PureCloud by Genesys
Unified communications and collaboration that bring everything—and everyone—together
• Accelerated deployment
• Flexible phone administration
• All communication channels in a
single interface
• Increased employee productivity
• Improved organizational efficiency
• Reduced costs
• Business continuity and
remote survivability
• Anytime, anywhere availability
• Open APIs for custom integrations
• HTTPS and TLS encryption
• HIPAA- and PCI-compliant
Executive summary
Workspaces of tomorrow
Your business needs to unite all the ways
people communicate, and all the people—coworkers, partners, vendors and customers—you
communicate with. PureCloud Communicate
combines traditional IP PBX functionality and
auto-attendant tools with real-time collaboration
features like video conference, screen share,
dynamic team chat, corporate directory and
document management—into a single interface
that’s seamlessly built from the ground up.
Whether you use an IP phone, a mobile phone or
a softphone, PureCloud Communicate supports
a variety of options to suit your needs and ensure
anytime, anywhere access.
Global offices, distributed teams, remote
workers: Today’s workforce is varied and reflects
an upward trend in workspace flexibility. With
PureCloud Communicate, your employees are
no longer bound by location or hardware. An
industry-leading softphone that is built on Web
Real-time Communication (WebRTC) technology
enables employees to use their browser as
a phone. Built-in, rules-based groups; video
conferencing; screen sharing; and chat tools
make it easy to connect with co-workers in a
multitude of ways. A unified inbox for voicemail
and faxes keeps incoming communication in
one central location. Native mobile apps let you
access your communications and co-workers on
the go. Keep your workforce united, equipped and
engaged—no matter where they are.
A part of the PureCloud portfolio, PureCloud
Communicate can be used with the PureCloud
contact center suite for a tightly integrated all-inone solution, or it can be used as a standalone
solution. Because it’s built in the cloud,
deployment is fast. Flexible administration and
ease of implementation require no specialized
technical skills or training. They also make
onboarding and telephony management a breeze.
Bridge server
Active directory
Active directory
Name | Title | Department
Manager | Email | Phone
MS exchange
Microsoft exchange
SQL database
SQL database
SQL database
The key to productivity
Imagine your employee has a question about
product pricing, but isn’t sure who to ask, or that
you have a new hire trying to orient herself with
cross-functional departments. The directory
is an invaluable tool to navigate who’s who in
your organization. It provides hierarchical views,
coupled with rich employee profiles and robust
search. You can instantly pinpoint a colleague
by name, department or skillset; view availability
information; and then click to call, chat or
launch a video.
The attractive, intuitive user interface enables
employees to upload photos and update their
profiles with personal details that help coworkers
get to know them professionally and personally. A
series of connectors seamlessly manages data
transfer and synchronization between PureCloud
and other systems—so you don’t have to.
Enterprise communications
made easy
PureCloud Communicate makes it easy for
growing businesses to step up to enterpriselevel communications without the costs and
complexity of deploying and maintaining
individual applications. Built on the PureCloud
Platform layered on top of Amazon Web
Services (AWS), the all-in-one solution offers
deployment in days, continual delivery of new
features, unwavering reliability and scalability.
Designed with geographic redundancy and
remote survivability, PureCloud Communicate
ensures business continuity—even during a
disaster. Obsessively secure, Genesys maintains
Group Membership
Security | Badge ID
Date of Hire | Employee IDs
Emergency | Contacts
strong encryption and key industry certifications
to safeguard your critical data in the cloud.
PureCloud Communicate even plays well with
your existing systems. Leverage a connected,
powerful integration ecosystem or use open
APIs to build custom integrations for your
unique needs.
Key Capabilities
• Traditional IP PBX: Traditional telephony
features, including direct inbound and
outbound dialing, extensions, transfers,
voicemail, call forwarding, call recording,
conference calls, group ring, hunt groups
and faxes. The powerful PureCloud Edge
server gives you the flexibility to integrate
with your existing telephony infrastructure,
while ensuring remote survivability and
business continuity.
• Speech-enabled IVR: PureCloud Architect
enables you to create custom speech-enabled
IVR functionality using an intuitive drag-anddrop interface. Configure the menus and call
flows that fit your business needs—without
professional service or downtime.
• Softphone: Break traditional telephony
rules and reduce the cost of your PBX with
the WebRTC softphone. Use your browser
as a phone and break free of location and
hardware restraints.
• Collaboration tools: Quickly locate the right
people in your organization with a searchable
company directory. Then bring everyone
together to share ideas. Tools like user status,
persistent group chat, video conference, screen
sharing and content management make it easy.
PureCloud Voice PoP
SIP proxy
SIP over UDP
RTP over UDP
Signaling path
Media path
• Single sign-on: Full built-in authentication as
well as integrations with industry-standard
sign-on solutions for simplified access.
• Audit trail: Store and permission content in the
integrated document management system,
knowing there is a complete record of actions
taken and files are tracked.
• External contacts: Import your corporate
contact list in PureCloud and integrate external
contacts throughout the app—whether you’re
searching to initiate a call, add to a conference
call or transfer an existing call, the person
you’re looking for is just a few keystrokes away.
• Data synchronization: Automatically
synchronize data between your systems
and PureCloud directory groups and profiles.
You can populate profiles once or keep
profiles synchronized with your data when
updates occur.
Customer Premise
PSTN carrier
Optional VoIP
Leave your local PSTN behind and go totally
cloud-based with the addition of PureCloud
Voice—an Internet-based telephony service
that provides public telephony access to any
PureCloud services. This means you can manage
all your cloud communications services with a
single vendor! Port over existing numbers or add
new ones from a large inventory of PureCloudprovided telephone numbers. High-quality SIP
trunking eliminates the physical connection
to a phone company, as well as all associated
hardware, wiring and headaches.
• Mobility: Now you can have the power of
PureCloud in your back pocket. Native
iOS and Android apps give you anytime,
anywhere access.
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