (4.2 x 3.2 x 1.9 in)
Black or Tan
Packages Includes
Aiming/ Illumination Module, Remote Switch Black, Remote Switch Blue, Battery, Operation and
Maintenance Manual, Soft Carrying Case
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