NCR Mainstream POS Terminal

NCR Mainstream POS Terminal
For the specialty retail industry
Looking for non-stop reliability, innovative design
and a low total cost of ownership?
Reliable, relevant POS terminal developed to meet
your requirements
The NCR P1530 is the newest product within NCR’s mainstream line
of POS terminals for the specialty retail industry. The highlights of its
open platform include a highly-efficient, dual-core Intel Atom processor
for greater performance, a bright 1024x768 LED color main display
with a resistive touchscreen, lower power consumption and a reliable,
stylish design. The mainstream POS terminal has been engineered and
manufactured to provide sustainability, non-stop reliability, maximum
uptime and a low total cost of ownership.
• Serve customers faster
The NCR mainstream POS terminal combines superior processing power
with top reliability. Increase your speed of service without sacrificing
ease of use for your staff.
• Gain product stability
By using Intel’s embedded processor family, the P1530 offers product
stability for many years unlike the traditional consumer devices that
have short processor life spans. This provides a consistent configuration
which is critical for rollouts that might last several years.
• Install it anywhere
Our mainstream terminals can be used anywhere you need them,
with rugged enclosures, fanless cooling and solid-state technology
that can withstand spills without interrupting service.
• Connect it to everything
Connectivity is maintained with four RJ12, three standard USB ports,
one powered USB 12V and more. Connect directly to all the devices
you need to serve your customers quickly and at low cost.
• Add displays to engage your customers
Our 2x20 and 7” widescreen customer displays enable your customers
to view orders, increasing order accuracy. Display advertising,
promotions and specials to capture your customer’s attention
at the time of purchase.
Experience a new world of interaction
For more information, visit,
or call 1-800-932-1058.
NCR Mainstream POS Terminal
Why NCR?
Key Features
• Standard Intel Architecture
• Industry standard storage (SATA interface for SSD),
DDR3 memory, and USB/RS232 connectivity
• Multiple operating systems including Windows 7
With over 125 years of retail experience, NCR is a leading
provider of retail management solutions for retailers of
all sizes. We want to help you add to your bottom line
by increasing sales and reducing costs. It is our mission
Professional and POSReady 7
to help retailers run their business, connect with customers
• OPOS drivers available
and sell anywhere.
15-inch color, LED LCD/backlight high brightness resistive
or capacitive touch screen. Screen resolution: 1024 x 768
Intel® AtomTM D2700 Dual-Core 2.13Ghz with HT
DDR3 RAM, 2GB standard, up to 4GB supported
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Microsoft Windows
Embedded POS Ready 7
Powered Serial
4 (RJ12 12v), optional expansion card for 2 additional ports
3 USB 2.0, 1 powered USB 12v
Cash Drawer
2 (12v)
On-Board Networking
10/100/1000 Mbps Base-T Ethernet
Integrated MSR
3 Track, Encrypting
On-Board Networking
10/100/1000 Mbps Base-T Ethernet
Customer Display
Options include the 2x20 VFD or 7-inch color widescreen
C730 with full motion video.
POS or pole mounting. The terminal provides the necessary
power for operation.
UV Light Sensor
Optional UV light module attaches to bottom of terminal,
utilizes dedicated UV port for power
Powered USB 24
Expansion card for powering printer from USB+power
NCR Mainstream POS Terminal
Experience a new world of interaction
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